How Was the December 21, 2012 Shift for You?

I have a question for you:  Did the Shift that occurred on December 21, 2012 change your life the way you thought it would?  Have things been different for you in a good way?  Or have things appeared to become more challenging?  Or does it appear that nothing at all is any different?  Have you wondered if you’ve been “left behind?”


Whether you know it or not, things have changed in a big way!

While we have moved into the new paradigm, for many people, there appears to be a lag time in experiencing the peace and empowerment that we all expected.

I have personally experienced some interesting challenges myself!  I even found myself judging myself for not “having it all together!”  What I finally realized is that there was still some inner “stuff” that needs to be released.  And it’s coming up quickly in order to be healed.


What I am seeing, energetically, is a massive swell of energy – much like a tsunami.  And like a tsunami, as the waters rush in, everything in its path is being shifted, and moved, dislodging tenuous foundations that aren’t rooted in the frequency of this paradigm and  pushing to the surface everything that no longer serves us.  In some ways, we are being forced to look at everything that is not a match to our true, aligned selves.

Because the multi-dimensional part of us has already made this shift, and has done so easily and fully (because for the most part it is out of body), as this tsunami moves in and brings everything  to the surface,  it feels even worse that it did prior to the shift!  What has made things feel even more painful is our expectations that after the shift everything would gently and easily fall into place and we’d be living our lives happily ever after!

However, what I have found is that since it is all up and “in our faces,” we can now simply and easily remove it – much like skimming off pond-scum to reveal the cool, fresh, clean, deep water below.

In actuality, the pain and challenges we have experienced are a gift.  (I know they don’t feel like gifts!!)  They are showing very clearly the next unconscious beliefs that need to be released and healed in order for us to create heaven on earth.  


There is still much to be done.  However, if you are like so many people with whom I have spoken over the last few weeks, you probably feel like just crawling into bed and giving up.  Or perhaps you may feel too exhausted to even think about doing any more work.  And you wonder and fear how much longer this will continue and how you will be able to pull out of this painful energy.  For many, it feels like an overwhelming task to even get out of bed some days!  How on earth can you possibly even think about adding one more thing and work through one more emotion on your own?

Or perhaps you feel like you’ve moved through the chaos and confusion, and are feeling a better, and you are now ready to truly create the life you’ve always desired!  


No matter where you are on the spectrum of transformation, I have decided to do something to powerfully uplift and transform the energy!  I’m starting  an eight-week group program to help you  – to help each of us – move through this energy, and create the joyous, centered, empowered life you want to create for yourself and your family.  I’ll lead and facilitate the work as we meet each week.  Together we will heal and transform.  You no longer have to do it alone!

This Quantum Soul Clearing 8-week transformational course begins Tuesday, January 29th, at 3:00 p.m. PT/ 4:00 p.m. MT/  5:00 p.m. CT/ 6:00 p.m. ET, and will run until March 19th.  Each call will run approximately 90-120 minutes.  And, of course, each call will be recorded for replay and download immediately if for some reason you cannot make the call in person.

The cost of this 8-week group coaching program is $399.  However, if you act quickly, between now and January 23rd, and use the coupon code of ICHOOSEME you’ll receive $100 off this powerful eight-week program.

Imagine spending 90 minutes every week for eight full weeks as we meet as a group to weed-out the most pressing, painful emotions and beliefs so that we can increase our personal energy, create greater personal empowerment, and deep fulfillment in our lives!  Imagine spending time every week finding your joy, your purpose and passion for life again – or perhaps for the first time ever!  How valuable would that be?

Because I want to be able to make this a powerful experience for everyone in the group, I am limiting the number that can participate, to only 30 people.  That way everyone will have a chance to work with me personally for laser-focused coaching that profoundly and powerfully impacts the whole group!  Seats are extremely limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a big shift that will impact the rest of 2013 and beyond.

And don’t forget to add the early-bird coupon code ICHOOSEME to save $100!

Here’s to a transformed 2013 and powerful new beginning.

Many Blessings,

Michelle Manning-Kogler