Clients’ Testimonials


“I had the good fortune recently to personally experience Michelle’s Quantum Clearing Process. This I now know; if you want a new perspective you need to embrace a new way to take action. Give yourself the gift of participation in Michelle’s Quantum Clearing expertise and gain a whole new understanding of the areas that block the realization of the true you. Not sure, skeptical? I was too, but the act of commitment to a session is all you risk. The rewards last a lifetime. I had not one but two MAJOR insights in less than an hour. There are 168 hours in a week- schedule one with Michelle- you’ll be glad you did, and your life will thank you.”

~Dan Robinson, CPLC



Michelle has a special gift. She is able to tap into that Universal Field and be in touch with the subtle vibrations in that field. She has a keen sense of what needs to be cleared from our auras or what negative vibrations are emanating outward from each of us.

She possesses a technique that really does clear out those unwanted blocks, and replace them with the desired energies that enable us to move forward.

I was gifted with the opportunity to experience a clearing from Michelle in a very small and intimate group setting.

During the process, I immediately felt lighter and had increased energy and vitality and a feeling of joyous well-being as she worked to clear and release the unwanted issues I was dealing with. I also experienced an incoming flood of beautiful and creative images, many of which I have been using in my artwork to heal others.

Immediately after the session, I continued to feel lighter and released from negative energies and influences.

I have noticed over the days following that I have gained much greater clarity regarding the direction I want to pursue in my life’s work. I feel a deeper sense of my purpose and renewed energy to forge ahead!

~Marcy Lifavi, Artist



I would like to speak about Michelle Manning-Kogler’s work both from the point of view of my personal growth and from the point of view of someone who held senior-level administrative positions in fairly large organizations for almost thirty years.

Briefly, after some years as a university professor, I became the head of a large public library system, and then eventually a dean at a California community college, where in addition to my own areas of responsibility, I was part of the senior administrative team leading the college as a whole.

Over the years I came to realize that “dead spots” in the organization – negative or bureaucratic behavior that was frustrating to customers, interpersonal conflicts, resistance to effective decision-making and organizational change, lack of productivity – typically involved people (employees or managers) who were personally dysfunctional: lacking in self-awareness, and (often unconsciously) acting out their inner issues at work. I also found that the usual training in better customer service, more effective work habits and interpersonal behavior modification didn’t do much to change things.

Unfortunately, I had retired by the time I began working with Michelle Manning-Kogler. But I have often thought how much Michelle’s transformation and clearing processes would have helped me throughout my career, as well as my colleagues and employees – and how much that would have improved the productivity, effectiveness, and adaptability of the whole organization.

I began working with Michelle in 2005. Almost on a whim, I scheduled a telephone appointment with her. I was dealing with a number of life changes, but I had always handled my own problems and was not sure that spiritually-based work would help me. I was astonished by how “right on the money,” powerful, and transformative that first session was.

Over the past five years, I have worked with Michelle to clear various emotional, interpersonal, or physical patterns and blockages, and in every case her work was extremely helpful and effective. I am far more balanced, energetic, compassionate, and creative in my thinking than I have ever been. I have built a successful new career as a writer and yoga teacher, and a new and happy marriage.

One of the things I appreciate about Michelle is her good-humored, pragmatic and down-to-earth approach to what might seem esoteric and strange. I believe in the holistic view that mind, body, energy, and spirit are all interconnected. Michelle’s work goes right to the spiritual core of that whole being, and I think that is why it is so effective. In my experience, superficial or external approaches don’t really get at the root of a problem and therefore don’t make permanent changes.

I can personally testify that her approach, and the various modalities she employs, are effective. And I can also say as a retired administrator that I can think of numerous instances in which her work would have transformed not only individuals but the organization as a whole.”

~Ruth Thompson, Ph.D


The thing is, when Michelle clears something with her clearing statement methods, it’s gone. It is so completely gone that I cannot give any specific examples because I don’t remember what’s been cleared! I just know that my life has become profoundly better overall. I am calmer, more confident and more grounded and because of that I am able to use resources I had that were previously buried under all of the stuff that she’s helped me clear. Michelle is bright, creative, focused and so gifted with her amazing intuition that she takes personal transformation to a whole new level and consistently gets tremendous results.


I have also been dealing with an extremely painful illness that has been almost impossible to eliminate due to a crashed endocrine system. Even with that, my continued Bioenergetic Therapy with the Body Scan 2010 machine has made, and continues to make, major progress toward my total wellness. Eliminating Lyme disease and Candida for a start and continuing to improve my endocrine system.


Michelle uses the original, and most complete, balancing methods as taught by the inventor of the machine. That, combined with her extensive knowledge of the human body and disease processes, her natural enthusiasm and her remarkable intuition makes Bioenergetic Therapy with her much more thorough and results-producing. She is very much a cut above the rest.”


~Sorcha Bray, Denver, CO



Michelle literally – in every sense of the word – SAVED my life – not only my physical body, but also my spirit and my soul.” To merely say she has “made a difference” in my life would be an understatement. Along with all the healing, of my body, learning about myself in every possible aspect of my life – physical, mental, spiritual, past experiences, who I really am, what I really am, Who I have the potential to be – the list goes on and on and on – also came the teaching that I needed to continue to “…heal thyself” (Luke 4:23). It is very difficult for me to even put into words the things that I feel in my heart.


