QSC – Healing Your Money Scars

Dissolve Your Negative Beliefs About Money And
Gain Clarity And Inspiration For A Life Of
Abundant Wealth, Freedom and Happiness.

Dear Conscious Wealth Creator,

How do you really feel about money?

Do you feel a peaceful sense of calm confidence that allows you to handle money in a way that invites wealth and abundance into your life…

Or do you feel distressed, worried, anxious, and maybe even sick to your stomach each time you think about money and finance?

If you’re like most people, your relationship with money is anything but easy.

What you learned about money from your parents (it doesn’t grow on trees!), your own less-than-perfect financial experiences as an adult and the tumultuous, challenging economic environment we live in…

Plus countless other messages and ideas that you have received — both consciously and unconsciously over the years — have had an incredible impact on how you think and feel about the green stuff.

There is an important truth you’ll need to know about creating wealth and abundance in your life and I’m going to share it with you here…

The amount of money you have, how much you earn, how much you keep…

It all depends on what you believe about money.

Every time you have a negative thought or a bad feeling about cash, you are weakening your connection to riches and wealth.

Let me explain…

Your wealth and abundance are created through your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

This means if you want to channel more money into your life and align your personal values with the way you spend, save and invest your cash…

You need to remove the conscious and unconscious, negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that sabotage your wealth.

You need to discover how to connect with your deeper truth and enhance your sense of self-worth.
You need to eliminate feelings of guilt or shame around money and free yourself from thoughts of scarcity and debt.

In other words, you need to learn how to think and feel about money in a whole, new, positive way and discover how to welcome wealth and abundance into your life with open arms…

Dissolve ALL Limiting Beliefs and Live Your True Potential

I’m Michelle Manning-Kogler and I’m a Spiritual Soul Healer, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach who has been in the alternative health and wellness field for more than 25 years.

I’ve been using my innate, intuitive, and healing gifts along with my unique, Quantum Soul Clearing process, which I created to help countless people around the world achieve radiant health, deeper, more meaningful relationships …

And allow endless wealth and abundance to flow into their lives.

The Quantum Soul Clearing process, is a safe, supportive gentle, yet powerful way to uncover your deeply hidden, false, negative beliefs that have been holding you back and blocking your path to success.

It has worked wonders again and again for countless people all over the world.

Your limiting beliefs will dissolve into nothingness in the incredibly positive power and light of your personal truth.

The Quantum Soul Clearing process removes damaging patterns of sabotage and generational imprints that can energetically repel money and prosperity from entering your life.

You will feel a heavy burden fall away as the negative beliefs that have impacted your body mind and soul disappear leaving you feeling lighter, more energized, happier, more optimistic and more empowered than you’ve felt in a long time…or maybe ever!

You will no longer be blocked from achieving your ultimate goals and dreams and you will find that you are able to accumulate money in the way you’ve always wanted — with no problems at all!

After working with me and experiencing the process, people meet their soulmates, lose the excess weight they’ve been trying to shed for years, double or even triple their income and increase their health and vitality.

Experience Financial Abundance and Wealth Like Never Before

2013 is the beginning of an enormous spiritual awakening throughout the world and the advanced spiritual technology of the Quantum Soul Clearing Process is an amazingly effective and lasting method to transform and assist you in your personal evolution.

It will help you find peace of mind, joy and clarity in your life, and help you open the energy space to create the life you truly desire and build financial abundance easily and effortlessly.

I have specially-designed the Healing Your Money Scars Program™ which is based on my Quantum Soul Clearing process, to clear the painful, energetic scars that stand between you and a financial destiny that allows you to live your dreams.

