Quantum Soul Clearing Preparation to Work Statements

The Preparation to Work Statements were designed to work with your Highest Self and with Source to create a safe, clear space in which to do any kind of healing or clearing work.  I consider the Preparation to Work a very active, advanced form of prayer that puts you in a co-creative space with the Divine.

I recommend that these statements be done at least twice a day:  first thing in the morning and just before you sleep.

By incorporating these statements in your morning routine, you create a clear, safe space for yourself and your loved ones.  It sets the tone for a connection with your Highest Self to receive intuition and information throughout the day.

Using this process before going to bed also allows you a more deep, rest-filled space to sleep.  It helps your body fully relax and removes the energy that is often accumulated throughout your day.  It allows you to feel safe and know that you are connected with Source throughout the night.

I highly recommend that you use the Preparation to Work process before any clearing work you do for yourself, when you begin your meditations, or at any other time throughout the day if you feel tired, off-center, angry or out of sorts.  (Feeling out of sorts is often a sign that you are being impacted by other people’s energy, world stuff, etc., and you can shift that out of your space with this process!)

Please remember,  before you use this process or any others, that you have connected within to your power center, the Divine Core Center (located within the solar plexus area).  It is extremely important that you are as centered and present as possible.  Consciously connecting to your powerful Divine Core Center, powerfully connects you to your Highest Self and to Source  and gives you access to the power of the Universe to help you clear and create.

Preparation to Work

“Mother/Father, God/Goddess, Creator; and I are ONE, we work together as a unified, quantified, co-creative team. By the Power, the Authority and Divinity inherent within me, through my connections with and Oneness as Absolute, Ultimate, Infinite, Radiant, Golden Quantum Source Light Itself, please prep to work, clear, create, manifest and play.

Please prepare, place, establish and strengthen Quantum Source-Light containment and protection fields within, on, around and through me, my loved ones, my/our home(s) places of work, schools, day-cares, vehicles, finances, financial interests, gifts, talents and expressions and all intellectual properties. Throughout all things I am creating in all times places and spaces.

From within these Fields, please clear and remove all, dark portals, toxic streams and decaying universes, any and all types of extra souls, entities and attachments; all negative motivations, blocks to positive expressions, interferences, curses, all world energies, other people’s thought forms and feelings; all broadcast energies; all sparks, programs, issues and challenges; all looping, beyond looping and toxic looping patterns and programs; and all things like that. Clear anything less that Quantum Source Light Frequencies, all their effects and everything they represent from in, on, around and through all of these containment and protection fields, me and my loved ones. Then clear, transform, flash-burn purify and sterilize it all back to Source and/or Sources. Then purify Source and/or Sources.”

Click here to download these Preparation to Work statements.