What If I’m Not Really Broken?

ertI had a profound epiphany this month: I’ve had an unconscious, underlying belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with me and that I was broken.

My second epiphany was that the truth is just the opposite. I’m not broken! In fact, no one is broken – EVEN IF IT FEELS LIKE IT! There’s nothing that needs to be fixed, healed or saved.

What I realized is that there is only energy. If something feels uncomfortable, it is asking to be acknowledged. That discomfort is a sign that the energy or feeling it is out of alignment with our ultimate desired outcome!

Now, if you are like me and have been dealing with a chronic physical challenge for years, you might start to argue for your belief system, like I was. There was a problem that needed a solution. It had to be fixed – and NOW!

But let me share with you a different perspective that I am adopting, because it is changing how I feel and how quickly my body is changing because of it.

Our physical bodies are much more energetically dense than our thoughts and our spirit bodies. They are slower to respond because of this density. But they are responding with every breath and thought that we have!

Sometimes, if we are dealing with big health conditions, big financial circumstances, big relationship challenges, or other big life circumstances, we cannot see the small changes that are taking place. Then we begin to doubt ourselves, our journey, our efficacy. We get discouraged and depressed and that also impacts how our bodies react.

But most of all, I am finding that the discouragement my clients are experiencing is triggering a belief that everything they have done to change is a failure and a fraud. So they become disillusioned and believe that this path of spiritual awakening we are on is false! All because change isn’t happening fast enough according to an underlying belief system!

This is where it is critical to take a step back (or even two, if you need to!), so that we can get a different perspective. Sometimes, we need to get outside help in order to obtain that perspective, whether it is with a trusted friend, family member, or professional.

The truth is, we are making progress toward our desired outcomes every minute of every day. Being mindful of that progress – and patient with anything that appears to be a setback – will move us toward our desired outcomes much more efficiently and happily.

So how do you deal with an apparent setback?
In my case, my physical therapist and I had tried to move too quickly and aggressively during rehab, and the result was excruciating pain, excessive inflammation and having to stop therapy altogether for about a month, in order for the body to rest, heal and ready itself for physical therapy.
Here are some things to assess when you might be experiencing a setback:


What is my underlying belief system or expectation – and is it realistic?

I believe this is one of the most important questions to examine, when it comes to transformation or a healing process. Do you believe that you should (notice the emphasis on that word) be able to heal something yourself and in a short time frame? This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to allowing the process of healing, because we will constantly self-sabotage or push too hard, if we believe that things should be a certain way, and they are not.

Not everyone responds to therapy or a healing modality in the same way as any other person on the planet. Our healing processes are unique to us. In fact, they are as unique as our finger prints. What works for one person may not work for another, or as quickly.


Why do you believe that particular belief?


Where did you pick up that belief that you should be experiencing things in a particular way?
Why do you believe that if you’ve had surgery your body should be completely healed in a matter of days of weeks?
Who says that you should just get over the grief of a loved one dying or leaving?
Who says that just because you’re experiencing a job loss or big loss that you can’t or won’t find an even better job where you will make more money and be happier than before?
What standard of perfection are you holding yourself to that might be getting in the way of your desired ultimate outcome?
I encourage you to take some time and examine what your beliefs really are.


What is my body really trying to tell me?

Are you blocking or negating feelings that might be trying to inform and guide you?
Do you need more rest? Better nutrition? More water?
Do you need gentle, soothing touch, or do you need deeper, more aggressive body work?
Are those feelings of anger and resentment hiding the fact that you are being invalidated and emotionally abused by someone that is supposed to love and support you?
Are those feelings of depression trying to tell you that what you believe is not the truth of who you really are?
Is the physical pain in your body trying to tell you that there is something that needs medical intervention and that it’s time to see a good physician or surgeon to assist you in your healing process?
Is the physical pain in your body letting you know that you are over-doing something, and that it’s time to rest and relax?
Is the physical pain in your body trying to tell you that you are stuffing emotions, and it’s time to address what is causing you emotional and mental pain?
Is the physical pain in your body trying to tell you that the foods you are eating are causing inflammation and therefore wide-spread pain?

These are just a few of the questions that will help you inform and support yourself as you deal with what might appear to be a setback.

I say “apparent setback” only because that is what we have labeled it, because we have a belief about the schedule on which we should be doing or experiencing life in some way.

But what if it isn’t really a setback at all? What if it is just part of the fabric of our lives and an opportunity to deepen our mastery and our awareness? What if nothing is really broken, but that the “setback” is asking us to see something more clearly so that we can evolve to a higher level of consciousness, physical perfection and awareness?

What if…..?

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  1. Hi, :-)
    Yes the concept of healing seems to be obsolete…. who says that we are not whole… Thanks for the reminder, that sometimes it takes time to shift the physical level… cause I really feel broken at the moment… well going to bed could be a good idea, instead of trying to pull the rope…

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