Freedom. What does that mean to you?

Freedom. What does that mean to you?us_heart

Freedom of speech?

Freedom from tyranny?

Freedom to worship as you wish?

Freedom to love and marry the person of your dreams?

Is it financial freedom?

Freedom from addiction?

Personal liberty?

Something else?

My personal definition of freedom is the freedom to be, do and have what I want, when I want it, and with whom I want it at the time I want it.

Sometimes my experience of life falls a little short of that! <Laughing at myself!> But that is my goal.

For me, though, freedom is not just a definition. It is a feeling. An experience. A frequency. When I think about the energy of freedom I have a feeling of being unfettered in my soul. Of boundless joy and happiness. It’s loving the work that I am designed to do in the world. And it’s having the time and opportunity to spend quality time with my family, friends and those who are important to me. It’s a feeling of expansiveness.

It’s the ability to move my body without pain or restriction – which, honestly, is still a work in progress! But much better than it was 6 months ago – or even 10 years ago.

It’s having a mind that is open to new ideas, and ways of thinking. It’s being able to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences as thoroughly as the English language will allow me.

It’s having the technology and ability to connect with you and thousands of others all over the world and express myself. To share healing, transformation processes, and love in ways that were unimaginable to me 20 or even 10 years ago!

Freedom feels expansive and inclusive of others. It’s knowing that I am strong enough in my personal beliefs and values to allow and respect others people’s core values – without having to challenge them or feeling like I need to change them.

Real freedom is being able to explore painful memories and experiences with compassion and understanding so that those parts of myself can lovingly be integrated and accepted along with the good. In doing so, my life experience is deepened. I can learn and grow from the past, while leaving the patterns of self-negation or judgement that limited my personal freedom, in the past where they belong.

4th_of_julyIn the United States we celebrate our national freedom on July 4th. We celebrate our national pride and freedom that was, historically, won through conflict and sacrifice.

But we know that there are really no winners when it comes to war. Whether that war is between nations, or within ourselves. There is a very high cost, with massive collateral damage.

There is much to be proud of in this country – and there is so much room for improvement. My intention, though, is not necessarily to make a political statement.

It is to bring attention to the energy of freedom. It’s about taking personal action and responsibility to create an inner environment of personal freedom so that your inner and outer expression and interactions are aligned with peace and ultimate freedom of body, mind, and soul.

When we take responsibility and action for healing or transforming our core wounds that have created virtual prisons for ourselves, we become the masters of our lives. As we create freedom within for ourselves, we become more peaceful, loving and tolerant in every area of our lives.

I believe that the true path to personal and global freedom begins within each and every one of us. Until we can free our own hearts, minds and bodies from the limiting beliefs, habits and patterns within us, we will never be truly free. We will always be at the mercy of special interests with agendas that sway public thinking and carve out public policy, as well as to our own habits and addictions.

Until we can stand in clarity and personal awareness of what is optimally highest and best for ourselves, we are unable to come together collectively and stand as one in real truth and freedom for our personal and collective rights.

Everyone on this planet deserves to have clean water, clean air, healthy, organic food, safe shelter, the ability to financially support ourselves and our families, free from war, persecution, and oppression.

I know, some will say that is an unrealistic, naïve, utopian idea. But it is what I believe.

All humans desire something more. We desire unconditional love. We yearn to be seen for who we truly are – and fireworks_smfundamentally acknowledged and understood as individuals. We all have a need and drive to be creative and follow our soul’s calling that is unique to each of us.

Once we strip away the limitations and uncover the core of who we really are, freedom of body, mind and soul is a natural occurrence. It’s our birthright! It’s how we are designed!

This month, as we are inspired by the energies and frequencies of freedom and liberty, I urge you to contemplate what freedom means for you.

Then write down and commit to yourself what you are willing to do (or not do) in order to allow yourself to be ultimately free!

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