What is Quantum Soul Clearing?

What is quantum soul clearing? To answer your question, just consider a time of playful co-creation where you can abandon all the rules and limitations that keep you living in fear and what you can imagine into being if allowed to do so. Think about expanding and proceeding what is possible for ourselves, our communities, our countries, and our earth. There is a new earth and a new way of being, awaiting to be born right now, and you just need to dream it into being. Overcoming fear and limitations is the essence of quantum soul clearing.

One of the first steps to weaving and dreaming this earth into being is to really look at what holds you back. It starts with the idea of exploring choices, the power of your choices, and becoming more comfortable and aware about what your choices are, even those unconscious ones that you don’t remember making. You also have to start observing your patterns, observing where your fears are and walking through those fears into that powerful place. Once you access that place, then your dreams are more easily woven, allowing you to step into a place of creativity.  The only limitation that really exists in this universe is your imagination, and thus, you must be willing to take yourself to a place where you can reconnect with that imagination. Give yourself permission to go back to that playful place.

This concept is coming up increasingly for many people, whether they’re consciously on a journey of personal development and spiritual expansion or not. With the current situations in the world, in our individual lives, and with all the systems that support our individual lives, we really don’t have much of a foundation left anywhere to hold onto. In turn, this creates a great deal of fear, especially as our economic systems began to crumble. The result is increasing instability and fear, leaving people to wonder:  “Oh, my gosh! Is everything that I’ve worked for still going to be here?” As we look at those fears and look at what’s underneath them, that’s where the true power lies.  You’ve got to work the underlying emotions to combat a reality around us that is limiting in nature from the fear.

You’ve got to challenge yourself daily to look underneath the fear and then to look beyond it. As you face it head on, mark each footstep towards the direction of what your biggest fear is in that moment because it is there that your biggest gifts lie; this is true for all of us. If we can actually walk through our fears, there’s a limitless reality or infinite potential that awaits us.

Unconditional Receiving

This week on my radio show on Awakened Radio, my co-host, Susan Kern, and I were discussing the concept of unconditional receiving.  I’ve long been familiar with the concept of unconditional love, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional giving.  However, unconditional receiving was something I’d never given much thought to.

This is the season of giving.  It is a time when we gift money, items, time, service, all kind of giving is going on.  We’re even taught that it is better to give than to receive.  But if we are all givers, then who’s receiving?  Because in the cycle of giving and receiving, it has to go both ways!

Turns out that the more thought I gave the subject, the more twisted up my mind became!  Almost immediately, my mind went to, “Well there are no free lunches.  There’s always a price to pay.”  Wow!  There’s something to clear I thought!

The next thought was along those lines:  “Well if there is always a price tag or a debt – whether implied by the giver, or pre-supposed by me – then is receiving a gift a form of being manipulated?”  Followed closely by, “If I am unconditionally receiving, then am I energetically manipulating others or the Universe?”

Which brought up all kinds of stuff about:

  1. Obligations:  Am I always obligated to return a favor, gift in return, what the social conventions for reciprocation are, etc., etc., etc!
  2. Manipulation:  Is unconditional receiving a form of manipulation and/or is it completely out of integrity?  Am I being manipulated by others when they give and I receive?  Am I consciously or unconsciously manipulating others by my receiving?  What are the rules? Where are the boundaries?
  3. Family relationships and interactions:  What are my relationships with my immediate family members?  Do I feel obligated to constantly give rather than receive?  If I give, am I over-giving and unable to receive in return?  How does that fit in to my self-worth/ self-esteem?  Do I give because I am “buying” love or manipulating family members to act or behave in a certain way?  Do I reject freely given gifts and acts of kindness and abundance because I don’t feel worthy to receive or because I cannot reciprocate with something of equal or greater value?
  4. Friendships:  In my friendships, have I taken without giving?  Have I given with the intent of manipulating or obligating someone in return?  If I’ve received, has it really been given unconditionally or were there un-seen strings that were attached that may have damaged the relationship over the years?
  5. Business relationships:  If I receive something of value does that obligate me to act in a certain way or reciprocate no matter what?  If I cannot receive unconditionally, how much abundance and wealth am I unconsciously refusing?  How am I limiting my business?  How am I over-giving in my business so that people “like me” or feel obligated in some way?
  6. The Universe:  If the Universe/God/Goddess/Creator (fill in your own version of Deity here)  is all powerful, all loving, and all giving, why am I not receiving – and where are my beliefs and blocks to receiving?  If I cannot accept a compliment without feeling uncomfortable, can I truly receive other gifts – money, service, love, health, etc. – either??
  7. And is what is right for one person not right for another?  Who is to say that one person’s receiving anything is more right or wrong than my receiving – or vice versa?
  8. What does it say about a person if they are unconditional receivers?  Are they greedy?  Are they ungrateful?  Do they simply expect everyone to give them everything?  Does unconditional receiving make you lazy?  A Horrible Person?  A mooch or a bum?