When Your Money Scars Disappear, You Create the Space To…

When You Recognize and Elevate Your Personal Power and Potential, You Create the Space To…

  • Have more time, money and energy to balance your life. Imagine what it would be like to work less but be paid more? That way you’d have more time to spend with family and friends and do the things you love to do. Imagine how a beautiful balance like that could change the way you live and transform your entire life…
  • Free yourself from money worries forever. You’ll discover that your attitude and feelings towards money have changed dramatically. You may find you never have to say “I can’t afford it,” or feel like you’re living hand to mouth as you struggle to make ends meet. You’ll be able to afford the beautiful home, that gorgeous car, to eat at top restaurants and enjoy fun family vacations at luxury destinations, without having to think twice!
  • Instantly feel boundless motivation, joy and energy to excel in your career or business. You will recognize and make use of the all the amazing opportunities that suddenly and magically appear in your life and find your journey to the top is amazingly simple as people and events fall into place to make your career or business goals a reality.


  • Experience an endless flow of new and exciting creative ideas to generate massive amounts of money. You may even find yourself dreaming while you sleep about innovative products and services that lead to more abundance. Or realize that an incredible investment opportunity suddenly finds its way into your life!
  • Experience amazing synchronistic events and ease in your everyday life. You might find a surprise check in the mail, bump into a wonderful, new business partner at your local cafe, or meet a leader in your field who can help you take your business to the highest levels of success.
  • Become an inspiration for personal growth and transformation for the planet. You will be able to generously donate to your favorite charities, help others to live their own success stories, give back to your community and become a caring and encouraging role model that everyone can learn from.



Destroy Your Negative Internal Money Programs for Simple, Effortless Wealth Creation

It’s important for you to know that there are dozens of negative Money Programs that run in your mind. These Money Programs are extremely destructive and have the power to block your wealth and abundance.

Your unique life circumstances will determine exactly which ones are most actively running within you. However…

Even ONE Negative Money Program is Enough to Negatively Impact Your Wealth and Security

For instance, you may have an internal Money Program that makes you believe no matter how hard you work, you never have enough money to make ends meet…

You will then unconsciously create sabotaging spending habits that “suck” all the money out of your bank account and your wallet so you’re unable to meet your financial obligations.

You might end up over extending your credit limits so you’re always struggling to pay your bills.

Or you might even give up on your dreams of a better life, because you feel defeated before you start…

Almost all these Money Programs are held in the subconscious mind. If left unchecked, even a single Money Program can derail your entire life. What most people don’t realize is that most of us have multiple Money Programs that block the inflow of money in so many ways!

And if just one Money Program can do SO much damage, think about how dozens of them could be disrupting or even destroying your career, your finances and your life as a whole. Picture just how they could be holding you back from your true potential, and the wealth and abundance you deserve.

How do I know so much about this? Well….

I am a Spiritual Soul Healer.

I’ve known from the time I was a small child I had several intuitive gifts. I have always been able to see, sense, feel, hear and experience what others are experiencing – even if that person was halfway around the world! However, I was profoundly ridiculed for my gifts at an early age and so I put them away for a long, long time.

I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t always a healthy, happy person. In fact, I spent many years feeling sick and very unhappy with myself, my spouse and my life in general. It seemed like everyone else was in on the secrets to health, happiness and prosperity except for me. I even thought that God was punishing me and that my life would never get better. I wondered if I’d be sick, poor and miserable my whole life.

That all changed when I discovered how my unconscious beliefs were holding me back. In fact, many of those beliefs weren’t even my own! They were beliefs I’d picked up from friends, family, school, church, society and the media. Unfortunately, I was allowing those beliefs to undermine my happiness, my health and my financial prosperity.

When I discovered those unconscious limiting beliefs that were in direct opposition to my desires for the wonderful life I envisioned for myself and my family, I began to search for ways to transform them.

I spent years researching alternative healing modalities; I learned from some of the top thought leaders in the world; I studied multiple philosophies and disciplines; I spent time in therapy and I’ve spent countless hours in meditation, connecting with my Highest Self and God Source. And, finally, I reconnected with my gifts to begin to heal myself and others.


I created the Quantum Soul Clearing Process based on all the years of research, training, education, and personal experience I’ve gathered.

This powerful spiritual technology will guide you through a deeply transformative experience to help you find peace of mind, joy, financial abundance and clarity in your life, and help you open the energy space to co-create the lifestyle you truly desire.

