The High Cost of Hidden Low Self-Worth and Self-Esteem Programs Part 2

Earlier this month we began the discussion of what hidden low self-worth and low self-esteem programs are and how they might be negatively impacting your health, wealth and relationships. We are going to be talking about this subject for the next couple of months, because I believe that this is the primary stumbling block to every type of success you desire! It is critically important!

I’d like to deepen that conversation today as we talk about the low self-worth program of “I’m Worthless,” and how it relates specifically to your finances, wealth and affluence.

worthless-bigstock-Graffiti-3329621The dictionary defines “worthless” as: Having no use, value or importance; good-for-nothing. Similar meanings are abandoned, baseless, barren, cheap, contemptible, despicable, inconsequential, inferior, pointless, nothing, trivial…. and the list goes on. You get the point.

This one TINY little low self-worth program, if running in the subconscious mind has the power to completely derail your financial well-being, not to mention the other parts of your life! In fact it could be costing you tens of thousands, if not millions of dollars throughout your life-time! What could you do with an extra million dollars or more??

Within our brains, we have synapses that create neural pathways of thought, feeling and action into our brains and our bodies. If we have a thought that get reinforced repeatedly, it creates stronger and stronger neural network connections. Literally, millions of brain cells and neural receptors fuse and wire together to create belief systems.

Just like any pathway that is created by countless feet walking in the same place, day after day on the earth; or little rivulets of water that create erosion patterns in the soil, our brains effectively do the same thing when we experience the same emotions over and over again. And just like in a torrential rain storm that creates deep streams and rivers in the landscape, our brains, when deluged with similar experiences and feelings over and over again also create deep, strong channels of electrical wiring within our neural cortexes.

Neurons that fire together wire together. That means that repeated negative feelings of shame, guilt, worthlessness, feeling like you’re contemptible, good-for-nothing, etc., create very strong bundled neural connections of low-self-worth in the brain that then become standard operating code in our lives. It becomes the “normal” frequency that we don’t consciously feel until we bump up against a person or circumstance that triggers that feeling – and then we become reactive.

If your belief system is (or has been) reinforced through early childhood traumas of bullying, punishment, constant criticism, being shamed, not measuring up to a standard, we come to the conclusion that we are worthless, deeply flawed, inferior, and a failure.

Blurred-motion-of-woman-runningFailure is a natural, normal part of life.  It is how we learn.  What doesn’t work – and what does. No child learns to walk without ever falling down hundreds of times over and over again.  Each fall could be classified a “failure to walk.”  However, we never label the child as a failure as a walker.  We know that falling down is part of the process of learning to walk.  Eventually the child not only walks but learns to run, climb, leap and skip!  That’s a powerful SUCCESS!

The belief that we are a failure as a human being is different. It is a judgment (often picked up or imprinted onto us from others!) that wreaks havoc on our ability to connect with and utilize our talents, our gifts, our abilities. It demolishes our trust and faith in ourselves – and ultimately impacts what we believe we are worth in the marketplace!

People who run this particular low self-worth program often go through life feeling anxious that they will be “found out” as a fraud, even though they are highly successful, talented, accomplished and charming. Inwardly, they feel secretly empty, fearful and hollow. They wonder why their many accomplishments leave them cold and rarely do they believe all the praise for their success, because they “know the truth” about who and what they “really are.”

Most people don’t know why they feel miserable and unhappy, because that underlying program is “normal.” It’s invisible because it’s always been there. But it continues to erode their joy, happiness, contentment, self-confidence and self-love. At the extreme, the belief of worthlessness may lead to self-harm, self-destructive behaviors, addictions, or suicide. But most often it is expressed as nagging feelings of anxiousness, or feeling somehow inadequate – not quite measuring up.

Here are just some of the ways that the “I’m Worthless” Low Self-Worth Program impacts you in the business world and marketplace:

  • You continually under-value and under-price your services.
  • You charge a fraction of what your competitors charge, knowing you are more effective than they are, but unable to raise your prices because it doesn’t seem “fair” somehow.
  • You don’t feel confident enough to ask for that well-deserved raise.
  • You may take on the work tasks of other team members to make you feel better about yourself. Then feel profoundly overwhelmed and resentful because you can’t get your own job accomplished.
  • You get volunteered for everything and cannot say “No!” even though your schedule is so jam-packed, sleep is often optional!
  • You don’t know how to delegate. Everything MUST be handled by you. Otherwise it won’t be “good enough” and you’ll just re-do it anyway.
  • You are anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed and profoundly unhappy, even though you appear to be highly successful and have it altogether.
  • You don’t feel like you can take a vacation because….(fill in the blank)
  • You not only don’t practice good self-care, you’re not really sure what that means.

This profound conversation of hidden low self-worth and low self-esteem is one of the most important topics of our lives. It is my belief that every block to success, money, healthy relationships and love is because of our hidden low self-worth programming.

I want to invite you to join me on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 for a free 90 minute call to explore this topic even further. I’m not selling anything on the call – it’s all pure content. This is about bringing deeper awareness and understanding to this extremely important issue that impacts us all at some level.

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Be sure to share this with your friends and family so that they can benefit as well. It’s that important!

Before the call, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how you your life has been or might be impacted by hidden – or not-so hidden! – low self-worth programming. Email me at Share your story and let’s get this conversation going!

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