Choosing Peace, and Love In Times of Conflict

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Is it me, or does it feel like the world is unraveling and going mad?  Perhaps it’s that I so rarely watch the news because it makes my mind, body and soul hurt.  But I recently watched a news article from Scott Pelley, CBS news, reporting that there are 41 wars going on throughout the world.  My mind simply cannot comprehend that level of violence and human suffering.

I know it’s out there and that it exists.  I know because I have friends in the middle east and in the Ukraine who live with terror and uncertainty every day.  They’ve lost loved ones, and they are grieving.

I know because I work with clients from around the world, many who are personally impacted by war and personal conflicts.  But for some reason, it all sort of came crashing into my awareness  like a tsunami of information and emotional overload.

I will be honest, a big part of me felt so overwhelmed and helpless to effect change, that it made me cry.  For several days, I thought, “What’s the point of anything that I’m doing?  It’s not making a difference!”

And then I got a grip, and decided that I was not going to allow that nasty virus of emotional and mental thinking to get the best of me.  Because I know that I make a difference – and so do you!

To me, it feels like the conflicts are getting bigger and scarier.  I don’t say this to spread more fear and distress.  Just the opposite.  Because when we are faced with what appears to be a global virus of terrorism and conflict that we don’t have much control over, we have to decide here and now what we CAN do to make a difference in our tiny little corners of the world.

We have to hold the counterpoint to the evil and the madness that seems to be infecting and gripping the hearts, minds and souls of men and women throughout the world.  We have to choose – powerfully and perhaps more profoundly – that place of Love and Light and Peace.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that we find a way to center and ground ourselves so that we are immune to the virus and entrainment of war and conflict.   We cannot allow ourselves to be negatively influenced by the collective craziness, because if we do, we become a part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

rainbowIt is time to stand in the truth of who we are and exercise our spiritual integrity.  Every single day, we must start off the day with some type of spiritual hygiene.  For me, it is doing my Prep to Work process to clear out the effects of the world energies and any impact from anything around me and my loved ones.

Then I do my energy exercise routine with cross-crawls, brain buttons, Cook’s hook-ups and other energetic activations.  Then I spend a few minutes meditating and asking for guidance for the day.

If I have anything come up during the day, I immediately take a few minutes to clear it out, rather than letting that energy sit in my field to create, attract or broadcast out into the world anything I don’t want to create or attract.

And I end the day with a very similar routine, giving thanks and appreciation for all that has been given to me and for the incredible life journey I am on.

I have found that if I don’t take the few minutes every morning and evening to do these very practical spiritual practices, I don’t feel well.  I don’t function well.  But most importantly, I cannot be an effective leader or person.  And that is not OK with me!

What rituals do you do every day that help bring more Light, Love and Peace into the world?  If you don’t have one, I urge you to start now.

In his book, Power vs Force, David Hawkins very clearly states that a person who is resonating at a frequency of Love (600 or higher on a scale of 0-1000) counter-balances the effects of negative frequencies for millions of people.

Now more than ever, it is critical that we do our personal work and release any old energies that are limiting our abilities to hold more Light, Love and Ascension level frequencies. With our knowledge of how to do that with all of the healing modalities and technologies we have, especially the Quantum Soul Clearing Process, we are automatically called upon to be in service to the world.

So at this time, I am sending out a clarion call to all Holders of the Light to shine, to transmit and share your love, your light and your gifts into the world.  Let’s set an intention here and now that we will project peace and love daily into war-torn areas of the world to help cool down the conflicts and hold space for peaceful resolutions.

We do have an extraordinary impact in the world.  We are either adding to the suffering or creating healing solutions for everyone.  We have personal choice and the personal freedom to make a profound difference in the world.  I challenge you to BE that difference now.

Want to help me create a tsunami of hope, peace, love and joy?   We can do something to help ourselves, our loved ones and every person on the planet.  Click here to access two complementary audio clearings that will help clear out the frequencies of war and violence.

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