And so my mind went.  Around and around and around.  In one conversation I had the realization that if I am receiving something with the expectation that there is some type of price tag, I cannot be in the present moment (pun intended), because I have already projected myself into a future where I’m already in debt for an unknown amount!  Talk about messing with my financial abundance energy – both now and in the future!  Yikes!

Honestly, I haven’t been able to fully answer most of the questions this topic has ignited.  They seem somehow subjective.  What is appropriate in one circumstance may not be appropriate in others.  This concept has sparked deep debates with my clients, family and friends, as I’ve tried to get my mind completely around the concept of unconditional receiving.

Is it even possible?  I mean we breathe free air, have free sunshine, have free thoughts (or are they really??), God’s grace (perhaps, some say).   What else in your life has NO price-tag at all or is completely free?  And if you think about it for a minute (saying you’ve thought of something that IS free – is it REALLY?)  For a minute, as I was writing this paragraph, I thought, “I move freely.”  But for me that’s not even completely true – at least not like it was when I was a kid or teenager!

Can we, even for a single day, simply say, “Thank you” for all the things we receive without feeling in some way obligated to reciprocate?  And if we cannot do so, how are we limiting ourselves?  What abundances are we turning away with our belief structures?  If we cannot freely accept a hug, a smile, a free lunch, how on earth are we going to allow in  millions of dollars of financial abundance?  How can you win the lottery if you cannot even allow someone to buy you a cup of coffee without having to buy them a cup and a doughnut too?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about this.  How has this concept of unconditional receiving made you realize the limitations we’ve allowed ourselves to play under?  I really want to hear from you this week.  Please email me at Michelle@QuantumSoulClearing.com with your thoughts, your insights, your ideas.

Join me Saturday, December 1st on www.AwakenedRadio.net/livechatroom at 11 a.m. PT/ 12 noon MT/ 1:00 p.m. CT/ 2:00 p.m. ET for an hour of Quantum Soul Clearing Healing the Holidays.  We’ll be talking about my book and doing some live clearing work!

And then again on Sunday, December 2nd (and every Sunday)  at 4:00 p.m. PT/5:00 p.m. MT/ 6:00 p.m. CT/ 7:00 p.m. ET for The Quantum Magic Hour with my co-host, Susan Kern as we talk more about this subject of Unconditional Giving.

Truth In Politics – Or What Is Our Responsibility?

This last week, citizens from the United States voted into office the next  President of the United States of America.  For months prior to the actual vote – and for several days since – the bickering, mud-slinging, wrangling and chaos of that process dominated the airwaves, facebook, twitter, email, and every imaginable communication imaginable.  The stakes were high!  Everyone was polarized in a way I’ve never before seen to this degree.  I knew of no one who didn’t have VERY strong views on who should be the next president.  It seemed like little of the rhetoric was based in fact.  Had it been, there wouldn’t have been as much insanity, in my opinion.

Each party put forth scare tactics and their plan of action to change the course of our economy(!), job creation(!), health care(!), social services(!), food labeling (!) and judicial systems(!).  (Yes I added the exclamation point to make my point.  lol)  Every system in our country was looked at, debated at length (OK ad nauseum, actually!) and picked apart.  Statistics and figure were spouted and skewed, depending on who was talking.  The babble was deafening chaotic and obnoxious to almost everyone!

No matter who you voted for, the theme was that either Romney or Obama had ultimate control of the outcome of ANY discussion.  That they would PERSONALLY make all those campaign promises happen come hell or high water (no offense, New York and New Jersey).