I’ve spent more than 2 decades working in the energy medicine and intuitive healing world. I’ve helped thousands of people release health issues, depression, fear, anxiety and relationship issues. I’ve helped people create lives filled with wealth and abundance in all forms and to realize their highest potential. But what I’m most proud of is helping people become more spiritually connected, filled with joy, and empowered to make changes in any part of their life.

Your Investment:

Only $497 $297!

*For your utmost security, please note that all orders are processed on a secured server.


I know it’s not easy making permanent changes – especially if you aren’t aware of the subconscious programs within you that sabotage your life and hold you back from the financial future that you dream of…

And that’s where I come in!

The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ Safely and Effectively Frees You from Your Negative Internal Money Programs for Good!

The Healing Your Money Scars program consists of 34 audio tracks and each one focuses on a specific damaging Money Program to free you from the grips of core limiting beliefs about money.

Immediately after you’ve completed your purchase, you will have access to all supporting materials and bonus tracks, as well as the first track from your audio program. (One audio file becomes available each day thereafter, so that you can work through this program at an in-depth, regulated pace in order to get the most out of the program.)

You’ll quickly and easily replace negative, unsuccessful Money Programs with positive, life-enhancing beliefs about your personal power and abilities to build a beautiful financial future!

Below are details for some of the audio sessions that will help you experience breathtaking positive breakthroughs in your relationship with money and finance:

Negative Money Program #1: I Don’t Deserve Money

  • This is a program that has been passed down through the generations as a feeling of unworthiness around money. You’ll feel like you don’t deserve to receive money and abundance in your life.
  • This program has also been perpetuated by many religious and governmental institutions and reinforced with guilt and shame.
  • Clearing it will help you feel more deserving of money and abundance.

Negative Money Program #2: I Have to Work Hard Just to Make Ends Meet

  • This program is based on struggle and hardships and no matter how much you keep your nose to the grindstone and your shoulder to the wheel, you’ll barely have enough cash to get by.
  • It will keep you in terror of making a mistake that will bring everything crashing down on your head.
  • Clearing this program will help you open up to more abundance, and create more pleasure in what you do for a living. It can also create an energetic shift that allows you to relax and enjoy life more.

Negative Money Program #3: Money Is Evil

  • This program is similar to “Money is the root of all evil,” but is different, in that it implies that the energy of money is intrinsically evil by itself.
  • If you believe money is “evil” then there’s no way you’ll want to have any of it in your life! So you’ll subconsciously end up doing all you can to keep it away from you as much you can!
  • Clearing this program opens the energetic space that will allow you to make friends with money, invite it into your life and view it as something good so you can have more of it.

Negative Money Program #4: Rich People Are Evil

  • If you have a subconscious belief that rich people are evil, then the one thing you don’t want to become is rich!
  • This is also a discrimination program to justify not having enough money and has also been perpetuated by many religions, governments and social systems throughout time to control the masses.
  • Clearing this program helps remove the illusion that in order to become rich you also have to become a horrible person.

Negative Money Program #5: I Have to Work Hard for Even a Little Money

  • This program keeps you working in low-paying, backbreaking jobs, struggling all the time.
  • Running this program in your mind makes it so that you don’t expect to receive large sums of money or even a good wage.
  • Clearing this program can help open up new job possibilities that allow you to work smarter, not harder. It keeps in place a healthy work ethic, and the possibility for more money to be made for the work you enjoy.

Negative Money Program #6: Clearing Vows of Poverty

  • Many of us have taken varying promises of poverty throughout our lives, such as, “I’d rather starve than accept money from…,” or “I’ll never accept a dime from that person!” Your subconscious absorbs it all and takes those promises seriously throughout your life!
  • By clearing them, you can break and burn the contracts that have been binding you to the frequency of poverty.

Negative Money Program #7: Vows of Poverty

  • Almost all of us have had past lives as religious figures where we’ve renounced wealth and worldly belongings. The soul and Highest Self takes those vows and religious rites very seriously and continues them – especially when you say the word, “forever!” Forever is a very long time, indeed!
  • These vows of poverty can also be passed down from generation to generation or imprinted onto you from society, your friends, religious institutions and governments.
  • Clearing this program can help you accept wealth and abundance more freely into your life. It removes the blocks that keep you from seeing how you sabotage your own prosperity and money.

