Unconditional Receiving

‘Tis the season of giving but when it comes to gifting, are we giving from our hearts without expectation of receiving, or is there something in obligation about having to buy something for everybody at this time? The more commercialized our society has become around the holiday season, the more we’re really manipulated into giving, giving, giving, without a thought. Let’s take a brief departure from the unconditional giving we all take part in and focus on its polar opposite: unconditional receiving.  We spend most of our lives being better givers than receivers but the time has come to embrace the willingness to receive.

But what does it mean to receive unconditionally? What are the boundaries in unconditional receiving? Many of us tend not to be open to this idea; while we find no issue with unconditional giving, the idea of receiving tends to make us uncomfortable. Imagine that your car has run out of gas and a friend offers to give you a ride home. You’ll probably start to fret in your mind about how much of an inconvenience this is to your friend, especially because your house is in the opposite direction from his. Did you, however, ever stop to think that your friend is giving you a gift with no strings attached…unconditionally giving? It’s in these moments that you need to stop, accept the gift for what it is, and be willing to receive it. The reality of the situation is that in order for you to get home, you simply must be willing to receive from the ride. Many of us don’t even realize the sort of price tag our minds attach to the receipt of a gift. We unconsciously take responsibility for someone else’s feelings or potential expectations, failing to realize that these assumptions may not even be real in that person’s mind; they may only be in your own mind. And even if that person actually has an expectation, you have to break free of that burden.  In doing so, you lead them to be responsible for whatever expectations they may have, leaving you to only be responsible for your own stuff. This awareness and willingness to receive, without concern of expectation on their part or your feelings of obligation to somehow reciprocate, will alleviate a great deal of undue stress.

Release the unnecessary stress from your life, and allow yourself to receive…without the burden of conditions. Simply stop and accept the gift without imposing your own perceptions of what might be expected back. Keep in mind that there’s something to be said about the law of attraction, and thus, the ability to be a good receiver is crucial to your ability to manifest in the world.

What’s Next?

When you’re done clearing and cleaning, you may find yourself asking the question: “What comes next?” This may lead you into crisis mode as you search for answers and start to question more: where are we really going with any of this? What’s the point of the entire game?

A figurative response to these questions is that you get to pass go and collect $200. But what does that really look like? Some of us think we understand and know where we’re going but do we really know? In my mind, the purpose is for the body and the soul is to fuse as one complete immortal unit, and in that process, learn how to be our own God or Goddesses so to speak. We’re here to create new worlds, paradigms, and universes…to be our own creators. In essence, our bodies are designed to be immortal. You may, however, ask, “What do you mean?” We come equipped with stem cells, which in my belief or in my understanding, are just there waiting to be directed where to go. The amazing thing is that every organism on the planet has a set of proteins that are produced in response to stress period. So the whole idea is if we change the stressor, we change the genetics; if we change the thought, we change the genetic expression and who’s to say we can’t change whether our body is capable of regeneration.

To some, there’s no question about the fact that we regenerate. If you get a cut, it heals. If you get burnt, it heals. Our bodies already have the innate knowledge of how to heal. The higher the frequencies of who we are in that sole expression, the more we can accept and express it. The more we embody or allow it to embody itself within our physical bodies, the easier it is to regenerate and to keep those genes happy and healthy with the cells reproducing the way they need to. Thus, it creates this paradigm, this awareness, this feeling or being of health, vitality and youthfulness.

It’s amazing how the mind itself actually can get in the way of what we instinctively know and feel. Our feelings really are the language of spirit, the language of source. Our mind is so powerful, and we’ve trained it away from our feelings in so many cases. The truth is that our feelings are really the power of creation. It’s the interface between thought and form or energy and matter. It’s the feeling; if you can bring the feeling into the body, then you’ve already manifested something.

So what is next? To start, we each get to connect with our conscious awareness, understanding and ability to interact as a multidimensional being. While we can be immortal in our physical bodies, we can choose to be aware of many different avenues or dimensions of expressions simultaneously. It seems that more people are really opening up to that reality and that paradigm. The veils between the worlds are getting thinner and thinner with greater or easier access and less interference between these multi-dimensions. Metaphorically speaking, the elevators always go to the infinite stories of that building; we just didn’t know that we had the pass key for all those floors. Once you become consciously aware of the “Oh, I’d like to go there” and see what’s happening feeling, you start to notice how what’s happening over here simultaneously affecting what’s going on over there.

As this new transformation becomes real, a new honoring will also take place. There will be a new level of honoring that we’ll each have for ourselves where we’ll free ourselves to be, explore, experience, and create. We’ll be able to do so in a space where others are also allowing themselves to honor themselves and thus, resulting in easily honoring others as well. The concept of competition is dissolving away as we come into a world where everybody recognizes and embraces that they have their own uniqueness. We’ll also all realize that it’s ok to be different because we’re all playing in that same sand box of honoring ourselves and honoring others.

