Thank You! August 8, 2012

I got a thank you note today from a man I’ve never met. In fact, until this moment, I didn’t know he even existed. Yet, he has changed my life. His message to me was very simple: “Thank you for your gift.”

This one-sentence message was filled with the frequency of true, pure thanks and appreciation. I could feel it to the depths of my soul! And it made me stop and think for just a moment: How many times have I signed up for a free gift from someone and never thanked them for it? How many times have I received something and never honestly let the other person know how special their gift was?

Wow! This one brief sentence has brought me such an awareness, such an incredible feeling of joy! It is a reminder of how to be thankful for seemingly small things in life. Yet, that one small gift of thanks has blown my heart open wide.

This man with the beautiful, kind heart; with the graceful manners to write out a thank you note, is teaching me how to be thankful in ways both small and large.

Two words: “Thank you.” How often have you heard them? How often have you said them? How often has their full importance truly touched your heart? Until this moment I’m not sure I really knew. Oh sure, I always say, “Thank you.” But the heart-felt frequency of pure thanks that I received today is something so special I can barely put it into words.

So I want to say to you, “Thank you.” Thank you for reading this blog post. Thank you for being part of my community. Thank you for allowing me to live and share my innate gifts with you. Thank you for sharing your time and your thoughts with me. And thank you for being YOU. I give profound thanks for you.

Many Blessings,