Negative Money Program #8: Blocks to Money

  • These blocks to money can be specific to any negative words and feelings or your cumulative thoughts and beliefs.
  • They can also be caused by entities that are attached to you or by cultural programs you pick up.
  • Clearing this program removes the stumbling blocks that keep tripping you up and preventing you from accepting money and wealth easily.

Negative Money Program #9: Blocks to Prosperity

  • These can be similar to blocks to money, but are more widespread and general.
  • They affect the flow of any positive abundance, prosperity and wealth into your life
  • Clearing this program may allow you to see areas in your life where you could create more money opportunities in your life. When you are prosperous, you are open to all forms of abundance and wealth.

Negative Money Program #10: Blocks to Creativity

  • Blocks to creativity prevent you from using your creative mind, talents and skills to make money and create wealth.
  • Running this program in your mind can also block you from looking at different ways to resolve money problems and life challenges in general.
  • Blocks to creativity can keep you from coming up with original thoughts – or thinking outside the box
  • Clearing this program puts you directly in the driver’s seat of your creative process. It opens your mind and your heart to creating wealth and opportunities to make more money as well as new ways of thinking about your place in the world.

Negative Money Program #11: Blocks to Success

  • This money program will prevent you from getting a raise, building your business and asking for what you truly want from life.
  • You may build one business after another, but not derive any personal pleasure from your accomplishments and may be driven to work harder and harder without acknowledging your successes in any way.
  • Clearing this program will open the energetic space for you to be successful and aware of the successes you’ve already created. Removing this block can help you be more abundant in every aspect of your life!

Negative Money Program #12: God Doesn’t Want Me to Have Money

  • This program is about punishment and a vengeful God.
  • Running this program in your mind could keep you living in poverty in an attempt to please the Divine. It is also a way to say that fate is in control of your life, rather than yourself.
  • It keeps you from taking full responsibility for your life and allows to you think that there is a God who doesn’t love you and would keep you from living fully.
  • Clearing this program helps you feel that God wants you and everyone on the planet to be financially abundant and you will likely become aware of a closer connection to Spirit than ever before.

Negative Money Program #13: Fear of Change

  • Fear is the root of any negative emotion we feel and is a multi-faceted damaging program.
  • Fear affects your ability to change and step outside your comfort zone.
  • Clearing fear will allow you to move forward and trust that your life will transform for the better. Clearing fear will help you feel more courageous and supported in everything you attempt.

Negative Money Program #14: Hoarding and Lack of Trust

  • This program is what keeps you from sharing yourself, your wealth and your time. It is also the frequency of, “If I let this go, I can never get anything like this or better in my life.”
  • The frequency of hoarding can look like having too much “stuff” in your home, and it can be the root of compulsive shopping habits.
  • Hoarding is a lack of trust in the flow of abundance in life. It is especially prevalent in the U.S. and is a carry-over from previous generations who lived through the depression and two World Wars.
  • Clearing this program opens an energetic space that will create a more consistent flow of prosperity. It will open the space to receive more abundance, so you feel better about giving.

Negative Money Program #15: I Can’t Afford It

  • This program tends to show up in language like “I’d like to have that, but I can’t afford it,” and creates a continuous lack of wealth.
    It programs your conscious and subconscious minds for lack and limitation and blocks your abundance.
  • Clearing this program will help you realize that you are more abundant than you believe. It will open a space for more abundance and help you acknowledge that you already have a level of wealth you are not consciously acknowledging.

Negative Money Program #16: I Couldn’t Possibly Make That Much Money

  • This negative program limits the amount of money you can earn or attract into your life.
    It makes the assumption that you are not worthy or capable of greatness, mastery or abundance in your life.
  • It says that others are more deserving, capable and worthy of wealth and that you are content to take a back seat.
  • Clearing this program will open you up to play in a much bigger way. It will help you to dream big and in that dreaming, help you take action to achieve your heart’s desires because you believe you can have what you want.

