The Choices We Make

Our choices determine a great deal for us; both the conscious choices and the unconscious ones can have a powerful impact on our lives. We all know that we have the ability to make choices (both good and bad) but we need to be aware that each choice actually moves us into a different dimension. There’s a dimensional scale, and each one of us is actually living in diverse dimensions that collide and intersect. Not one of us, however, lives in a set dimension. Therefore, as each choice is made, it moves us on this vibrational scale from one dimensional reality to another to another to another and so forth.

Each choice we make, whether we’re making it from a conscious or unconscious standpoint, affects our ability for health, wealth, and relationships. We need to make an effort to “muscle test” every conscious decision we make. We all make unconscious, split second decisions about what we’re eating, how we walk, and many other things but the more conscious we are, the more we can bring our feelings and our awareness into the present moment. The result will allow us to be aware of as many decisions as possible and making those decisions consciously and weightily, asking important questions such as:  is this in my best interest? Is this in alignment with my feelings? Is this in alignment with my purpose and my passion and who I want to become? We should make our decisions by becoming aware and fully conscious of the choices we’re making from moment to moment that either helps or hinders us.  If you make conscious choices and take responsibility for them, the kingdom is available. When you’re choosing from that conscious place, you’re choosing a kingdom of God and to create that heaven on earth with your conscious choices.

Everything is determined by our choices. We have to change our unconscious programming and take notice of the change that the universe is bringing upon us and what it is we want to create in this change. If we’re making our choices based on fears, we’re not making the choices in accordance with our highest being (because fear doesn’t exist there). One way to banish fear is to step out of judgment. Now, many of us tend to be able to step out of judgment when it comes to others but it’s not so easy when it comes to ourselves. If you have two chocolate bars, a bag of chips, and two bottles of wine one day, that’s ok. You’re not supposed to judge yourself. Just beware: it’s a choice. You can’t allow your fear to consume you and affect your physiological response. Don’t permit the “Oh, my gosh! I’ve had the chocolate and I’m going to get fat and my blood sugar’s going up and you know all of that” fear to take residence in your mind. Give your mind a complete system rewrite by deleting fear and self-judgment. Welcome a new awareness and knowingness in your body. It’s all about where you choose to put your energy and what your true power really is when it comes to creating the reality.

Looking at Fear from a Larger Perspective

Our own perspective may limit us in our paths to a limitless reality. One way to rise above this issue is to look at the fear from a larger perspective. Think about the big places in your life that were obstacles. Instead of letting them overwhelm you, transform them into simple challenges that you can deal with more easily. This stands true when we’re involved in drama, when there’s no money in the bank, our marriages are falling apart, we’re fighting with our co-workers, or whatever it happens to be. We can easily get sucked into believing that third dimensional perspective is all there is; you can, however, just take a step back and zoom the camera out. For example, if being in the thick of the drama equals one foot, take your camera (or your perspective) out to a 1,000 feet and look at things from this larger place. This may challenge your imagination but you can learn how to go there.

Once you’ve expanded your perspective to a 1,000 feet, challenge yourself to take it to 10,000 feet and then 50,000 feet.  God or the universe (whatever you choose to refer to that over lighting intelligence that rules this place of which we are all a part of and we are connected to) is not limited to that third dimensional, “stuck in your face” stuff that we’re faced with. And ultimately, there’s always a bigger perspective; it allows us to see that thing that’s challenging us at that very moment is exactly the exercise that we get to evolve as a soul, to expand our conscious awareness, and to move into a place where we can actually start to see ourselves as part of the oneness.

Picture yourself looking at a leaf, and then imagine yourself moving into space, looking back at Earth. What was once so predominant and consumed your vision when you were looking at the leaf (or the troubled child that you don’t know how to deal with), when you’re looking at the whole planet, is much easier to sit back, take a breath, and let it go. You can simply say to yourself “I don’t have all the answers right now. I don’t have the full perspective, and I know there’s more to this. Whatever happens, happens for a reason, and that reason is always 100% of the time to serve my highest good because I am part of the creation.” When you’re sitting here on the planet in your little office or in your house, it’s really easy to feel that you’re alone. But when you zoom yourself out to look at the whole planet, you know there are six, seven billion of us on that planet. It gives you a whole different perspective of where things are. Just step out of the drama, and once you do, it’s much easier to ask yourself those questions that can bring you back into that space of what’s really important to you (i.e. what are you values? what are you endeavoring to create in this world?) and find that peace within yourself. When we find that peace within, we can begin to create it in the world. There will not be peace in this world until there’s peace in every heart, and it begins with each one of us.