“Christmas Cheer”

unnamed (2)During this season of Light, Goodwill, Joy and Giving, my thoughts are with you.  I am so grateful that we are traveling this road of personal transformation and healing together.

My family will celebrate Christmas in just a couple of days.  We are so blessed to have come through the many challenges this year as well as we have.

Between a hip and shoulder surgery, my father’s stroke and my husband’s recent knee surgery, we’ve really had some significant healing events this year!  I know that many of you, too, are facing some very big life challenges, and for some it might put a damper on this special holiday season.

However,  as I look around and see others who have even greater challenges, it gives me the strength and determination to pick myself up and move forward. I  know that these events are simply a part of life, and tomorrow will certainly be a better day.
How we face our adversities determines our outcomes.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve spent plenty of time in tears, despair, heartache, fear and uncertainty.  It’s part of facing big things in life.

But if we can acknowledge our human shortcomings and simply allow that they, too are part of who we are, we can find the courage and will, and inner strength to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and move forward.

My exceptionally wise grandmother used to say, “Some days you just have to cry, Michelle.”  She was right.  And in that acknowledgement that we hurt, that we feel lonely, that we are afraid, there is great power.  There is an alchemical magic that happens when we simply allow that things are not the way we would like them to be and simply feel the feelings we are experiencing.

There are so many healing modalities out there today to help move people past the pain points they are experiencing.  The Quantum Soul Clearing Process is certainly one of them.  Tapping is another way to help release the stuck emotional energy from the central nervous system, and together they are an amazing combination!

If you are feeling less than joyous, peaceful and centered this season, I would like to invite you to use this combination to help you gently move through the painful times.

We just celebrated the Winter Solstice on December 22nd.  As you know, it is the shortest day of the year.  In some places in the Northern Hemisphere, it never really gets to be full daylight!  But this week, we can celebrate the return of the Light!

Regardless of the faith or tradition you have, this is one thing that we all have in common – a season of celebration for the returning of the Light.  It is a time for Love, Goodwill, Peace, and Connection.

unnamedAs my Christmas/Hannakah/Solstice/Kwanzaa/Holiday gift to you, I want to give you a new template recording of the Quantum Soul Clearing Process.  I’ve intentionally left the frequency area blank so that you can say that feeling/emotion/ frequency for yourself.
I hope this recording helps you release any of the less than joyous emotions that might be keeping you from truly enjoying this beautiful season.

You can listen here!

Wishing you a . .

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanzaa,
Happy Holidays  and a Joyous, Prosperous  New Year!


The Trick To Making Peace With Change

What do you do when you know you need to make a change but are either too afraid to make it, or you’re not sure how to make those changes?time for change


Most people don’t make changes in their lives until their situation is so painful that they can’t stand it one more minute!  This is typically how decisions are made – whether it pertains to a relationship, clothing styles, new vehicles, careers, addictions, expanding waist lines, or even shopping for groceries.


The problem is that we wait to make changes until we are in a state of crisis, instead of consciousness.  Being in crisis mode causes us to make decisions that are often not in our best interests.  They are made when we are in a state of panic – that fight, flight or freeze state – which means we are literally out of our minds and completely reactive!


Seems kind of silly, doesn’t it? I have yet to meet someone who made a really good decision based on panic.


Yet most people just will not make a decision and do something until they are in some type of crisis.


Change is not something that most of us enjoy, because it involves risk.  It means being uncomfortable.  It means dealing with the unknown.  It could mean the possibility of failing – or wildly succeeding; both of which come with their own fears and insecurities.


But is there an easier way to face and make changes that would make it easier to accomplish?  Are there small things we can do that will help us stop procrastinating and making changes until they are at a critical stage?


Here are some tips that might help you think – and act – differently when facing your next big change:


1 - How do you feel?

Seems like a pretty straight-forward question, but are you really in touch with your feelings?  Or are you a wizard at stuffing uncomfortable feelings?  You know, out of sight out of mind?


When we are unconscious iStock_000006493749Smallabout our feelings, we are not living consciously.  Our feelings are the language of Spirit.  It’s how our Highest Selves let us know if we are on track or are off target.


Feeling awful inside lets us know that we are not in alignment with who we really are!  Feeling good, centered and peaceful are signs that we are aligned with our life purpose and are on the right path.


2 - If you don’t feel comfortable inside, what is the problem?

Sometimes we are aware that something is off, but we can’t quite figure out what it is.  Our subconscious minds are letting our feelings know that there is a problem, or something that needs our attention.  But are you too busy to check inside and determine if you feel happy and peaceful or if you are anxious and afraid?


3 - Know if there is a problem that needs your attention.

This sound like a no-brainer, but if you (or a loved one) is dealing with an addiction, for example, you (or they) may not fully get that there’s problem!  If you are not conscious that there is a problem (or you are denying that it’s as big a problem as it really is), look around you – and look within, as well.


