What’s Next?

When you’re done clearing and cleaning, you may find yourself asking the question: “What comes next?” This may lead you into crisis mode as you search for answers and start to question more: where are we really going with any of this? What’s the point of the entire game?

A figurative response to these questions is that you get to pass go and collect $200. But what does that really look like? Some of us think we understand and know where we’re going but do we really know? In my mind, the purpose is for the body and the soul is to fuse as one complete immortal unit, and in that process, learn how to be our own God or Goddesses so to speak. We’re here to create new worlds, paradigms, and universes…to be our own creators. In essence, our bodies are designed to be immortal. You may, however, ask, “What do you mean?” We come equipped with stem cells, which in my belief or in my understanding, are just there waiting to be directed where to go. The amazing thing is that every organism on the planet has a set of proteins that are produced in response to stress period. So the whole idea is if we change the stressor, we change the genetics; if we change the thought, we change the genetic expression and who’s to say we can’t change whether our body is capable of regeneration.

To some, there’s no question about the fact that we regenerate. If you get a cut, it heals. If you get burnt, it heals. Our bodies already have the innate knowledge of how to heal. The higher the frequencies of who we are in that sole expression, the more we can accept and express it. The more we embody or allow it to embody itself within our physical bodies, the easier it is to regenerate and to keep those genes happy and healthy with the cells reproducing the way they need to. Thus, it creates this paradigm, this awareness, this feeling or being of health, vitality and youthfulness.

It’s amazing how the mind itself actually can get in the way of what we instinctively know and feel. Our feelings really are the language of spirit, the language of source. Our mind is so powerful, and we’ve trained it away from our feelings in so many cases. The truth is that our feelings are really the power of creation. It’s the interface between thought and form or energy and matter. It’s the feeling; if you can bring the feeling into the body, then you’ve already manifested something.

So what is next? To start, we each get to connect with our conscious awareness, understanding and ability to interact as a multidimensional being. While we can be immortal in our physical bodies, we can choose to be aware of many different avenues or dimensions of expressions simultaneously. It seems that more people are really opening up to that reality and that paradigm. The veils between the worlds are getting thinner and thinner with greater or easier access and less interference between these multi-dimensions. Metaphorically speaking, the elevators always go to the infinite stories of that building; we just didn’t know that we had the pass key for all those floors. Once you become consciously aware of the “Oh, I’d like to go there” and see what’s happening feeling, you start to notice how what’s happening over here simultaneously affecting what’s going on over there.

As this new transformation becomes real, a new honoring will also take place. There will be a new level of honoring that we’ll each have for ourselves where we’ll free ourselves to be, explore, experience, and create. We’ll be able to do so in a space where others are also allowing themselves to honor themselves and thus, resulting in easily honoring others as well. The concept of competition is dissolving away as we come into a world where everybody recognizes and embraces that they have their own uniqueness. We’ll also all realize that it’s ok to be different because we’re all playing in that same sand box of honoring ourselves and honoring others.

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  1. Anita Murkes says:

    Some months ago I got the information that Michelle had started a group-coaching program. Unfortunately it was too late for me to sign up ( I had been away on holiday when the mail came).
    I was told there would be a new group starting – but haven´t recieved any information about that.
    And I would SO MUCH want to take part in such a group. Are there any definite plans for that?

    • Michelle says:

      Anita, if you go to our home page, you can learn more about the next 4-Week Group Coaching Program. We look forward to your participation!

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