Lessons on Dealing with Catastrophe and Craziness


The last few months have been FULL of unexpected stuff!  Surgeries, lots of traveling, extended and delayed travel plans, family health issues, a flooded house, complete moves, you name it!

It hasn’t been easy.  Some of it hasn’t been very fun, either.

But what I have found to be so interesting, is how much I am learning to take it all in stride!

One thing that has made such a profound difference in my life is my daily Quantum Soul Clearing practice. It’s a daily practical and spiritual practice that I have dedicated myself to do to experience and become the change I want to see and have.

Sorcha Bray, a dear friend of mine, and I actually started the practice while I was in Denver waiting for my husband’s surgery to be approved.  At the time, I was losing my mind with frustration, exhaustion, and all the negative energy that came with initially being in a really awful extended stay hotel, and under the stress of trying to do it all and still do more.

I was watching our savings being virtually sucked out of our bank account with the costs of being out of town for so much longer than expected, and the stress of watching my husband deal with being in so much pain. Besides, I had an agenda!  We were going to go, get his surgery and get back home!

Except that wasn’t happening.  At all.

Thank goodness for Dennis’s cousins that took pity on us and invited us to stay at their home!  It was a complete Godsend.  It was great to be able to reconnect and spend valuable time with them.  It was also an additional stressor of being out of my comfort zone – still hanging on to my agenda – and worrying about whether we were over-staying our welcome.

And it was more opportunity for clearing!

hands-1121205_1280The last 10 days of December I shared what Sorcha and I were doing on a daily basis.  We offered a free gift of daily clearing work to my community.  I absolutely LOVED the response and the   movement that it created not just for me, but for everyone involved!

It never fails to amaze me just how much shtuff, unresolved emotional STUFF, I’ve stuffed and just how much that shtuff has been running my thought  processes and feelings!  It is truly stunning.  Things that I had no conscious idea were still impacting my life have been bubbling to the surface,  now that “they  know” there’s a way to be expressed and released fully and safely!  Feelings that got triggered from everyday events re-activated those  buried emotions, and brought  them up to get cleared.

For example, just the other night, my husband was initiated into a really lovely service organization.  He asked me to go, not knowing that because I wasn’t a member, I really wasn’t invited.  So, when I was very politely asked to leave while they went through their initiation ceremony ritual, I got really uncomfortable!  But I wasn’t sure why I was feeling that way.

Apparently I have a very vivid imagination – or perhaps it’s an effect of the news, social media, movies or past life historical memories.  I don’t really know.  As I was leaving, my mind started thinking of all the awful things that they might do to him. I was even imagining some weird micro-chipping ritual, anal probing, or brain washing.  You know, something really satanical or even alien abduction weird!  (Did I mention my vivid imagination?)

Then I had all this guilt come up that I was saving myself and leaving my loved one behind.  I was a wreck!  You can laugh.  I am laughing now too, while writing about it.  But at the time, if felt very real!  Which is what old stories that are submerged in our subconscious feel like!!

awareness-1052371_1280But the truth was, it was all from unresolved, past life, karmic shtuff!  Yes, Karmage!  That unresolved karmic garbage that was creating all kinds of emotional damage in this lifetime!

I called Sorcha and said, “Holy crap!  This is SOOO it for me!  We really need to clear this!”

When we opened up the field and I was able to completely examine my feelings and the emotional frequencies that were being triggered, I was shocked at everything that came up.  Previous lifetime memories of some pretty traumatic things.  Feeling excluded and left out in this lifetime.  Abuse energies, panic energies, survivor guilt frequencies, and so much more!

But after going through the process and feeling the relief of letting the past and all those energies go, I can’t begin to express how much better and clearer I feel.  I even woke up early the next morning – and every morning since then! – with renewed energy and excitement to share this work with you and others.

I don’t know what you might be dealing with in your life right now.  But I do know from personal experience that the Quantum Soul Clearing Process can help you work through it, completely.  You do not have to suffer or feel stuck any more.

You can feel immediate relief from just one clearing session.  But the long-term effects of dedicated clearing and coaching work are profound!  And the implications of doing this kind of work on an on-going basis are far-reaching.  I love having the peace of mind and soul that come from being able to work through these, and any and all crazy situations.  It gives me a feeling of empowerment.  Isn’t that exactly what everyone is looking for?

You know, I spent years feeling awful.  I lived in constant emotional, mental, and physical pain.  I felt anxious and sick inside.  I spent most of my precious life force energy just trying to protect myself from more pain, because the underlying pain was so intense I had no idea how to get through some days.  Perhaps you can relate?

Other days, I could get through and pretend that everything was all right.  But I was still physically exhausted and felt like a failure, because I didn’t feel good about myself inside.

It was the stories my mind kept telling itself that triggered the feelings that were creating that pain.  They were draining my energy and creating illness, depression, chaos, and financial disaster in all areas of my life.

But once I was willing to acknowledge those feelings and the subsequent stories that I was telling myself – and then CLEAR THEM OUT, because they weren’t true! – I felt immediately better.  And the circumstances of my life also started changing.

I started telling myself new, empowered stories that have ultimately led to being an international best-selling author of my book, Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul. 

And you can feel better, too.

zen-1076850_1280Is it easy?  Yes and no. The QSC process is a very simple process.   If you’re like me, you probably have spent a lifetime protecting your fragile vulnerabilities, because you haven’t known what to do or how to heal.  I mean, who loves to feel anxious, afraid, angry, jealous or betrayed again?  Not me!  And probably not you.  Is it easy or fun when we feel vulnerable?  NO!

But it is far easier to know there’s an end in sight.  To finally feel the feelings, knowing that once you let them go, it’s OVER!  To allow yourself to feel vulnerable one last time, knowing that you don’t have to stay in that horrible feeling place any more.  That there is hope and healing available is a wonderful relief!

It is a comfort and so empowering to know that the next time you feel negative, painful feelings, (some things are so big, with so many layers, sometimes it takes a while to work through it), you’ll know what to do, and you’ll have the tools to resolve it!

The Quantum Soul Clearing Process is very simple.  It’s easy to do.  It is extremely effective.  And it works each and every time!

So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to really live and feel amazing?  Are you ready to reach your goals, live freely and empowered to achieve all that you really want to achieve?

In order to create anything, you have to take action.  Book a private session with me.  Let’s talk.  Let’s figure out where you want to go and how to get you there.

Let’s get you feeling better.  Let’s get you unstuck and back on target for what you really want to accomplish.  You deserve a big breakthrough! 2016 is poised to be your most productive, heart-195147_1280most delicious and amazing year yet!

During the month of February, I’m offering a special on my private coaching sessions.  Single sessions are $500 and a series of three are $1,250.  Click here to get started.  Or if you have questions, email my team at Service@QuantumSoulClearing.com.  My team and I are here to help!


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