Are you being controlled by something (drugs, cigarettes, chaos, food, sex, alcohol, other people, etc.  Be honest here.  Can you honestly say that you can go without _________ (fill in the blank) for the rest of your life?  Or is it that you just don’t want to?


What I know – and have seen – is that there is a point in addiction when you can still walk away from the substance you are abusing.  However, there is a certain point in that addiction when you cannot, and the addiction or substance completely takes over.


Often, you try to ignore that problem and keep doing what you’re doing, because another fix stops the noise for a few hours, days or weeks or even months.  You tell yourself that you’re cured.  You’ll never do it again – until the next time comes and it’s even more urgent.  That’s when you can be assured it is a real problem.


4 - Know when it’s time to ask for and get help.

Once you acknowledge and identify that there is a problem, then you can decide how to handle it.


If it’s something small like grocery shopping for the next week’s food, you probably have the skills and ability to handle that.  It’s making the time and perhaps changing your mind-set about grocery shopping.


Instead of being a chore or necessary evil you force yourself to submit to when you absolutely have to, could you think of a way to make it more enjoyable or even fun?  Think if it as an opportunity to love and support yourself and your family through healthy eating and creative meal planning.


If it’s a matter of changing jobs or careers, consider doing some aptitude and abilities testing to see what really suits you.  It might be just the ticket to putting you on a whole new career path that allows your natural gifts and abilities to shine!


Do you need some additional training or schooling to get into your preferred field?  If so, start that process.  If not, spend some time updating your resume.  Do some research into the industry you are interested in and start making contacts.  Consider talking to a recruiter or job-placement specialist to help you land your dream job.


If it’s a full-blown addiction you are dealing with, you owe it to yourself to find treatment and counseling that will help you work through the underlying emotional and physical issues that are the basis of that addiction.  Please don’t assume you can do it yourself.  That just sets you up for failure.


There’s no shame in asking for help!  From housekeeping, to hair stylists, to addiction counseling, to career counseling, and beyond.  The smartest, most talented people are the ones that get the most help to insure their success!


5 - Take things in small steps.

shutterstock_132894920It is impossible to eat an entire 7-course meal in one bite.  It would be absolutely foolish to even try!  But you can eat that meal one bite at a time, right?  And remember the old cliche: “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”


Break the problem down into smaller, bite-sized chunks.  Are you dealing with a weight issue?  Don’t obsess about the 80 pounds your physician says you need to lose.  You already know that.  Have that major goal in mind, but break it down a day, week or a month at a time!


Plan a course of action.  It’s not just about calories in and calories out.  That is old-paradigm thinking!


Find an integrative practitioner or ND that can help you uncover any hormonal, fungal, bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections that might be contributing to the weight issue.  Ask them to test you for food allergies or intolerance that are causing inflammation and subsequent weight gain.


Or consider a three-week elimination diet that removes wheat, gluten, sugar, soy, corn, eggs, dairy and peanuts – the most common food allergens – from your diet.  Millions of people who have followed this elimination diet have immediately felt better, eliminated physical pain, increased physical energy, and lost weight!


Move your body daily.  You don’t need extreme exercise – especially if you’ve been sedentary or have joint or physical pain!  Walk, dance, use a rebounder, get in a pool, simply stretch.  But get your body moving so that you are increasing how effectively your metabolism burns calories, eliminates toxins, and uses your body’s fat stores for fuel.


Making a day-by-day plan of action, allows you to focus on achieving your goals, and one that can be easily executed.  Plus, if you have a daily plan, you can more easily record and monitor your results so that it is easier to stay on task!iStock_000014790902Small


6 - Be Kind and Gentle With Yourself!

We are often our own worst critic.  Some of the thoughts we think about and say to ourselves we would never say to another living soul!  We are often careless and cruel to ourselves because we’ve either been taught that it’s OK, or that we’ve come to believe that it’s a way to motivate ourselves to succeed.


Nothing could be further from the truth!  That inner destructive self-talk is standing between you and your goals and dreams.  Please stop it!  You are beautiful.  You are smart and intelligent.  You are loveable.  You are worthy.


Don’t let anyone – especially yourself – tell you any different.  Stop bullying yourself and telling lies, because they just aren’t true!  Yes, we’ve all made mistakes.  But give yourself a break – and  HUGE hug.


Start today over.  Start allowing yourself to love yourself.  Start nurturing your dreams and desires.  Start seeing yourself as infinitely capable and smart.  Trust that you have everything it takes to succeed – because you DO!


7 - If you find yourself feeling down, unhappy, uncomfortable in any way, “Stop, Drop and Roll.”


  • Stop doing what you are doing.
  • Drop down inside and connect with your Divine Core Center (that’s in the solar plexus/belly area).
  • Then Roll out the Quantum Soul Clearing Process™.


