Doing What You Love But The Money Isn’t Following?

The Secret To Living On Purpose and Financial Prosperity

Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow? Nicola GraceBy Nicola Grace, Best Selling Author, Creator of Mission Blueprint

Wouldn’t it be great if making the money you know you deserve was as simple as doing what you love? Then all you’d need to do is figure out what you love to do. But what if you are already doing what you love, you’re on your life purpose, yet you’re struggling financially and the money just isn’t following you in the way you thought it would?

For those of you who don’t know me, in 2006 I implemented a strategic plan that saved a billion dollar industry from ruin in just six months, when that industry had struggled to do it for themselves in seven years. I made history and won an award for my efforts. I was doing what I loved. I was on purpose and yet, not only did I end up broke, I went bankrupt. The money did not follow me, in fact quite the opposite.

While I was in the process of examining what the missing link was, I had a major epiphany. A holographic image of my brain and my mind lifted up out of my head and I could see that the hemisphere containing work, reward and money was separated from the hemisphere that contained love, purpose and spirituality. The two hemispheres weren’t talking to each other.

On researching, meditating and investigating this phenomenon with my clients, I discovered this hemisphere split was a very common thing. It’s part of the reason why we can find ourselves just working to pay the bills, and our love or purpose is played out as a hobby – not something we can earn money from. In fact you might end up finding it difficult to charge for what you love to do. Or you could be doing what you love but not getting the money you desire.

Why Love, Purpose & Spirituality Can Be Separate From Work, Reward & Money

Regardless of what culture you come from; somewhere in your ancestral inheritance stored in your brain, is a time when spiritual leaders, healers, medicine men and women, shamans etc, did not have to participate in the day to day economy of the tribe. Their spiritual work was their contribution to the tribe, and they were taken care of by its’ members. It was believed there was a difference in labour versus spiritual work. It was believed that if the spiritual leaders participated in the day to day work of the tribe, they’d loose their special powers/gifts and connection to the divine source. Labour or work was somehow dirty for them. The rest of the tribe “had to do the work that had to be done” to sustain their survival.

We now know from frontier brain science that we can store beliefs held by our ancestors in our brain many generations back. That means many of the beliefs that form our experiences are not our own personal beliefs. They belong to generations of our ancestors!

If these divisions of work and spirituality beliefs were stored in your ancestors brains, then chances are you have inherited the Split Hemisphere Syndrome. The hemispheres of your brain might not be talking to each other, hence you could be doing what you love but struggling to make ends meet, or reach the financial wealth you truly deserve. Conversely, you might also be earning a decent living but disliking what you do. Work is just something you do to survive.

Reality Check

We don’t live in a time when spiritual people fulfilling their purpose are taken care of by those who go out to work. We do live in a time when people are wanting to be engaged in meaningful work as well as get rewarded for that effort in equally meaningful ways – ie: not struggling to survive but thriving and having the resources to do what we love. We are the generations that want it all. We want a life of purpose and meaning AND we want a life of financial prosperity.

Life Purpose FormulaIn order for us to do what we love and have the resources to do more of what we love, it’s imperative then to get the hemisphere’s of your brain containing work, reward and money talking to the hemisphere that contains love, purpose and spirituality. Removing outdated ancestor programming and connecting these hemispheres would then allow for the experience of doing what you love and the money will follow.

How Do You Connect The Purpose & Money Hemispheres Of Your Brain?

Connecting the hemispheres of your brain so you can indeed do what you love and earn the money you want, is a relatively easy process. However it takes a bit of explaining to do. More than this post will allow.

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