Which is NOT the truth! 

The truth is that the President of the United States, although a powerful world figure, is ONE man.  He is, by and large, a figure-head in many respects.  He is not a king with unlimited power!  In fact, (despite one former president’s grab for unlimited power) he is bound by the U.S. constitution to hold a BALANCE of power within the government – and his office is only one component.  He is the leader and can make recommendations, but he’s not the person making the laws.

The truth is that our representatives and senators are the people that pass the laws and bills that govern our country, determine how and where our taxes are spent; how those taxes are collected (and at what levels); and which departments under the arm of the federal government are granted those monies.  The president may have the final approval on some things – but he is NOT the person making and issuing orders and arranging things to his own liking!  He can propose bills, but it is up to Congress to pass those bills.  It’s easy to make one person responsible in our minds, because he’s the most public figure.  It’s harder to make an entire body of people responsible, because there are so many of them and because we don’t get personally involved in the process!

And we haven’t even addressed all the secret deals that go on behind closed doors and in the darkened hallways of our nation’s capital by lobbyists and special interest groups!  They appear to have extraordinary influence regarding votes.  They seem to be able to buy power and position for their own purposes that have NOTHING to do with the best interests of United States citizens.  (But that is probably a rant for another time.)

What is important here, is that we need to take personal responsibility for the decisions we make about who our represents us and what we will tolerate!  We, as the citizens of the United States, need to hold them personally accountable for the decisions they make on OUR behalf.  This is a democracy, which means OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!  I think we have forgotten that.

Which brings me to my next point.  If we are electing officials who are self-serving, corrupt and not serving the public’s interests, we need to look in the mirror.  Our elected officials are a reflection of us as a collective.  If we have officials who are not acting in our best interests, why are we electing them?  Why are we not demanding better candidates?  Why are we not willing to require better than what we have been getting? Are we involving ourselves in the political process so that we are informed of what is really happening?  Why are we not demanding – and getting – plainly worded bills that have single initiatives?  Why are we allowing legislation and house bills that are thousands of pages long – that NO ONE reads (and many of us can’t!) that are packed with pork and special favors that have nothing to do with the bill?  But more importantly, how are the actions of those who represent us in government the same as our own in our daily lives?

Here are some tough questions to ask, if we are to get better political representation in the future:

How are we out of integrity and willing to take short-cuts on fiscal policy, military policy, banking policy, and education policy within our own lives?  We have to BE what we our leaders to be!  It is that simple.  Because they represent us, they ARE us.  And that might be the most uncomfortable awareness we have to make.

  •       Are we acting in honesty and integrity at all times in our personal lives?
  •       Are we committed to the highest service for all in everything we do each and every day?
  •       Are we willing to balance our own checkbooks, and be fiscally responsible?
  •       Are we peaceful toward ourselves, our loved ones and each other – or are we at war?
  •       Are we willing to be supportive and be of enlightenment in every aspect of our lives?
  •       Are we acting as leaders?  Because in truth, each and every one of us really ARE a leader.  There is always someone who looks up to you and is impacted by you in some way.

I believe that it is all an “inside job.”  Until we can heal the inner wounds that prevent us from being in full alignment with ourselves, and create the peace, prosperity, honesty and integrity within, we will continue to attract “leaders” who are not really leading us where we want to go!

The new paradigm that is being ushered in beginning in 2013 will not allow us to bring with us the old paradigm energies of hate, discontent, bigotry and self-serving energies.  We have a unique opportunity these last few weeks of 2012 to look at what is no longer serving us individually and collectively.

I hope you’ll join me for a group experience of cleaning up and clearing out the past.  Please go to www.QuantumSoulClearing.com/2012cleanup for more information about how you can participate.  Time is short.  2013 is the beginning of extraordinary opportunities for evolution, transformation and joy.  Please don’t miss out!  Let’s use the impetus that is remaining in 2012 available to us to make this world what we want it to be!

Many Blessings,


Clearing 9/11


Tuesday was September 11, 2012. It was the 11th anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City. That there has been much controversy, pain and suffering throughout the world about this one event would be profoundly understating the obvious.