Begin eliminating and releasing the painful emotions and self-talk until you feel your energy shift and you feel much better.  It won’t take long – and it will pay you MAJOR positive karmic dividends!


I would like to share a special gift for you to help show you how simple the process really is: Click here for the Eliminating Addictions Audio.


Where Is Energy Stagnation Impacting Your Life?

iStock_000018487816Medium   In my Personal Note From Michelle this week, I talked about how clearing up old and dying energy in one part of my life helped breathe new life into other areas of my life. It changed how I felt physically and energetically and it also helped my husband miraculously manifest a place to park our RV closer to where he is working in Santa Cruz.

Even though I know how energy works, part of me thought that it might be a stretch to imagine how pulling up my dying gardens would result in opening the space for him to move closer to work. But then I realized that everything is energy, and is intricately intertwined. I’d been really having to work hard to keep my flowers alive in an extreme drought and they were not doing well. In fact, there were dying from the heat and lack of water. I was living in the energy of struggle.

I realized that with all of my efforts, to make something stay alive, I was tying up some very important energy and not allowing that energy flow to where it needed to be. I was struggling against nature – and against myself!

Once I made that connection, I began to wonder what other areas of my life might need to be cleaned up so that energy can more easily flow throughout my entire life.

Often we don’t see the correlation between a cluttered office, closet or garage, and how that is impacting our financial abundance.

We don’t see how the unresolved resentment and rage we have toward someone in our past is contributing to our lack of health and vitality, or is creating anxiety.

We don’t understand how our unconscious negative self-talk is preventing us from having the most amazing, loving relationship that we’ve been yearning for forever!

But it’s all about the energy….

When you are surrounded by clutter and are storing things that you “might need someday,” you are telling the universe that you just don’t have the abundance to obtain what you need shutterstock_196109159when you need it. You are sending out a very specific energy signature that is all about lack. What you broadcast out always comes back in the same or similar form.

If your closets, drawers, and garage are so full that you can’t put another thing in them, you are literally telling the Universe that there’s no room for anything more! You have everything you need, so there’s no need to send more! You are shutting off the incoming flow of abundance.

I can’t tell you the number of clients that come to me wanting to change their financial abundance. When we look at their personal Money Map, they finally discover what’s blocking their abundance. Often they are shocked to realize the number of deeply held beliefs they have about money they had no idea they were carrying!

Then there are the clients I work with who are on a path of personal empowerment. Their lives are working well for the most part, but deep inside, something feels like it is missing. They are successful, but they don’t feel good about themselves inside. They tend to describe their lives as unfulfilling and boring, and they don’t understand why. They are successful, have a measure of financial abundance, are in committed relationships, but still something is missing.

During these session, we explore and release old programs that help them reconnect to their Real Selves. We look at what might be undermining their self-worth and self-esteem. We uncover the deeply held beliefs that to be an adult means putting child-like emotions and play behind. And much, much more!

shutterstock_51790411Of course, those hidden programs sap their joy and self-fulfillment! As we uncover the beautiful Being within, they can see how the unconscious, deeply held beliefs they’ve had from the past no longer are in alignment with who they have become. As they shed those old programs and align with the truth of their gifts and talents, they can easily allow even greater abundance and personal satisfaction to become their new way of being.

So what about you? What part of your life might be being blocked or has become stagnant, because there is cluttered and dying energy in another area of your life? Although it might appear to be unrelated, I have found that they are absolutely, completely intertwined.

Sometimes, the “cure” for the problem is a simple shift in energy to open up the flow of abundance and well-being. Sometimes it takes a little more digging. Ultimately though, it does take some inner introspection and willingness to look within to discover what is there.

If you are experiencing financial stagnation,consider booking a private Your Unique Money Map appointment with me to find out all the areas that are being impacted, and how we can create greater financial flow and abundance in your life today!

Do You Know What’s Really Shaping Your Reality?

Labor Day Weekend

I know that it is technically still Summer, but now it’s Labor Day weekend and that means that fall is sneaking up on us really fast!

It’s back to school and back to work. It’s shorter days and cooler nights.  It’s football games and after school activities.  It’s a feeling of being more confined, and disciplined so that you can be successful.

It’s getting the yard cleaned up, harvesting the garden, and getting it ready to be put to bed for the winter so the soil can rest and rejuvenate. (Can you tell I had a rural, farm background?  lol)

It’s funny.  I haven’t been in school or lived a farm life for years!  But that energy is so ingrained in my biological clock and in the collective, that it still impacts me to this day!

That brings me to the point of this article:

What are the patterns and programs that shaped you?

Are they positive or negative?

If some were negative, are they still active in your life – or are there still active pieces running?

And most of all, are they still serving you?

