Clearing 9/11


Tuesday was September 11, 2012. It was the 11th anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York City. That there has been much controversy, pain and suffering throughout the world about this one event would be profoundly understating the obvious.

As I was preparing for bed the night before (OK, it was actually VERY early in the morning on the 11th!), I heard that “Voice” that often talks to me. “Michelle, you need to do a 9/11 clearing for your people.”

I thought, “Ummmmm… OK… it’s a bit late to put something together and get people to participate. But OK….” I mean I literally had less than 12 hours to put out the information and let people know! But when I get messages like these, I always know it’s not really a “request,” it’s more of a command. So I looked at my calendar and interestingly, there was a very rare 90-minute gap in my schedule for the next day! That might not have been a coincidence.

So I whipped up an email with the information and sent it out – only to have to resend it because the first email had the wrong times on it! I sent it to people I had been on telesummits with and posted to my facebook and twitter accounts. I even sent personal emails to people that I wasn’t sure were even on my mailing list! (My apologies to those who actually got three emails about the same thing!)

The call was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. my time, and as the time neared, I prepared for the call as I always do. I ground myself, do my connecting-in prayer that I teach all my students and listeners, and I asked for Divine Guidance and Assistance. I wasn’t certain what I was going to clear (I rarely am, when I do these calls), but as I got clearer and more centered, I knew that I had to clear 9/11, itself – which is what we did.

Like almost every American who was alive that day in 2001, I was horrified and traumatized by what was transpiring almost 2000 miles from where I lived. Being the Empath and Intuitive that I am, the collective energies were overwhelming. Within a short period of time I could no longer watch the news or listen to the radio. I cried often and in copious amounts, until I could begin to clear myself of the energies by which I was being bombarded and create a protective cocoon around myself.

After some time – and after each anniversary of the event – I continued to clear myself, and so I thought that doing this clearing would help others more than it would help me. I considered it a gift of service to the world.

I have to say that as the call began, I was shocked as tears immediately came to my eyes and I became very emotional. I’m sure that much of what I was feeling was the collective sorrow and trauma still active in people. But what astonished me even more was the immense flow of energy that began filling my body as I began doing the meditation and clearing work.

Within minutes, my whole body was shaking almost uncontrollably with the energy. You can hear it in my voice, throughout the call. It almost sounds like I’m scared to death, but it was a surge of pure, white, powerful LIGHT filling me and transmitting through me like I’ve never experienced before in my life. My whole body was trembling like I was freezing cold, although I wasn’t. It was more like a continual electrical shock wave flowing through me for almost an hour!

This clearing call was one of the most spiritual and humbling experiences I have ever had. I’m not sure I can put an exact description on my experience – and doing so might perhaps limit it. I just know that the flow of energy through me has transformed me.  I also know that this energy was captured and transmitted to everyone who was on the call and who has listened to the replay so far.  I’ve listened to the replay and I can feel the energy of it just as strongly as when it was happening.

I decided that the best way to share this call was make it into a video. Which I’ve done. I’ve posted it on Vimeo (YouTube only allows me 15 minutes at a time – which completely disrupts the whole process!) so that anyone who would like to hear and participate in the energy that is captured from that call can listen and receive healing. Here’s the link:

I’d love to hear your feedback and experiences after you’ve listened to the clearing work. Drop me a note at – or share on my Quantum Soul Clearing facebook page  Please feel free to share the video with others.

Then get ready for the Universal Explosion of Joy and Transformation – which will be a clearing like this every day for 30 days! Imagine what transformation we could all experience as we clear some of the heaviest world energies for the entire planet!