As I was preparing for bed the night before (OK, it was actually VERY early in the morning on the 11th!), I heard that “Voice” that often talks to me. “Michelle, you need to do a 9/11 clearing for your people.”

I thought, “Ummmmm… OK… it’s a bit late to put something together and get people to participate. But OK….” I mean I literally had less than 12 hours to put out the information and let people know! But when I get messages like these, I always know it’s not really a “request,” it’s more of a command. So I looked at my calendar and interestingly, there was a very rare 90-minute gap in my schedule for the next day! That might not have been a coincidence.

So I whipped up an email with the information and sent it out – only to have to resend it because the first email had the wrong times on it! I sent it to people I had been on telesummits with and posted to my facebook and twitter accounts. I even sent personal emails to people that I wasn’t sure were even on my mailing list! (My apologies to those who actually got three emails about the same thing!)

The call was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. my time, and as the time neared, I prepared for the call as I always do. I ground myself, do my connecting-in prayer that I teach all my students and listeners, and I asked for Divine Guidance and Assistance. I wasn’t certain what I was going to clear (I rarely am, when I do these calls), but as I got clearer and more centered, I knew that I had to clear 9/11, itself – which is what we did.

Like almost every American who was alive that day in 2001, I was horrified and traumatized by what was transpiring almost 2000 miles from where I lived. Being the Empath and Intuitive that I am, the collective energies were overwhelming. Within a short period of time I could no longer watch the news or listen to the radio. I cried often and in copious amounts, until I could begin to clear myself of the energies by which I was being bombarded and create a protective cocoon around myself.

After some time – and after each anniversary of the event – I continued to clear myself, and so I thought that doing this clearing would help others more than it would help me. I considered it a gift of service to the world.

I have to say that as the call began, I was shocked as tears immediately came to my eyes and I became very emotional. I’m sure that much of what I was feeling was the collective sorrow and trauma still active in people. But what astonished me even more was the immense flow of energy that began filling my body as I began doing the meditation and clearing work.

Within minutes, my whole body was shaking almost uncontrollably with the energy. You can hear it in my voice, throughout the call. It almost sounds like I’m scared to death, but it was a surge of pure, white, powerful LIGHT filling me and transmitting through me like I’ve never experienced before in my life. My whole body was trembling like I was freezing cold, although I wasn’t. It was more like a continual electrical shock wave flowing through me for almost an hour!

This clearing call was one of the most spiritual and humbling experiences I have ever had. I’m not sure I can put an exact description on my experience – and doing so might perhaps limit it. I just know that the flow of energy through me has transformed me.  I also know that this energy was captured and transmitted to everyone who was on the call and who has listened to the replay so far.  I’ve listened to the replay and I can feel the energy of it just as strongly as when it was happening.

I decided that the best way to share this call was make it into a video. Which I’ve done. I’ve posted it on Vimeo (YouTube only allows me 15 minutes at a time – which completely disrupts the whole process!) so that anyone who would like to hear and participate in the energy that is captured from that call can listen and receive healing. Here’s the link:

I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences after you’ve listened to the clearing work. Drop me a note at Michelle@QuantumSoulClearing.com – or share on my Quantum Soul Clearing facebook page https://www.facebook.com/quantumsoulclearing?ref=hl.  Please feel free to share the video with others.

Then get ready for the Universal Explosion of Joy and Transformation – which will be a clearing like this every day for 30 days! Imagine what transformation we could all experience as we clear some of the heaviest world energies for the entire planet! http://www.quantumsoulclearing.com/transformation

Thank You! August 8, 2012

I got a thank you note today from a man I’ve never met. In fact, until this moment, I didn’t know he even existed. Yet, he has changed my life. His message to me was very simple: “Thank you for your gift.”

This one-sentence message was filled with the frequency of true, pure thanks and appreciation. I could feel it to the depths of my soul! And it made me stop and think for just a moment: How many times have I signed up for a free gift from someone and never thanked them for it? How many times have I received something and never honestly let the other person know how special their gift was?

Wow! This one brief sentence has brought me such an awareness, such an incredible feeling of joy! It is a reminder of how to be thankful for seemingly small things in life. Yet, that one small gift of thanks has blown my heart open wide.

This man with the beautiful, kind heart; with the graceful manners to write out a thank you note, is teaching me how to be thankful in ways both small and large.