Most of us are so busy working, raising children, paying bills, and dealing with everyday life challenges, we don’t take the time to stop, examine and re-assess what it is that is really running our lives.

As you think back to childhood, what are the beliefs that you consciously or unconsciously adopted?  Have you taken the time to examine what they really are and if they are still important to you?

If you were an oldest child, and you were made to be responsible for the younger children, or made to feel responsible for everyone’s feelings, are you still doing that?

Are you carrying that fractal pattern into your personal or professional life and taking on too much responsibility while family members or co-workers should be stepping up the plate more often?

Perhaps you tell yourself it’s easier for you to just do it.  After all, you’ve been doing it all these years anyway, right?

overwhelmedBut are you also feeling overwhelmed, resentful, even angry because you are doing it all?  Perhaps you just can’t figure out how to delegate tasks, or give the authority to others who should be responsible.

That’s what I’m talking about.  That is only one example of old programming that might still be running us.  Often, there is a theme involved.  In this case, it is over responsibility.

While it does make us feel in control (admit it, you enjoy that feeling sometimes!), it also make you feel anxious.  It makes you tired and cranky sometimes too, because it feels as if the world is resting on your shoulders alone.

Where’s the help when you need it?

Now I’m not advocating you abdicate personal responsibility.  But I am suggesting that you examine this ingrained pattern and see if it still really serves you.

If it does, great!

If not, then it is time to get others on board so that they can feel the empowerment of learning new skills that give them a sense of accomplishment and worthiness.

Even getting the kids to make their beds, pick up their rooms and set the table gives them a sense of being part of the family and having chores they are capable of doing.  That builds their self-confidence and gives them a sense of accomplishment and mastery.

And the same applies to your co-workers.  Are you their emotional dumping ground?  Are you the person who unofficially takes on all the office’s emotional complaining and griping, and are then left exhausted, frustrated and out of sorts at the end of the day?

It’s the perfect time to suggest that instead of coming to you to whine, complain and emotionally unload, that they tell the person they have a problem with, or the boss instead.

Are you taking on more work in the office than you should and being overly responsible?  Now this is a little tricky, because there’s a belief in corporate life that the more you take on, the more you’ll be valued.  And there is something to that.

But if you’re taking on a number of tasks and there’s no recognition – just more dumping – then there’s a problem.

Identifying the hidden patterns and rectifying them will pay you dividends! Not taking on all the extra “shtuff” will allow you to create clearer more effective boundaries.  It will free up extra time and emotional resources so that you feel better and experience more joy.

I urge you to begin examining these hidden patterns and program for yourself.  You never know what you’ll find and just how powerful they are!

And if you get stuck, I’m always here to help!  I’m really good at uncovering those patterns that you just can’t see, so that you gain clarity and freedom.  And right now, until Sept 5th my private sessions are 50% off.

Here’s to creating new patterns of empowerment in your life!

Why Shouldn’t You Charge for Your Spiritual Gifts and Services?

I got an email from someone today berating me for charging so much for my services, and suggesting that people (I) shouldn’t charge for my spiritual gifts – or simply accept what people are willing or capable of paying.

I’ll be honest, I was pretty triggered at first…

free-your-mind-250x189Several thoughts ran through my mind:  surprise, outrage, a little judgment. At first I was offended.  I mean, would this person also send the same message to her doctor, her dentist, her lawyer, her hair dresser or massage therapist, or the actor or singer that she loves?  Would she send the same message to her grocer, butcher or pastor?

I don’t think so!

It is obvious she was in pain, and was lashing out at me from that place of pain.  But it was very ironic, considering she’d just opted in for a free gift, with no strings attached and appears to be new to my community.

But this is exactly the issue that so many of us who use our spiritual gifts to help raise consciousness, to coach and uplift others, and help heal the emotional wounds of the world grapple with on a daily basis.

This issue is based on a misconception that is outdated and completely at odds with the world we are currently living in.  It is based on old, past lifetimes where we took oaths of poverty to renounce all worldly goods to do the work of God.

But during those lifetimes, ALL of our material needs were being met.  We were housed, clothed, fed and our medical bills were paid for by churches or wealthy patrons.  And many of those lifetimes were lived with the consciousness of the VALUE that those services provided and the people receiving them gave equal or greater value in exchange.

Frankly I’d love to re-institute that system again. I would LOVE to know that I could give a class or provide coaching services that would be received and in return, equal or greater value be exchanged so that all my needs were met.

But that is not the paradigm that we are living in.  No one feeds, clothes, takes care of my medical bills, my household bills, or mortgage.  They don’t pay for my advertising or my incredible team of people who I have to pay, who make it possible for me to do my work.

So I have to charge a fee for doing business.  Just like a doctor, lawyer, or any other professional.

