The REAL Cost of Low Self Worth and Self Esteem


Did you know that you might be harboring a hidden low self-worth or low self-esteem program within your subconscious mind that could be wreaking havoc in your life?

Do you know how much money low self-worth or low self-esteem has cost you financially?  It could be millions of dollars!

Ask yourself this:

  • How has low self-worth undermined or sabotaged your personal relationships?
  • Is low self-worth impacting your health and well-being?
  • Is it keeping you from reaching for a bigger, more expanded life experience?
  • Is it draining your pocketbook?
The dictionary describes worth as: Excellence of character or quality which commands high regard; of usefulness or importance to the world, to a person, or for a purpose; having value.

The definition of esteem is: To regard highly or favorably, regard with respect or admiration;  a favorable opinion or judgment; respect or regard.

Self-worth, or self-esteem, is how valuable, how useful or how important we see ourselves in the world.  It is a measure of ourselves, and our belief about our intrinsic worth.
Typically, we think of people who suffer from low self-worth or self-esteem as someone who is shy, withdrawn, and unwilling to put themselves forward.  We may envision them staying in the background, constantly yearning for something but are too afraid to ask.  And this is definitely one definition.

Interestingly, many people may not even know that they are suffering from low self-worth or self-esteem.  They may look and feel physically fit.  They may act confident at work.  They appear to be able to attract a mate.  They may be very outgoing and charismatic.  They may look like they have it all together and be on top of the world.  They may hold high positions of leadership in business, government, religion, or society.

But underneath everything, lurking in the background, is a sense that something is missing.  That there is something just beyond your grasp that might be even better.  It may manifest as a feeling of being unfulfilled. Of wanting or needing more – more money, a bigger and better home; the most flashy car; expensive jewelry and clothing; superior social status; constant companionship…something… in order to fill some yet undefined void.  However, that constant, ever-expanding need for more cannot be filled for long – and then the quest for something “even better” begins anew.

Some jokingly call it “shopping therapy.”  Others, call it what it really is: a shopping addiction.  But that good and powerful feeling that happens when you buy something you want never remains – and in order to keep that good feeling you keep buying and buying, whether you can really afford it or not.

Low self-worth or self-esteem is the basis for all addictions, whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, food, spending, chaos, negativity, anger, etc.  It is all about trying to fill an unknown need in order to feel better, more worthy or important inside.
instrinsict worthDo you feel like you keep bumping up against an invisible financial glass ceiling that you just cannot break through?  You may have a self-worth program that says you’re not worth more than $75,000 per year.  It you manage to reach $100,000 one year, the next you might find yourself laid off for several months and only make $50,000 – or even less!

Low self-worth can keep you from asking for that raise you rightfully deserve.  It will keep you over-achieving and being under-paid for your services.  It will keep you from finishing that book or project that might just be your ticket to the fame and fortune you desire.  It might keep you from following your real dream to be a famous painter, rock star, healer, entrepreneur (fill in your own dream here!) because you are afraid you might fail or look foolish – or that people will talk about you and make fun of you.  

And so you rationalize away your dreams by taking a job that will pay the bills, that looks successful on the outside but that is sucking the life out of your soul each and every day.  You tell yourself that you are too old, too over-weight, not ready, don’t have enough education, blah, blah, blah….  And the years go by and the excuses keep coming as your dreams and goals slowly die – piece by painful piece. 

So what is the answer to the pervasive, and often unseen problem of low self-worth and self-esteem?  Can it ever be corrected?  How do you even know if there is a problem if you are not consciously aware that you don’t value yourself enough?

The answers begin with learning how to become more consciously aware of how our thoughts and actions make us feel.  By indentifying what we are really saying to ourselves and about ourselves every day.  Learning how we are our own harshest critic – and how that is literally robbing us of our financial abundance, joy and life-force.

It takes practice and it take constant diligence to monitor our thoughts, our actions, our feelings, and our outcomes!  But it IS possible! 
personal relationships
What I’ve discovered is that circumstance that we are experiencing in our lives is based on how much we love, respect and feel worthy about ourselves.  Everything!  If we have healthy self-worth, we expect more from the world – and we get it.  We take better care of ourselves on every level.  We only choose loving, healthy relationships, because we will not tolerate people who don’t love and support us at least as much as we love and support ourselves.  The key to everything we desire is all about this new conversation of real self-worth and self-esteem.

On July 30th, at 4:00 p.m. PT/ 5:00 p.m. MT/ 6:00 p.m. CT/ 7:00 p.m. ET I’m hosting a free 60-minute teleseminar to talk about ways that we can become more conscious of what our real self-worth and self-esteem levels are.  We will explore the many ways we unconsciously sabotage ourselves in different areas of our lives, based on the subconscious low self-worth programs that are at the root of our behaviors.  We will uncover some of the hidden words and phrases we use to undermine our true worth, and how we unconsciously train others to not value us.  And we will also discover how we can begin to love and value ourselves, so that others will too.  

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