Ask Michelle: Is My Daughter Draining My Energy?


I am 73 now and love the lord.  I am not trying to judge my daughter whom is in her 50’s.  I have had different people tell me that by my daughter’s actions she is draining my energy.  When little I slept with my Mom. She took me to a doctor as she thought I may be anemic. The doc asked me some questions and then told my mom she was draining my energy.

Anyhow when my daughter came to visit the whole time she was here I became very exhausted. Now she is gone but each time she calls the same thing happens.  How do i block this?  I was told some people have this inner type spirit or something that draw on other people’s energy.  I hope you can answer me.

My Answer:

There are definitely people in life who energetically drain our energy.  There are many ways this happens, but here are some of the most important ways we allow our energy to be drained:

  1. Engaging in negative or disempowering conversation with others.  Talking about how terrible things are is a sure-fire way to deplete your energy and make you feel terrible!
  2. Keeping company with someone who chronically uses or abuses drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or pornography is a great way to pick up entity attachments.  Entities attach themselves to our energy fields and suck our life-force dry.  Often it can take days, weeks or months to feel better.
  3. Over-giving to others will deplete your energy faster than you can get it back.  You can tell when this happens because you are exhausted, feel angry or resentful, or feel used.  You may not know why you feel these things, because you love the other person, but if you’re honest with yourself, the feelings are still there.
  4. Trying to control or manipulate others – or having other try to control or manipulate you is a profound waste of your life-force energy.

Learning to “no” to others, or limiting the time spent with someone who energetically drains you is critical to maintaining your health and well-being.  At first it will feel selfish and people who have been used to feeding on your energy will resent that you don’t spend as much time with them.

One thing you can do to get your energy back if you feel like you have to spend time with energy-drainers, is to use the Preparation to Work Process.  This process will help you eliminate the negative energies that may have attached themselves to you and clear out energy drains.

Many Blessings,


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