QSC Tips for Greater Success: Managing Interference

In the past month I’ve become aware of some additional interference that many people are experiencing in different ways. Some of the symptoms are: increased irritability; headaches; more joint and muscle pain – feeling like you’ve been hit by the proverbial “Mack truck;” a feeling of being squeezed or pressure building, increased anxiety and fears; wanting to hideout or withdraw; extreme fatigue; restlessness; anger or rage; and feeling out of control.

No one likes to experience energy and emotions that feel unpleasant or that we judge as negative. Here are some things to help you shift the energy and feel better immediately:

  • Quit judging yourself for having “negativity” in your life. Feelings are simply a signal to tell you whether are aligned with your true Self or not.  If you feel unhappy, you are out of alignment.  Take a moment to re-connect.
  • Get as centered as possible and ask if what you are feeling is even your emotions! (Hint: It probably isn’t.)
  • Take a few deep, calming breaths.
  • Use the Quantum Soul Clearing Preparation to Work statement and/or audio track from any of the audio programs you may already own. Make sure you are centered and connected with your Divine Core Center first.
  • Please note that there have been some new additions to the Prep to Work statements that may not be in your audio tracks. Please make sure you add them either out loud or silently to yourself.
  • If you are in the membership program, there is a new Prep to Work audio track that will be available this month as part of your member benefits!

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