What to Do If You Don’t Feel Thankful

Here in the US we will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week.  It’s an opportunity to count your blessings and give thanks for all the bounty you have received throughout the year.

But what if you don’t really feel thankful?  What if life has thrown a curve ball your way and knocked you off center? Or what if you don’t have family or close friends nearby to spend holiday with?  Then what?

In many spiritual communities, we’ve been taught to never acknowledge anything negative.  “Just think of the next highest thought.”  “Change your thoughts and create something different.” “Never dwell on the negative.”

Much easier said than done!  Especially when you’re smack dab in the middle of feeling awful!

So what do you do when you don’t feel happy, thankful, or peaceful inside?  What do you do when your current life experience is sucking your peace of mind away faster than you can rebuild it?

I found myself in just this circumstance last week.  Nothing was really WRONG, but it wasn’t RIGHT, either!  I was feeling an odd lassitude that was definitely draining my energy and blocking any feelings of happiness, thankfulness or peace of mind!  I felt like I was spinning into a black hole of unhappiness and depression.

I have personally found that trying to just ignore the feeling or the problem just doesn’t work!  I want the issue resolved NOW, and my mind just will NOT let the problem go!

autumn_daySo here’s what I found works best for me – and it’s working for my private clients, too: Allow yourself to feel ALL the feelings! Without judgment and without limiting them.

That’s right!  Just allow yourself to feel the fear, the pain, the resentment, whatever it is!  It’s there to be acknowledged, and to tell you something!

That unpleasant feeling is letting you know that something is out of balance.  That something isn’t right for you

Your boundaries may be being violated.  Your soul is letting you know that the circumstances are not completely in alignment with who you really are!  Or old programming might be coming up to be healed.

What I wasn’t initially very thankful for – the feelings of frustration and irritation, that my needs were not being met – was an incredible opportunity for some powerful, deep inner work to heal and clear some very old, nasty programming from my childhood!

It took some time, but what I realized is that I had a deeply set pattern of trying to fix things for everyone, except myself – and then feeling resentful and angry that no one was there for me! 

On top of that program was feeling and being disempowered to help myself – having to ask permission and never receiving it!  And underneath that was not being my own authority, always having to look to someone else for my validation and well-being! 

Pretty nasty energy!  But by allowing myself to simply follow the feeling trail, and write down all the stuff that kept coming up, I was able to use the Quantum Soul Clearing Process to eliminate the old program and resolve those negative feelings.

Today I woke up feeling lighter, more centered; much more excited about life.  I have an opportunity to help others feel the same way through the work that I do.  I am so thankful and optimistic about that!

As I look at what is happening in the world – all the terrorist attacks, the chaos and craziness that are seemingly everywhere – I realize more than ever, this work is so desperately needed! 

What if we could get this powerful process to those who feel like the only option is violence?  What if they could experience the peace of mind and empowerment that comes from healing and transforming that inner pain that believes the only way to be heard and acknowledged is through creating pain and suffering for others?  Just imagine the difference that could make! 

But more than anything else, what I wish for you during the upcoming holiday season, is peace.  Peace of mind.  The space to follow the bread-crumb trail of your feelings so you, too, can get to the core of whatever energy is draining your peace of mind, creativity, self-love and joy.

Take some time to reflect on what you’re thankful for this season.  If you find you’re having trouble feeling thankful, know that you’re not alone, and you’re not wrong. 

autumn_journalCarve out some time to journal your honest feelings and do some clearing work if needed!  I promise you it is worth it, even it is painful.  But wouldn’t you rather address the cause and the core now, than continue to live with that unrelenting unhappiness?  I know I would!

If you need help getting to the core of the feelings, please reach out.  Don’t stay stuck one more minute than needed! I’m here to help in any way I can.  I’d love to support you!  Let’s set up an appointment to play and work.

I want to express my thankfulness for you, my friend.  I am thankful for your desire to be all that you are designed by Source to BE!  I’m thankful we are connected and have the opportunity to make this world a much better place.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and the launch of the season of Light!

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