Michelle is an incredibly gifted woman, with many, many different gifts and abilities. However – she has never just taken them for granted, and has spent her entire lifetime studying, learning, researching, seeking the truth, and always striving to progress, and learn more. She is a gift to the world, and a person with unique talents that she strives to share with everyone she can, on a daily basis. Michelle has changed the lives of countless people throughout the years, and I am thankful that I have been one of the very lucky people who have been given the opportunity to work with Michelle.


I have had the privilege of working with Michelle in many different ways, for years, in many different settings and situations. Some of these include: energy work and healing, both physical and mental, clearing work, SRT (Spiritual Response Technique), use of essential oils, homeopathic medicine, the Quantum Soul Clearing Process, and most recently, lots of testing with wonderful equipment and great expertise in finding out exactly what is going on with my body, and exactly what my body needs.


Today – I gave these results to my personal Physician, and he totally agreed with her findings 100%!!! He is doing blood work, to satisfy the “medical community requirements” – and has already identified many of these problems in past years, but has never been able to “put them all together” – because of the missing puzzle pieces. Michelle was able to find the missing pieces of my health puzzle. She identified many, many hidden problems regarding multiple, life-long health issues. To say that I am thrilled beyond what words can express is the understatement of the century!


Some people would feel overwhelmed and discouraged with all the things Michelle has discovered about me these past few years but I find this so exciting, as there is FINALLY light at the end of the tunnel! I do not discount any of the work I have done with Michelle these past few years – but this feels like we know the whole truth. I feel like I can say I am “experienced” in multiple health issues, throughout my life, including 22 surgeries, 30+ aspiration pneumonia’s since November 2007, and a life long history of hundreds of cases of bronchitis, pneumonia (bacterial and viral), along with many other health issues. Some of those include Pulmonary Emboli three different times, multiple auto immune disorders, mood swings, depression, and feeling like I’d never feel healthy again. However – these past four to five years, my working with Michelle has kept me on a steady, mostly uphill climb – and now i feel like I’ve just been given a new lease of life!!!


In the past, Michelle has done a lot of “Clearing Work” with me, not only with problems and limitations that were known to me, but also discovering traumatic things that had happened to me in the past that my mind had totally blocked out. She was wonderful – a “safe person”, non-judgmental, caring, healing, loving, gentle, patient, understanding, giving, and gave me the gift of leaving these things in the past. Not only did that help me mentally and spiritually, but also made a huge difference in helping my body start on the road to recovery, also. I have learned from her that all of it is inter-connected – that you must be healthy to heal mentally and spiritually, and you must be healthy mentally and spiritually to heal physically. Some of these experiences have been immediate, and others a long, careful process, all while continuing to learn and progress.


What I did not realized was that an added benefit of all of this was preparing me to be a better, stronger, healthier person, with “tools” to help me withstand the most horrific test of my entire life. In 2006 and 2008, I lost first my father, and then my mother. I had been their caregiver for almost five years, and my own health suffered greatly during that time. Michelle was with me every step of the way, during the last days of my mother’s life, and in the past three years has played a most important role in helping me recover my health and well being. But my biggest challenge was yet to come.


In September 2010, my 30 year old son took his own life. Michelle was again with me every step of the way, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her love, caring, compassion, and the many things she has taught me and done for me came back when I needed them the most. I have NEVER experienced greater pain and anguish in my entire life. There are no words to express the depth of pain and raw emotion I have felt since losing my precious son. Of course, I have relied greatly of her guidance this last year, but I know for sure I could not have survived this great trauma health wise – physically and emotionally, without her great efforts in my behalf. I can never truly express my love and gratitude to her for these wonderful gifts. I thank God for her every day of my life. She has helped me find “my highest power” (which can and will continue to grow) and my life will go on and progress.


One of the greatest things that I know to be true as I try and express my feelings about Michelle and the many great gifts she has given me is this: I AM ONLY ONE OF MANY PEOPLE MICHELLE HAS HELPED!!!!!


So, in conclusion, I pose several questions:

Has Michelle had a huge impact upon my life??? Yes!!!

Has Michelle changed my life significantly??? Yes!!!

Am I the person I am today due in great part to Michelle??? Yes!!!

Am I alive today because of Michelle??? Yes!!!

Would I recommend Michelle and her services to anyone??? YES!

(Even the stubborn ones that took a while to teach – and believe in her work, like me)

Is my life better today because of Michelle, her work and her example??? Yes!!!


I know that Michelle will continue to grow, to learn new things, and reach greater heights and I plan on being around for a long time to learn more and more of the things she has to teach me. The learning never ends. To say a simple “Thank You” does not seem like enough, so I will end with the phrase Michelle has lovingly taught me to say:

“I gratefully accept this gift you have given me. Thank you.”


~Marianne Ford, West Valley City, Utah




My work with Michelle Manning-Kogler has been profound, fascinating and a life changing experience. It has created more healing and progress in one month than a decade of other therapeutic techniques that I have used in the past. As a Physician / Scientist, I was skeptical at first but my intuition strongly urged me to continue so I suspended all the “logic” I had been trained with for many years and stepped off the cliff into the abyss of the unknown.

I am incredibly thankful that I did so because I’m starting to find the life that I have dreamed of for so, so many years. I feel truly blessed to have encountered and to be working with this incredibly gifted healer.

C. Catzavelos, PhD