Negative Money Program #17: I Don’t Deserve Success

  • The program is about self-worth and whether you are a deserving person.
  • This is tied into generational and societal programs of worthiness and whether you are one of the “chosen few.”
  • If you are running this program in your mind, you will never feel successful or acknowledge your accomplishments – even if you have many. It will cause you to continually work to prove yourself.
  • Clearing this program will allow you to see how successful you really are. It will help you feel more confident in your abilities to easily achieve your goals and dreams.

That’s just Half of the 34 Audio Sessions on the Program. Here’s a Quick List of the Rest:


  • #18: I Don’t Have Any Money
  • #19: I Hate Money
  • #20: I Have to Work Hard for Every Penny I Get
  • #21: I’m Cursed
  • #22: I’m Unworthy
  • #23: I’m Poor
  • #24: It’s Difficult to Retain Money
  • #25: Money Corrupts
  • #26: Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness
  • #27: Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
  • #28: Money is the Root of All Evil
  • #29: I’ll Be Poor Forever
  • #30: Rich People are Crooks
  • #31: Spiritual People Are Not Supposed to be Rich
  • #32: Addiction to Struggle
  • #33: There’s Never Enough
  • #34: There’s Too Much Month at the End of My Money

Your Investment:

Only $497 $297!

*For your utmost security, please note that all orders are processed on a secured server.

Where do these Destructive Money Programs come from?

Now that you know more about Money Programs, it’s time to discover why they exist in the first place…

The truth is when you take a good look at your life, it’s not surprising that you have plenty of these negative programs running in your mind!

Have you ever listened to the nightly news? How often, as a kid did you hear your parents arguing about money or complaining about “those corrupt politicians.” Did they talk in a negative way about “filthy rich” people with judgment in their voices?

How often did you hear in church that it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it was for a rich person to get to heaven? How often did you hear it is better to give than to receive?

How often were you told that the only way to really make it in life was to get a college education, work hard and save your pennies for a rainy day?

These messages are all around you and get driven deeply into the unconscious and subconscious mind, where they can begin to wreak havoc in your life.

 Healing  Your Money-scars

This Powerful Program will Change Everything.

The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ is based on my powerful, proven Quantum Soul Clearing Process and it is an effective and easy-to-follow, step-by-step audio course designed to eliminate the damaging Money Programs that are sabotaging your self-worth, wealth, prosperity and keeping you dreaming small. The course will help you dissolve your negative Money Programs one by one and it is exclusively available only on this site… When you get your Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ you will receive not just 10 or even 20 but all 34 energy clearing sessions to remove every single Money Program.


Each audio session, which lasts about 12 minutes, creates a powerful shift that removes the damaging, unconscious Money Programs, that you’re not even aware of, from your mind as well as your body and soul.The Healing Your Money Scars Program was originally created as a highly exclusive course for my very high-end clients. Each of my personalized sessions cost the same as this entire program but now you’ll receive all of it for just a fraction of the cost! Plus, you’ll also have the convenience and flexibility of experiencing these powerful sessions on your own schedule and in the privacy of your own home.




But here’s more… when you decide to get my Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ you’re also eligible for these wonderful bonuses absolutely FREE!

You’ll Love these 4 Amazing Complimentary Gifts…


Guided Audio Meditation (Value $49) A deep, relaxing guided meditation audio that will connect you to your Highest Self and clear the way for powerful intuitions, creativity, ideas and opportunities to come your way.

The Healing Your Money Scars Workbook and Journal (Value $49) A specially designed, accompanying workbook that contains important exercises and worksheets to help you fully identify and transform the destructive Money Programs in your mind and keep track of your progress. You’ll also receive a personal journal to record your personal insights and progress.

• Quantum Soul Clearing – Create Empowered Self-Confidence Program (Value $49) 3 great bonus tracks from my step-by-step course that will help you to appreciate your true value, avoid unconscious self-sabotage and achieve lasting happiness and well-being.