Just like all people I know, I do gift and contribute my time and energy for free or very little cost so that I can help as many people as possible.  I do it because I know that I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I do, and not everyone has the financial ability to pay for hours of my personal time.  I’ve been there personally!

There was a time that I didn’t have two nickels to rub together, or a roof over my head.  I was sick and bed ridden and didn’t know if I’d ever get to see my children raised.  I was miserable and jealous of those who were far more wealthy than I was, because I had no idea how to change my life at that time.  So I get it.  I really do!

hope-love-250x166I’m grateful I’m no longer the unhappy person I was all those years ago.  I am thankful for the mentors who helped me grow and see the value that was hiding within and yearning to break free.  And my mission it to forward that special love and support on, with every person who connects with me.

I’m so thankful for this woman’s email, because it made me look inside and at how this wound was affecting me.  I got to really see how I use my gifts to help others and the value that I do bring to the world.

But more importantly, I grateful that I can write this article to help others who question their value in the marketplace and fear stepping forward for this very same reason.  We have to look at this so that we can all begin to heal from this very damaging belief.  Hopefully, talking about this will help others see this issue and themselves in a different light, too.

It’s time to step beyond our limiting beliefs.  We need to recognize that if we are in judgment and attacking others, there’s something to be healed within ourselves first.

It is time to re-think the misbelief that we shouldn’t charge for our spiritual gifts and talents – no matter what they are.  Because every one of us has spiritual gifts and talents.  My doctor’s spiritual gift is being a world-class surgeon.  My massage therapist’s God-given gift is her healing hands.  My dentist’s God-given gift is his healing and artistic reconstruction of diseased teeth.

Everyone who has a job and is paid money for any work they do is being paid money for their spiritual gifts – the grocery clerk, the janitor, the child-care provider, the telephone operator, the heavy equipment operator, the garbage man, etc.

I want to challenge you to take some time to look within.  Have you been holding back because you are afraid that your gifts won’t be accepted, appreciated or valued?  What other spiritual gifts do you have that you could also bring into the world to uplift, entertain, heal, or add value to the world in your beautiful, unique way?  If you don’t know, I’d love to help you find out!

This month, for a limited time my private sessions are half off.  Click here to find out more.  Let’s spend some time together supporting you as you boldly step forward into the world with your unique and wonderful expression of the Divine You!

Want to Help Me Create a Tsunami of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy?

world on your shouldersWe are living in a time in history where more people than ever before are being impacted by war and violence.

Even if you or someone you love are not living in a war zone, you only need turn on the evening news, scroll through Facebook, turn on the radio,  or read the newspaper or a magazine, to feel the impact.  Our media is helping to spread the virus of bad news and violence with all of their sensationalized news reports.

And that doesn’t even take into account any of our unconscious programming or our soul’s memories of past lifetimes where we personally experienced violence…

Or any of our generational programming from our ancestors who were personally involved or impacted by war or other types of violence. Those intense memories and experiences get stuck in the DNA and often are passed down from one generation to the next.

It’s not something we like to talk about, because it is uncomfortable and scary.  We feel helpless to change anything that overwhelming and big.

In addition, our Spiritual communities teach us that that we don’t want to focus on the negative because it just creates more of what we are focusing on.  And there is some truth to that.

But that doesn’t make the energies or implications any less impactful.

Wouldn’t You Love to be Part of the
Solution for 
Worldwide Peace?

ripple-260x350The truth is that we are all connected by the morphogenetic field called the Collective Consciousness.  Every human being on this planet is in some way being affected by what is held in this field – especially when these powerful, painful and difficult energies are present.

However, right now, we can do something to help ourselves, our loved ones and every person on the planet.  We can eliminate our personal, energetic charges and fears regarding war and violence, so we are not adding to the conflict and mass consciousness.  And we can infuse positive, powerful new energies into the Collective Consciousness and help shift the tide for peace.

As you eliminate destructive energies, you change and upgrade your personal energies to a much higher, more positive level!

Just like dropping a single droplet of water into a pool, waves of positive frequencies begin to spread out, impacting those around us, and every human being on the planet.  With enough people resonating at a higher frequency, we can ultimately bring peace to the planet!

As a conscious, awakening human being, you have an opportunity to help shift the energy of war and violence and create a new reality space filled with hope, empowerment, renewal, peace and unity.

It won’t cost you a thing!  It is my gift to you.

Click here to receive your complimentary audio clearings that will help clear out the frequencies of war and violence.

I know it might seem very simplistic.  But we have to start somewhere.  Let’s tackle this head-on.  Let’s acknowledge that we have the power to make changes and uplift the world.  This is just the beginning.

Help me spread the energies of peace, hope and well-being around the world.  Share this page with everyone you know so that they can receive their free gift of healing and love, too.  Together we can effect powerful change and contribute our positive energies together in a tsunami of hope, peace, love and joy that will help change the human condition on this planet.