Two words: “Thank you.” How often have you heard them? How often have you said them? How often has their full importance truly touched your heart? Until this moment I’m not sure I really knew. Oh sure, I always say, “Thank you.” But the heart-felt frequency of pure thanks that I received today is something so special I can barely put it into words.

So I want to say to you, “Thank you.” Thank you for reading this blog post. Thank you for being part of my community. Thank you for allowing me to live and share my innate gifts with you. Thank you for sharing your time and your thoughts with me. And thank you for being YOU. I give profound thanks for you.

Many Blessings,

How To Be Peaceful When You’re Spinning Out of Control

Today I had a Quantum Soul Clearing group coaching call didn’t happen.  I was pretty frustrated and angry because my internet connection was not working – again!  I’ve had more trouble with my internet service provider in the last month than I’ve had my entire life put together! To say that I was beginning to spin out of control would be an understatement!   I knew I had to find a way to be peaceful immediately, because it feels so awful when I’m angry.

The funny thing about that is my Quantum Magic Hour show this week on AwakenedRadio.net with my co-host Susan Kern, was all about this subject!  The joke was on me!  Apparently I was the one who needed this information the most!

What I watched myself do today was nothing short of impressive (on many accounts – both positive and negative).  When I woke up early this morning, my internet service wasn’t working, so I called the phone company, (again) and was told that they were aware of the problem, it was wide-spread and they were working on the problem.  No other information, and no time by which it would be repaired.

I thought, “That’s OK – my group call is hours away, they’ll have it fixed again.”  And began working on other projects that needed my attention.  However, there was a piece of my brain that would not let it go!  It felt kind of like how if you chip a tooth, your tongue will not leave it alone, even if it makes your tongue sore.

After awhile I began to notice that not only wasn’t my mind letting go of the fact that I had no internet service, it began to spin a whole story about what not having service really meant!  Here’s kind of how it went:

“You’re not going get on your calls.  You’re going to miss all those skype calls you had scheduled!  You know how important this is.  People are depending on you!  You can’t even let them know you might not be on the call!  What will they think?  They’re going to be angry with you for breaking your promises to them.  You’re going to be judged. People will think you’re flaky.  You’re going to lose friends and customers.  You can’t keep your promises.  What if you can’t get on-line for days?  What will happen to your business?”  And it went on and on and on and on!  It was crazy all the places my mind was going!

Finally, about an hour before the call I had to just stop myself.  I realized I was only making things much worse.  Then I realized I could have someone else send a message! (duh! I couldn’t even think about the solution, since I was spinning so far out of control!)  So I got up, got some water, called my assistant to have her send an email since it was obvious I wasn’t going to get service back, and started doing my own clearing work.

I cleared “being judged,” “letting down others,” “feeling guilty,” “I can’t keep my promises,” “anger,” and “frustration.” After the first clearing I was feeling better, and by the end I was in a completely different place!

I was absolutely amazed that:  1) I’d let myself even get to such a place of panic and spinning out of control (I rarely go there anymore because it feels so awful!); 2) that this process works (yes I know that it does – but it always amazes me just HOW well it works); 3) how empowered I felt and how much better my body felt; and 4) how big the compulsion – maybe even the addiction? – was to get caught up in the negativity and the chaos!

Then I began wondering how other people who don’t have the Quantum Soul Clearing process actually get through their crazy, spun-out experiences.  What do people do it they don’t have tools to help clear out awful-feeling negative emotions so they can get re-centered in just a few minutes.  That thought, alone, made me realize how important it is that I get the message of the Quantum Soul Clearing process out there to help people in these crazy, stress-filled times.  So I’ve rededicated myself to sharing this message with others as often as I can.I’m asking you to help me do that by telling everyone you know about this work and how they can learn more about it.  You will be offering others a very valuable way to heal and empower themselves.  And that’s what this work is all about.

My question to you is this:  What do you automatically do when life throws you a curve-ball?  Do you just go with it, or do you panic or begin to spin, like I did today?  I’m sure you answer depends on many things – and we all do both.  Perhaps the next time you find yourself off-balance and beginning to spin, you’ll think about using the Quantum Soul Clearing Process and remember you have tools quit spinning out of control and to be peaceful.