That’s a total value of $341 and
you don’t have to pay a single penny!


The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ will Transform You

This isn’t your ordinary energy program!

As one of the world’s leading Spiritual Soul Healers, my gift is working with your body and all its energy systems, your mind as well as your soul. The unique Spiritual Technology that I use empowers you to heal yourself with the energy transmitted through me and my voice.

The beauty of this program is that the special encoding works at the emotional, mental physical and spiritual levels and will reach you at the very center of your Being to effect powerful transformation and change in your life.

You will actually feel the physical shifts in your body as the negative programs are quickly and efficiently swept away and replaced with soothing, empowering, positive programs and frequencies. It will leave your mind and body feeling absolutely rejuvenated, joyful and energized! This Spiritual Technology works just as perfectly whether I’m working with you in person, long distance or through these audio recordings.

All you have to do is allow the words and frequencies of the program to wash over you and make the changes for you. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to use this program. You can listen to it any time of the day or night. I suggest you listen to them just before you go to bed, so that as you sleep they can fully integrate into your body, mind and soul.

Life is a Wonderful Discovery…

“Michelle came through with some of the most powerful and profound healing work I have ever experienced. She is so hardworking, kind and generous. The best part to me is that she laughs and she helps me laugh! At this point in my life almost everything is funny, delightful and a wonderful discovery. Thank you thank you, Michelle!!” ~ Marti Heismann


The Energy Vibrates for Hours…

“I’ve been doing one or two of Michelle’s clearing sessions each day and I’m blown away! I feel fantastic after each one, the energy vibrates through me for hours following the session, and it feels like my money issues are truly being removed!” ~ Kathryn G.


These are Powerful Energy Tools that will Change Your Relationship with Money Forever

The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Program™ audios guide you through a specially selected, powerful combination of my most effective clearing programs.

These advanced tools were originally designed for costly personal consultations, which means you won’t find them anywhere else.

My signature guided meditation and powerful exercises delve deep into your subconscious mind, to help you experience the greatest possible level of energy and soul healing along with the life-changing transformations that come from that healing.

Best of all, once you learn these tools you’ll be able to practice them by yourself for the rest of your life, and draw on them whenever you need a dose of energy healing.

How to Get the Most Out of this Life-Changing Process…

I strongly believe that the more relaxed and happy you are, the better the results you’ll get. That’s why I’ve made the Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Program™ an experience you’ll genuinely enjoy.

Basically, all you need to do is relax and listen to my voice as I work on your energy field. As you do, you are likely to feel rushes of positive emotions and sensations coursing through your body and mind. Most people say it’s like experiencing an explosion of joy and transformation.

It will quickly become a favorite during your personal time of peace and enjoyment. Spend a few minutes listening to the audios in the morning, before you go to bed, or even during your lunch break. Take your time to go through the entire program and enjoy the process- there’s no rush!

Make sure you drink plenty of water and have a snack nearby when you listen to the sessions, in case you get hungry or thirsty. Getting enough food and water will help you integrate the strong, positive frequencies more fully into your body.

The Quantum Soul Clearing Process is extremely powerful. You’re free to do it at your own pace but I highly recommend that you only do one or two sessions each day.

You will be shifting massive amounts of energy and releasing many lifetimes worth of embedded negative programs as you go along so it’s important to keep in mind that due to these huge internal energy shifts, you may experience emotions that are new to you. This is a key reason why my bonus group coaching sessions — which you’ll receive for free — are absolutely crucial.

Each session is tremendously effective in helping you work through any issues that may come up as you embark on your journey to happiness and wealth.

The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Program™ is an exceptionally effective standalone program that opens the door to a whole new world of wealth but it is also a wonderful beginning and a stepping stone to my future healing sessions that will allow you to dive deeper, gain better clarity and create more positive transformations in your finances as well as other major aspects in your life such as your relationships, your self-worth and your ability to make your dreams a reality.