Countless Blessings!


Choosing Peace, and Love In Times of Conflict

world on your shoulders

Is it me, or does it feel like the world is unraveling and going mad?  Perhaps it’s that I so rarely watch the news because it makes my mind, body and soul hurt.  But I recently watched a news article from Scott Pelley, CBS news, reporting that there are 41 wars going on throughout the world.  My mind simply cannot comprehend that level of violence and human suffering.

I know it’s out there and that it exists.  I know because I have friends in the middle east and in the Ukraine who live with terror and uncertainty every day.  They’ve lost loved ones, and they are grieving.

I know because I work with clients from around the world, many who are personally impacted by war and personal conflicts.  But for some reason, it all sort of came crashing into my awareness  like a tsunami of information and emotional overload.

I will be honest, a big part of me felt so overwhelmed and helpless to effect change, that it made me cry.  For several days, I thought, “What’s the point of anything that I’m doing?  It’s not making a difference!”

And then I got a grip, and decided that I was not going to allow that nasty virus of emotional and mental thinking to get the best of me.  Because I know that I make a difference – and so do you!

To me, it feels like the conflicts are getting bigger and scarier.  I don’t say this to spread more fear and distress.  Just the opposite.  Because when we are faced with what appears to be a global virus of terrorism and conflict that we don’t have much control over, we have to decide here and now what we CAN do to make a difference in our tiny little corners of the world.

We have to hold the counterpoint to the evil and the madness that seems to be infecting and gripping the hearts, minds and souls of men and women throughout the world.  We have to choose – powerfully and perhaps more profoundly – that place of Love and Light and Peace.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that we find a way to center and ground ourselves so that we are immune to the virus and entrainment of war and conflict.   We cannot allow ourselves to be negatively influenced by the collective craziness, because if we do, we become a part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

rainbowIt is time to stand in the truth of who we are and exercise our spiritual integrity.  Every single day, we must start off the day with some type of spiritual hygiene.  For me, it is doing my Prep to Work process to clear out the effects of the world energies and any impact from anything around me and my loved ones.

Then I do my energy exercise routine with cross-crawls, brain buttons, Cook’s hook-ups and other energetic activations.  Then I spend a few minutes meditating and asking for guidance for the day.

If I have anything come up during the day, I immediately take a few minutes to clear it out, rather than letting that energy sit in my field to create, attract or broadcast out into the world anything I don’t want to create or attract.

And I end the day with a very similar routine, giving thanks and appreciation for all that has been given to me and for the incredible life journey I am on.

I have found that if I don’t take the few minutes every morning and evening to do these very practical spiritual practices, I don’t feel well.  I don’t function well.  But most importantly, I cannot be an effective leader or person.  And that is not OK with me!

What rituals do you do every day that help bring more Light, Love and Peace into the world?  If you don’t have one, I urge you to start now.

In his book, Power vs Force, David Hawkins very clearly states that a person who is resonating at a frequency of Love (600 or higher on a scale of 0-1000) counter-balances the effects of negative frequencies for millions of people.

Now more than ever, it is critical that we do our personal work and release any old energies that are limiting our abilities to hold more Light, Love and Ascension level frequencies. With our knowledge of how to do that with all of the healing modalities and technologies we have, especially the Quantum Soul Clearing Process, we are automatically called upon to be in service to the world.

So at this time, I am sending out a clarion call to all Holders of the Light to shine, to transmit and share your love, your light and your gifts into the world.  Let’s set an intention here and now that we will project peace and love daily into war-torn areas of the world to help cool down the conflicts and hold space for peaceful resolutions.

We do have an extraordinary impact in the world.  We are either adding to the suffering or creating healing solutions for everyone.  We have personal choice and the personal freedom to make a profound difference in the world.  I challenge you to BE that difference now.

Want to help me create a tsunami of hope, peace, love and joy?   We can do something to help ourselves, our loved ones and every person on the planet.  Click here to access two complementary audio clearings that will help clear out the frequencies of war and violence.

Have you forgotten how to play?

hop scotchAll year we’ve been talking about hidden programs, the heavy programming of struggle and how we unconsciously sabotage ourselves.  We’ve done a lot of heavy lifting.

But it’s almost Summer, and I’m going to switch gears here and talk about playing.  We get so wrapped up in all the things we HAVE to do:  go to work, shop for groceries, raise our families, pay the taxes, pay the bills, bring our gifts and talents into the world and all that entails, etc.  And in all the “shtuff” of life, we lose track of what is really important:  Playing.  It’s why we do everything we have to do!

When was the last time you really played?  I’m not talking about going on vacation and flying or driving for thousands of miles to see something you’ve never seen before, or visiting friends and family – although that can be fun and if you are really playing it does count.

