Ask Michelle: What are Functional Skill Sets?


In the Quantum Soul Clearing Statements, at the very end, it says “Please apply them all as functional skill sets.”  What does that mean?  ~R. Rocca

Michelle’s Response: 

Functional skills are competencies that are transferable to many settings – life, work, relationships, love, finances, etc.  As you develop a list of the functional skills you have and most enjoy using can help you manifest experiences and circumstances that fit your gifts and talents and provide more life satisfaction.

Functional skill sets are  generally developed over time through repetition or practice that become automatic.  Ultimately, a functional skill set becomes a natural, every day set of skills that support your life, become a part of who you are and enhance your life.   Having functional skill sets helps you feel good about yourself.  Functional skills sets can be emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or financial.  They are internal resources and talents that you can utilize to make your life better in many ways.

Here  are just a few of the practical examples of functional skill sets:

  • typing
  • playing an instrument
  • riding a bike
  • communication
  • love
  • selling
  • analytical thinking
  • training
  • Interpersonal skills
  • coaching
  • advocating
  • scrap-booking
  • math skills
  • composing
  • compassion

So when you do the download portion of the Quantum Soul Clearing Process, and you get to the end, of the process, be aware that you are asking Spirit to make everything you’ve chosen to download a natural, everyday, skillful part of your life!

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