The Choices We Make

Our choices determine a great deal for us; both the conscious choices and the unconscious ones can have a powerful impact on our lives. We all know that we have the ability to make choices (both good and bad) but we need to be aware that each choice actually moves us into a different dimension. There’s a dimensional scale, and each one of us is actually living in diverse dimensions that collide and intersect. Not one of us, however, lives in a set dimension. Therefore, as each choice is made, it moves us on this vibrational scale from one dimensional reality to another to another to another and so forth.

Each choice we make, whether we’re making it from a conscious or unconscious standpoint, affects our ability for health, wealth, and relationships. We need to make an effort to “muscle test” every conscious decision we make. We all make unconscious, split second decisions about what we’re eating, how we walk, and many other things but the more conscious we are, the more we can bring our feelings and our awareness into the present moment. The result will allow us to be aware of as many decisions as possible and making those decisions consciously and weightily, asking important questions such as:  is this in my best interest? Is this in alignment with my feelings? Is this in alignment with my purpose and my passion and who I want to become? We should make our decisions by becoming aware and fully conscious of the choices we’re making from moment to moment that either helps or hinders us.  If you make conscious choices and take responsibility for them, the kingdom is available. When you’re choosing from that conscious place, you’re choosing a kingdom of God and to create that heaven on earth with your conscious choices.

Everything is determined by our choices. We have to change our unconscious programming and take notice of the change that the universe is bringing upon us and what it is we want to create in this change. If we’re making our choices based on fears, we’re not making the choices in accordance with our highest being (because fear doesn’t exist there). One way to banish fear is to step out of judgment. Now, many of us tend to be able to step out of judgment when it comes to others but it’s not so easy when it comes to ourselves. If you have two chocolate bars, a bag of chips, and two bottles of wine one day, that’s ok. You’re not supposed to judge yourself. Just beware: it’s a choice. You can’t allow your fear to consume you and affect your physiological response. Don’t permit the “Oh, my gosh! I’ve had the chocolate and I’m going to get fat and my blood sugar’s going up and you know all of that” fear to take residence in your mind. Give your mind a complete system rewrite by deleting fear and self-judgment. Welcome a new awareness and knowingness in your body. It’s all about where you choose to put your energy and what your true power really is when it comes to creating the reality.


So much of the creativity and the expression that we have to bring forth may be resisted along the way. The energies that are building seem to be achieving some sort of critical threshold where resistance still lies. The cosmic energies, however, are building to a point where resistance is futile. It’s time to think gracefully into that next phase of expression and creativity that we’ve come here to burst forward. Imagine that the planet is supporting this process, like someone is holding your hand through it all. Let the shadow pieces come out, and allow them to return to you as you come into who you are. Be open to the opportunity to be who you are and take this journey of self knowledge and self actualization.

When on this journey, it’s vital to acknowledge where we’re at, even acknowledging that we have negative thoughts and feelings at times. The key is to stay with those negative thoughts and consciously choose a different thought and paradigm in the midst of it. Allow yourself to feel without fear or judgment. It’s easy to say, “Oh, geez! Here I am on my back. How am I going to handle this?” But try seeing it as an observation rather than a judgment, looking at things from a more rational perspective. That vantage point will permit you to say, “It is what it is. This is what I’m feeling so what do I want to create?” and get out of that place of blame, shame, and guilt. Try to determine what the gift is in that feeling and what you want to create from it. Choosing consciously what you want is where change begins.

With all the planetary support that we receive, one of the most practical ways of stepping in to making this change clear is to step back and be honest with yourself about what your heart is longing for. Look at all the triggers that are showing up in your life, all the buttons that are being pushed, to determine exactly what that is. Imagine a spider web where your heart’s desire is sitting at the middle of the web with all the strands radiating outward. At times, something comes along and tweaks that strand, serving as a trigger because there’s a piece in that strand that’s going directly into your heart. Somewhere on the strand there’s a wound that you haven’t nurtured fully, gained its wisdom, and incorporated it into the fullness of who you are. As you look at each strand, you get closer and closer to truly knowing what it is that your hearts long for.  As you get the courage to step onto each of those strands, you can look directly at the wound that’s been triggered and fully own every aspect of your reaction. You can ask yourself, “Why am I reacting here?”  The clarity and the power of cosmic alignment is if we have the courage to ask this very question. The universe, in turn, will reply “Oh! You’ve finally asked that question?” and if we do that, we’re going to get the answers placed right in front of us: the acceptance piece (where you get the clarity of what that wound is and don’t run away from it).