I’m talking about the kind of play that is relaxing, that is creative and fun.  When was the last time you picked up a ball and played catch?  When was the last time you took a walk or a hike through nature without watching the clock or fitting into your busy schedule – and then not being able to really enjoy it?

When was the last time you painted or drew just for the fun of it?  When was the last time you laid on your back watching the clouds and identified animals or shapes and told stories about what you were seeing?

When was the last time you rode a horse or your bike just for fun?  When was the last time you jumped rope or skipped, or played hop-scotch?  When was the last time you hunted for rocks for your special rock collection?

Day dreamingWe get so caught up in adult-type activities – and yes, those are fun, too.  But playing all-out like a kid can really get your creative juices flowing!  As we age we really do forget how to just PLAY!  When that happens, our lives start to get stale and rigid.  And we get burned out.

When we play, our minds relax, we release feel-good hormones that take us out of the stress mode of fight, flight or freeze, and we begin to rewire our brains and our bodies for creation.  When we move our bodies and our minds in creative play, we bring blood and oxygen and joy back into our bodies and minds.

Do you remember staring out the window and day-dreaming?  Why not try it again?  What can you begin to imagine that will make you feel fabulous and raise your creative powers?  What would you like to see happen in the near or far future that you can begin to visualize for yourself?  See how detailed and how in depth you can visualize what you want by engaging all your senses – smell, vision, taste, touch, hearing, sensing.

SwingFind a swing that you can swing on and pump your legs so that you are flying through the air!  Feel as the wind as it blows against your face and hair and how your stomach swoops as you rise and fall with the swing.  It’s a glorious feeling of freedom that you never get any other place!

Break out the lawn hose and the sprinklers, and run through them over and over like you are a kid.  Your neighbors will think you’ve lost it, but if you can let go and do it with abandon, I think you’ll find that it’s just as much fun as you remembered.  You can reconnect to that child within that is yearning to make himself or herself known.

It’s time to un-complicate our lives and spend time with ourselves just playing for the fun of it.  It’s time to feel the earth, the grass, the sand under our bare feet, to feel the sun on our faces, arms and legs, to let the breeze blow against our hair and skin and revel in the sensations!

This week, make a play date for yourself.  Get a box of crayons or finger paints and create like a kid!  Dance, laugh, giggle, squeal, jump, run, walk, crawl, rest, and play like you’re a kid again.  You’re going to love it!

You’re going to LOVE what comes next even more!  Make it a weekly date and see how quickly your joy-factor rises.  Watch how much more relaxed you feel and how many creative ideas arise.

It’s time to play, because playing equals creativity.  We manifest from our creative places, so if we don’t know how to play and have fun, we have trouble creating what we desire most.

Let me know how your play dates go.  I’d love to hear from you about how much fun you’re having and how those fun times are opening up the rest of your life!  Email me your stories and let me know if I can share them in my next newsletter.  You might just be an inspiration to others!

Here’s to a really FUN summer!  Tag you’re it!

Memorial Day

Memorial DayMemorial Day is being celebrated this weekend in the United States.  For many, it’s the beginning of summer and the first out-door camping trip of the year.  It’s the end of the school year, graduation and the beginning of long, summer days.

But Memorial Day is about honoring the servicemen and women who have fought and died for our country.  This day was originally called Decoration Day to commemorate all the fallen soldiers from both the North and South, during the U.S. Civil War.  It’s a day to remember our fallen heroes and loved ones who gave their all in service to their country.

I’d like you to join me for a few moments of silence and intentional thought or prayer, to honor their memory, service and sacrifice. In those moments of silence or prayer, ask for additional Love, Light and the Oneness of the Divine to be infused in them and in us all.

This day is one that my family has always honored and respected.  It was a time to tell the stories of friends and loved ones from generations long gone.  It was a way of remembering not just those who had given their lives in battle, but also those who had come before us and had ultimately given us life.

Visiting the cemeteries where my great great-grandparents, great grandparents, extended family members, and so many of their friends were buried, was something akin to a pilgrimage we did every year.  We brought flowers to decorate their graves and yard tools to make sure the headstones were cleared of creeping grasses and properly tended.

Each year the cemeteries were a glorious site to behold!  US flags, pinwheels, tens of thousands of flower decorations, balloons and other types of decorations make the entire day seem bright, beautiful and almost a holiday affair.  We’d meet other family members, cousins, aunts and uncles and sharing stories about those who had already left us.  I often heard about my pioneer ancestors, their trials and successes, and those stories always made them seem like dear loved ones, even though we’d never physically met.

And for me, being able to see all the spirits come out to visit and connect with their still-living relatives was something so magical and mystical!  The air shimmered with their presence and love.  It always felt like continuity to me.  A blessed connection and communion of sorts. Knowing that even though our bodies might die, we do not.  I always felt their joyousness in seeing their future generations, and knowing that they were still remembered. That has always been a comfort to me.

