The Real Cost of Low Self Worth and Self Esteem



Do you know what the REAL cost of low self-worth or self-esteem is in your life?  

Did you know that unconscious low self-esteem may be costing you tens of thousands or even millions of dollars?

Has low self-worth undermined or sabotaged your love life or your career? 

Is low self-worth destroying your health and well-being? 

Is it standing between you and your ultimate success?

Here's just some of what will be covered on this powerful audio training:

  • Find out how to become more conscious of what your real self-worth and self-esteem levels are. 
  • We will explore the ways you unconsciously sabotage yourself in five major areas of our lives. 
  • Unveil the hidden words and phrases you might be using to undermine your true worth - and how you might be unconsciously training others to not value you the way you should be. 
  • Learn three ways to immediately turn the negative self-talk into positive self-love.
  • Discover how to love and value yourself and put yourself first, so that others can't help but value you too. 

This is one of the most important audio trainings you will ever experience! It will change your life!

Michelle Manning-Kogler



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