Connect with me on facebook by going to https://www.facebook.com/quantumsoulclearing and “liking” the page.  Let me know how you handle the times that nothing seems to be going right.  I would really like to know what you do to help re-center yourself.

Creating Mastery In Your Life

Not long ago, a friend of mine and I were talking. I was saying how frustrated I was feeling, learning how to juggle all the pieces of my business and make it grow to where I wanted it. I was afraid I’d never be able to get to a point where I didn’t have to struggle to get my web-site where I wanted it, to create high-quality products and programs, and the steep learning curve of how to serve people while growing and expanding my business. She said something very profound that really resonated with me. I was saying how grateful I was and how many incredibly amazing people had come into my life and how well everything was going, but that day, I was feeling anything but grateful and joyous. In fact, I was just down-right cranky.

She said that in child development, when a child is ready to walk for the first time, there is a period just prior to that when the child is ornery and feeling very frustrated. It is because she is wanting to walk and knows that she can. She can see it, feel it and almost, but not quite do it. They will have temper tantrums and be in melt-down sometimes for days or weeks prior to actually taking that first step.

Then at the moment she actually lets go of the furniture and takes that first step and then the next, you can see in her eyes the wonder and awe in her achievement. Then she quickly sits down because the BIGNESS of what she’s done scares her a bit. There’s a contemplation time – and then she gets back up and walks some more.

At first she’s a bit shaky and falls often. But within a short period of time, she masters basic walking and then learns how to pick up the pace and run!

Perhaps you’ve been feeling the same way. You’ve been working at a goal for some time, and you feel SO CLOSE to your goal. Yet it seems like it’s just out of reach still and you’re doubting yourself and feeling out of sorts. It feels like craziness is all around you and nothing is going smoothly.

As adults, we do the same thing when we are coming up to a major achievement in our lives. When we feel turmoil, anger and frustration, we also create chaos and turbulence in our lives and we doubt we’ll ever make it. The sign posts are there, showing us we can do what our hearts most want to do. Often we get pulled off-course because of what we create, so we further doubt ourselves ever reaching the goals. Sometimes, depending on our conditioning, we even give up on our dreams and our goals because we don’t believe in ourselves.

However, perseverance and single-mindedness, even in the face of our self-doubt and craziness are what carry us through to our goals. Constancy and repetition eventually create skills and self confidence. And just like that child who takes its first steps, we break into a whole new world of potential and creation doing just what we love most.

I wanted to share this analogy to help you realize that you are on track and that you are nearing your goals and dreams. It certainly helped me see things in a different light. It allowed me to be patient with myself and let go of some of the fear and self-doubt with which I was flogging myself. Keep up your incredible work. You are almost there. You’re already holding onto the couch and using it to walk from one end to the other. Tomorrow you’ll let go and walk on your own steam. Perhaps you’ve reached the goal you’ve been working toward, but it’s not completely mastered and you feel shaky. Just keep going. Stay on task. You’re developing your own skill sets and perfecting them. You can do this! You just did! And once you’ve mastered that one thing you’ve been striving for, you’ll have created for yourself a shiny, new level of expertise – and then you’ll learn to run!

The Benefits of Spiritual Life Coaching

It’s now a full week into 2012.  Are you still on track with your goals and resolutions?  Are you still as excited about 2012 as you were two weeks ago?  Are you still going strong or are you feeling like you’re starting to slip back into old habits and patterns?  If so, you might want to consider Spiritual Life Coaching to get to the root of the beliefs and emotions that drive your behaviors.

Most people have great will power.  They start an exercise program with every intention to lose the 20 pounds they gained from the previous year.  They consciously drag themselves to the gym for days or weeks at a time, then small things start to interfere with their intention.  They have something at work or home that takes precedence, they have an appointment that can’t be re-scheduled  during the time allotted for exercising.  And soon, that gym membership is gathering dust!  Why is that?

I’ve been as guilty as the next person of this! The biggest issue is that our unconscious and subconscious beliefs are not in full alignment with our new intentions. Those new intentions are not yet habits supported by our beliefs.  And our subconscious beliefs are what drive our long-term behaviors.