Us FlagsThis year I would also like to include in my day of remembrance all those who have ever served their country.  Especially those brave men and women of the world who strive for peace.  Those who have served and who have come home in pain or who have been wounded.  You are not un-noticed.  I see you.  You are not forgotten. I remember you.

As you courageously live each and every day, rebuilding your lives, raising your families, choosing peace and happiness as your way of living, I pay tribute to you for all you have been through and endured.  The sacrifices your families have made in order for you to serve have been made out of love, and carried out with endurance and quiet strength.

It is my wish, my hope, my desire – perhaps naively – that someday soon we will be able to find both the personal and world peace we all deeply desire so that no more lives are lost on the battlefield.  So that no one has to live with the emotional or physical pain and suffering as a result of war and conflict.

And so I want to share with you a beautiful poem entitled Wave of Peace, by Aufie Zophy.

Wave of Peace


I dream
of a wave of peace

A giant wave
Reaching beyond the fences
Moving deep inside

A wonderful wave
Drenching all the minds
Penetrating deep in hearts
Changing souls forever

A tsunami
Devastating all walls of greed
Destructive to violent thoughts
Ripping apart perversion
Erasing arrogance

A wave of peace, streaming
enveloping the world
Softening hearts
Wisening leaders

Just peace
Dare to dream with me
Let us all pray together

Let’s dream and believe
In a wave of peace

An awesome wave of peace

Struggle and the Energy of Change – Part IV


We’ve been talking about the energy of struggle and its hidden and not-so-hidden impact in our lives.  Struggle has been part of our individual and collective experiences since the beginning of life here on this planet.

Yet the energy of struggle is one that keeps us stuck, in pain and fearful about the future.  It brings great resistance to the energy, even the thought, of change and our ability to simply let go and move forward.

In a recent session with a client, I was shown just how deep the fear of change is for almost everyone – and what is lurking underneath change and fueling that deep fear and

resistance.  I have to admit it shocked me!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients say, “I just hate change!  I don’t do change well.”

When I’ve asked why, people have responded with, “I feel like if I make a change, it won’t be the right one – and then what will happen?”  Or, “If I make the necessary changes, am I really up to the challenge?  Am I good enough/smart enough/talented enough to handle it?”

People question whether they will be a success or a failure. (Both of those fears bring their own flavor of anxiety.)   They often wonder if the changes will even make a difference.  They are concerned that the little they already have might be taken away and then they’ll be left with nothing at all, if they make changes.

hope love dream faith trustWe can live with the devil we know, because we’ve been doing it.  But we’re not so sure that the devil we don’t know is any better.

What was revealed to me during that client’s session, is the deep distrust that things will actually change.  The resistance to change is about mistrusting that God or the Universe – or even you! – has your best interests at heart.

We feel that we’ve been lied to.  That the more we’ve changed, the more things stay the same.  We’ve put our trust in ourselves, in various gurus, or the church, or the system, or ourselves, and when we don’t see measurable results, we feel betrayed!  We’ve put our faith in something bigger than ourselves and we feel we’ve been let down and betrayed because the results have not met our expectations.

That betrayal seems to be the key to the resistance in feeling comfortable to make any changes.  And yet, we know we cannot stay where we’re at, because it’s not working and it’s just too painful.  And therein lies the biggest conundrum of all!

Pain, or even more pain because of betrayal. Whew! What a choice!

But what if circumstances and the energy of this new paradigm will now support your changes?

What if you can excavate the energy and the pain of past failures, betrayals and shattered dreams, to find the hidden treasure chest of what can be cleared and released, so that the new, higher energies available to us can actually support our dreams and desires?

time for change

How cool would THAT be??

One of the biggest keys to change is taking the time and effort to look within yourself, to dig deep, and discover what disappointments, fears, betrayals and damage happened as other choices you made resulted in less-than-stellar results.

Then you have the opportunity to release that old energy so that you have a clean slate from which to create.  Use the Quantum Soul Clearing Process™ to clear anything that you find.  Make sure you clear the energy of struggle and how it pertains to change.  Use your own wording, or use that phrase, which ever feels more relevant.

Once the clearing work is completed around your particular area of change and struggle, then you can re-examine the changes that you feel you need to make.  Does it feel like you have more options for change?  Can you see a clearer path to reach your objectives?  Can you accomplish your goals with just a small tweak – or do you need to make even greater changes?  Can you feel how much easier it feels to make those changes?  Everything looks different after you do your clearing work.

You can do this.  I believe in you.  And if you need extra help, I’m here to help.

In fact, between now and May 5th, I’m offering a spring special on private session work.  All private session packages are 25% off!  Send us an email to Support@QuantumSoulClearing.com to start the process, and book your complimentary discovery session.

Here’s to releasing struggle and being able to make changes much more easily!