Are You Afraid to Stand Out and Shine in Your Brilliance? – The High Cost of Low Self-Worth and Self Esteem Part 6

1378218_10151721293472017_1421150456_nI recently saw a picture of Waldo – remember him? As in “Where’s Waldo?”  He was all the craze in the 80’s. Where is he now?  And did anyone ever really find him?  He was kind of a slippery guy, difficult to find and never really front and center.

Waldo was one of my children’s favorite books – and I have to admit one of mine, too, except that after searching in vain through page after page, I’d invariably have a vicious headache!  Waldo constantly hid in large crowds, disguising himself as someone else.  Always trying to blend in and become inconspicuous.

He was a very crafty and clever little guy.  Just when you thought you’d found him – you’d be wrong.  All those look-a-likes!  Was he afraid of standing out?  Was he purposely trying to blend in and be like everyone else?  Did he feel safer being invisible?

Here’s my question: How have you been like Waldo? Have you been afraid of being seen and heard?  Afraid of standing out and shining your brilliance into the world?  Have you felt safer at blending in with the crowd, and then feeling angry and resentful that no one in the market place can really find you?

In order to bring your gifts and talents fully in the world, you have to consciously and subconsciously feel safe enough, and want to be unique so that you can stand out and be SEEN!  On the one hand, the world LOVES uniqueness – and frankly, on the other hand, the world has not really been kind to unique individuals.

Most of us who are message-bringers have spent countless life-times being persecuted, killed, burned at the steak, ridiculed, etc., for being “different” and than the crowd and standing out.  Literally millions of women (and men) were exterminated during the dark ages alone for being “witches” (aka different) even if their healing skills helped individuals and communities.

And, of course, there was Jesus.  Nothing like someone who was heralded as the Son of God being nailed to a cross (it doesn’t get much more special that that, right?!) to make you re-think how special you might be, and how dangerous it might be to bring a message of hope and love to the world.  If he was vulnerable, what makes us think we aren’t going to be crucified for our messages too??

It’s no wonder that we are a bit reluctant to be different, to be seen and heard, to shine our fabulous, unique gifts and talents into the world!  It just hasn’t felt safe.

But we’ve reached an awakening on this planet. Our souls will no longer be denied.  We are being called by the Greatness that lies within us to fulfill our soul’s purpose.  No longer are we willing to be, do and have less than that which we KNOW we are designed to BE!

Our greatest yearning – our calling and purpose – is to bring the magnificence of who we really are out into the world!  In this global awakening, we can no longer ignore the promptings of that Infinite Being that lives within each and every one of us, as it begins to stretch and arise within us.

The feeling of urgency to do something of great value is bursting within us.  And it is at direct odds with the desire to hide out so that we can still play it safe.  Often, that desire to not want to be seen is completely unconscious within us.  Mostly it looks and feels like a block to just not getting our message out.

Sometimes it looks like overwhelming fear when we attempt something that is outside our comfort zone.  I can’t tell you the numbers of clients who come to me because they cannot get past their fear as they begin to take their message out into the world.  They don’t understand why they aren’t being seen.  They don’t understand why, even with their best efforts, they aren’t attracting the clients that will pay them well for the outstanding work they perform.

Without fail, one of the hidden programs we find is, “It’s not safe to be ME.”  Usually there are other programs, just as powerful that are layered on, program after program, that also unconsciously sabotage their best efforts at success.

However, once they’ve been rooted out and resolved, I see those clients go on to have six- and multiple six-figure businesses in a very short time.  They are able to shatter that financial glass ceiling that was creating even greater feelings of failure and unworthiness.  Once that ceiling is shattered, they are free!  Free to serve the world, free to make all the money they desire, free to leave jobs that no longer serve them, free to allow their innate Divine gifts and talents to shine out into the world!

So what is stopping you?  Are you being your own version of “Waldo?”  Or are you determined to step into the light and refuse to let anything stand in the way of your brilliance and success?

If you’re ready to shatter your glass ceiling of limitation, I’m here to support you.  Let’s find those hidden determinants and remove them once and for all.  It’s time for each and every one of us to bring our gifts and talents into the world. Full out, no hold barred.  The people you are supposed to be helping need what you have to offer.  And the world needs us to be everything we are designed to be.  So what’s holding you back??

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