Life-Saving Experience…

“I find the sessions wonderful and I have achieved more clearings using this program than any other programs I’ve purchased put together! I think Michelle is an absolutely wonderful person and the work she does is saving lives!” ~ Susan Ilirya


Life is Profoundly Better…

“The thing is, when Michelle clears something with her clearing statement methods, it’s gone. It’s so completely gone that I cannot give any specific examples because I don’t remember what’s been cleared! I just know that my life has become profoundly better overall. I am calmer, more confident and more grounded and because of that I am able to use resources I had that were previously buried under all of the stuff that she’s helped me clear. Michelle, is bright, creative, focused and so gifted with her amazing intuition that she takes personal transformation to a whole new level and consistently gets tremendous results.” ~ Sorcha Bray


What Are Negative Money Programs Really Costing You?

When was the last time you made a poor a financial choice? Bought something that you regretted almost immediately? Took a job you hated because you thought it was the right thing to do? Spent money to make yourself feel better and realized the pleasure was short lived?

Here’s a very important question: What are your unconscious Money Programs really costing you?

When you think about the hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars that you’ve lost or spent because of your negative Money Programs, and what it has cost you in lost time, don’t you think you deserve to have a different experience?

It is my personal mission and deepest wish to help as many people as possible, to set themselves free from invisible, destructive Money Programs that are ruining their lives…

And I’d like to help YOU too!

You’re Going to be Pleasantly Surprised…

I’m convinced that this year is the beginning of a profound paradigm shift for humanity. Perhaps you’ve felt the changes too. The signs are everywhere. People are waking up to who they really are and the life they want to create for themselves and their families.

There is a deep sense of spiritual connection and personal awareness buzzing through the air. Which is why I’m offering a generous discount on the Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ for the first 200 who order!

Why am I offering a discount for anyone who acts fast?

Well, it’s my own little way to encourage and support you in your journey to prosperity in this bold, beautiful new world!

So here we go…

The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ usually costs $497…

It’s now just $297– that means you’ll receive an amazing discount of $200!

But only if you act fast!

All I ask in return is your commitment to truly practice this program. Please listen to each audio track, apply the knowledge and allow the healing energy to flow through you to make the changes you want in your life.

As you free yourself of your internal Money Programs, you impact everyone around you. You no longer think, feel or talk negatively about yourself or about money. You begin to rewire your mind and “reprogram” others in a positive manner and you will start a chain reaction of wealth and prosperity around you!

Empowering yourself also empowers others.

The Quantum Soul Clearing –
Healing Your Money Scars Program™

Triple Promise, Money-Back Guarantee.

3 distinct guarantees for your total satisfaction
and peace of mind.

1. Quality.You’ll notice the highest level of quality in this program, from the detailed and structured way each clearing program is delivered, right down to the audio clarity of the call. Everything you’re about to experience has been researched, practiced and perfected over the last five years, with over thousands of people.
2. Results.When you begin the Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Program™, you’ll experience profound energetic changes in the way you feel about and interact with money. Your negative attitude towards money will change. You’ll be more inspired in every aspect of your daily life. Synchronistic coincidences will start happening more and more often as you become more open and aware of these amazing opportunities.
3. Impact. The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Program™ can “retrain” your conscious and unconscious mind to allow your money to grow – even if it’s been stagnant for years. You’ll have the tools to be happier and more productive in every area of your life. And as you use the program consistently, you’ll feel the energetic shifts that will spark positive change in your life, your community, and the world.
*If, after trying out this program and following all instructions included with the audio recordings, you are not completely satisfied with this product, you may request a full refund via e-mail to service@quantumsoulclearing.com, provided that your request is made within the first 10 (ten) days of purchasing the program, (prior to accessing program audio #11.)


Imagine if You Never had to Worry about Money Again…

Now that this opportunity is within your reach, will you take it?

Will you choose to free yourself from your negative Money Programs, and energetically create the space and awareness to build a life of affluence, freedom and happiness for yourself and your loved ones?

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P.P.S. The Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing Your Money Scars Program™ is a remarkably powerful tool on it’s own. It is also the perfect beginning to my other programs that delve further into your relationship with money so you can create even more positive transformations to change your life forever!