One example I have is my intention to meditate every morning for at least 20 minutes.  I want to, I know it will bring me peace of mind.  I know it has incredible health benefits.  It will help me “re-set” so that I have the focus and energy to run my business more efficiently.  I love how I feel and how well my day goes when I do meditate!

Last year I had not been able to maintain a consistent meditation schedule. What I found while working with my Spiritual Life Coach was I have a belief that I have to constantly be producing, doing something of value, constantly having to be “on.”  That belief was in direct conflict with my desire to be peaceful and centered!  With that subconscious belief driving my behaviors, I was constantly sabotaging myself and my desire to deeply connect and align myself, my Highest Self and God.

Without the help of my Spiritual Life Coach helping me uncover my hidden beliefs, I would have continued to feel frustrated, angry with myself, and to feel like a failure.  Those negative feelings have affected my self-esteem for years!  It wasn’t that I didn’t have will power.  I have incredible will power!  I just didn’t have my conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious mind all working together to support my goals!

What would you be able to achieve working with a Spiritual Life Coach this year?  What underlying beliefs and suppressed emotions are unconsciously sabotaging your life?  Isn’t it time you invested in yourself to create the life-style you truly want to live and finally achieve your goals and dreams?  Let’s discover what’s secretly been holding you back!

Call me at 801-829-1050 for a 20 minute free Spiritual Life Coaching consultation to discover how we can work together this year to achieve your goals and dreams!

Are You Unconsciously Harboring World Fears?

I got an email today from a friend that had a program that you could click on to tell you what world events were happening in the the year of your birth. It was absolutely fascinating! Reading it brought me to another level of self-awareness in my search for personal transformation.

It was definitely interesting to know that Ben Hur was the top movie of the year and who won the Nobel prizes. It was also interesting to know that was the year that Castro overthrew his government and set up a communist government in Cuba. There were facts and figures about the Cold War and our country’s response to it. There were tidbits of information about Africa, Singapore, Europe and our country’s continued rebuilding efforts in Japan. The top song was “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” by the Platters (Interestingly, I can sing all the lyrics to that song!) And on television, “Bonanza” was a big hit!

There were two fascinating things that happened for me while reading this information. First, in my mind’s eye I was over-laying this information with scenes of my childhood. They were bright and vivid and full of movement. My grandparents were still alive and I could see the child who I was interacting with them in the garden, and in their house. I could see myself playing outside, riding a tricycle and exploring the wonders of nature. I could see myself as this kid who was carefree and learning about the world.

But secondly, and probably the most impactful thing that occurred was the feelings of fear and anxiety that kept building and building inside of me the more I read and watched. What I hadn’t realized fully until now was how much those world events had impacted me personally! Just by being alive at the time. Reading about the Cold War and Castro and other significant events brought up profoundly strong negative emotions!

I know that I was just a baby in 1959, but I had the epiphany that I was absorbing the energy and emotions of those events unconsciously and that they were still there just waiting to be re-activated. Perhaps I was picking up those emotions from my parents or from others around me. But the fact that just reading about the past triggered such strong emotions was quite an awareness! And that made me wonder how many of us are harboring global fear and anxiety in our bodies and wonder why we feel anxious and fearful?

I started to get up from the computer, because I was so uncomfortable, and then I stopped and realized that if I didn’t sit back down right then and there and clear out the feelings that had been triggered, I’d be in a terrible place the rest of the day!

So I sat down and ran through the Quantum Soul Clearing Process and in about five minutes the feelings of fear and anxiety had been removed and replaced with Joy, Compassion, Love, Self-Love, Nurturing, Kindness, Laughter, Life, Peace, Calm, Patience, It’s All Going to Be All Right., and many other positive messages. When I cleared these two emotions, it was like some unpleasant background “music” had finally been shut off! The relief was immense. And as I cleared, the sun began peeking through the storm clouds that have been dumping snow as if to tell me, “WOW! Great job, Michelle!”

My challenge for you is this: See if you can identify any fears that you might be holding that aren’t really YOURS. Let me know how I can support you in gaining clarity and freedom from negativity.

Remember, when you feel any emotional discomfort, stop, drop and clear!! There is no reason to have to live in any negative emotional state when there is a spiritual technology to help you live in a more positive, happy state. Take control of your life. Love and nurture yourself, because you are worth it!