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This month I’ve been sharing with you a little bit about how stress and overwhelm impact your brain and your body.

But did you know how stress is robbing you of your ultimate success?When you’re stressed – even small, seemingly insignificant amounts of stress – your body goes on alert. Good stress primes you for getting things done. It gets your body ready for action so that when you press the “go” button, you’re off and running.

But there’s another kind of stress that’s eating away at your health, your gifts and talents, your peace of mind, and your real success. This kind of stress is cumulative. And it’s sneaky. It’s hideously invasive, and you often don’t even know how prevalent it is, because has become the “norm” in your life.

I’m talking about the daily grind of life. Get up, get to work, get the kids, make sure everything at the office is done on time and to perfection. Come home, grab groceries, pick up the kids again, get dinner on the table while doing homework. Rush off again or grab dinner on the run because there’s just no time for a real dinner because it’s time for soccer (or piano lessons, or gymnastics, or… fill in the blank here).

The clock is ticking and there’s traffic everywhere. You’re on a deadline and it never fails, but that someone or something somewhere is slowing you down.

And when you finally get home, there’s still housework, laundry, STUFF to do before you can finally drop, dead-tired, into bed for 5-6 hours of restless sleep so you can do it all over again.

Feels kind of frenetic, doesn’t it? And yet, that’s how we live!

Your experience might be a little different, based on what phase of life you’re in, but you get the idea. Trying to stuff 20 pounds of life experience into a 5-pound bag! It’s exhausting! And it takes a toll.

The daily stress we inflict on ourselves may even be masking a different kind of stress – an even bigger stress – that may have happened earlier in your life that is unresolved.

In my work, I see thousands of clients who had significant life events that created some type of real trauma. Bullying, abuse, death of a loved one, witnessing or experiencing violence, experiencing a significant health crisis, are just a few of the things I work with my clients on a daily basis.

Most of the time, these big events haven’t been dealt with properly – or even at all, and so the daily stresses just add to what’s already there. It all begins to pile up.

You see, when you experience a big life event that creates emotional pain, and you don’t know how to handle it, you create stories about the how’s and why’s. Those stories were created to help you survive the incident intact, so you could just get through it.

These stories take on a life and meaning of their own. Here are some of the underlying themes:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • Life is hard.
  • I’m never supported and never really get what I want.
  • God loves others more.
  • I will always have to struggle.
  • I just can’t do it.
  • Something is wrong with me

Perhaps you can to relate to some or all of these – and these are just a few of the condensed stories that people tell themselves.

Your life stories become beliefs. And those beliefs shape your world.  They shape your body and health. They shape how you interact with others. They shape how willing you are to risk being true and authentic as yourself in the world, and how safe it is to be the REAL you.

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So if you have a big mission, or a small one, or aren’t sure what your “mission” is, but feel something awakening in you that is anxious or afraid to play full out, you can bet that one or more of these limiting stories and beliefs are sabotaging your ultimate success. And creating vast amounts of stress in your life.

When you unconsciously choose to play small, especially if you are designed to play in a bigger way, it creates an enormous amount of resentment, frustration and stress because you know there’s something more. You know it. You want it. It’s not happening. And that creates more stress.

Your soul is pushing you. Somewhere inside of you, you have a dream. A big one. And it doesn’t want to wait. It wants to be expressed NOW.

So you start marketing your services. You step into the lime-light….and all you hear is crickets. Or worse, you feel rejected. Or like a failure. That’s even worse, because now, your fears feel like they’re being realized.

score one for success quantum soul quoteSo you start shutting down and backing away. Or you start furiously do-do-doing so that you feel like you’re at least DOING SOMETHING. You take a step forward and another step back. It’s becomes an exhausting cha-cha life dance, that makes you feel stuck. It drains your dream, because it feels like you can’t get any traction. You begin to despair.

I know, because I’ve danced that dance too. Frankly, it sucked.

And at the core of the problem was stress that was created from the mistaken beliefs and stories I was telling myself. They weren’t true. But I believed they were.

Come join me on July 26th for a complimentary webinar where I will be sharing some of the tools I’ve learned to help eliminate these beliefs and the un-necessary stress they were creating in my life. Let me help you release some of your stress so that you can feel better, be healthier, and be more successful.

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