Where Is Energy Stagnation Impacting Your Life?

iStock_000018487816Medium   In my Personal Note From Michelle this week, I talked about how clearing up old and dying energy in one part of my life helped breathe new life into other areas of my life. It changed how I felt physically and energetically and it also helped my husband miraculously manifest a place to park our RV closer to where he is working in Santa Cruz.

Even though I know how energy works, part of me thought that it might be a stretch to imagine how pulling up my dying gardens would result in opening the space for him to move closer to work. But then I realized that everything is energy, and is intricately intertwined. I’d been really having to work hard to keep my flowers alive in an extreme drought and they were not doing well. In fact, there were dying from the heat and lack of water. I was living in the energy of struggle.

I realized that with all of my efforts, to make something stay alive, I was tying up some very important energy and not allowing that energy flow to where it needed to be. I was struggling against nature – and against myself!

Once I made that connection, I began to wonder what other areas of my life might need to be cleaned up so that energy can more easily flow throughout my entire life.

Often we don’t see the correlation between a cluttered office, closet or garage, and how that is impacting our financial abundance.

We don’t see how the unresolved resentment and rage we have toward someone in our past is contributing to our lack of health and vitality, or is creating anxiety.

We don’t understand how our unconscious negative self-talk is preventing us from having the most amazing, loving relationship that we’ve been yearning for forever!

But it’s all about the energy….

When you are surrounded by clutter and are storing things that you “might need someday,” you are telling the universe that you just don’t have the abundance to obtain what you need shutterstock_196109159when you need it. You are sending out a very specific energy signature that is all about lack. What you broadcast out always comes back in the same or similar form.

If your closets, drawers, and garage are so full that you can’t put another thing in them, you are literally telling the Universe that there’s no room for anything more! You have everything you need, so there’s no need to send more! You are shutting off the incoming flow of abundance.

I can’t tell you the number of clients that come to me wanting to change their financial abundance. When we look at their personal Money Map, they finally discover what’s blocking their abundance. Often they are shocked to realize the number of deeply held beliefs they have about money they had no idea they were carrying!

Then there are the clients I work with who are on a path of personal empowerment. Their lives are working well for the most part, but deep inside, something feels like it is missing. They are successful, but they don’t feel good about themselves inside. They tend to describe their lives as unfulfilling and boring, and they don’t understand why. They are successful, have a measure of financial abundance, are in committed relationships, but still something is missing.

During these session, we explore and release old programs that help them reconnect to their Real Selves. We look at what might be undermining their self-worth and self-esteem. We uncover the deeply held beliefs that to be an adult means putting child-like emotions and play behind. And much, much more!

shutterstock_51790411Of course, those hidden programs sap their joy and self-fulfillment! As we uncover the beautiful Being within, they can see how the unconscious, deeply held beliefs they’ve had from the past no longer are in alignment with who they have become. As they shed those old programs and align with the truth of their gifts and talents, they can easily allow even greater abundance and personal satisfaction to become their new way of being.

So what about you? What part of your life might be being blocked or has become stagnant, because there is cluttered and dying energy in another area of your life? Although it might appear to be unrelated, I have found that they are absolutely, completely intertwined.

Sometimes, the “cure” for the problem is a simple shift in energy to open up the flow of abundance and well-being. Sometimes it takes a little more digging. Ultimately though, it does take some inner introspection and willingness to look within to discover what is there.

If you are experiencing financial stagnation,consider booking a private Your Unique Money Map appointment with me to find out all the areas that are being impacted, and how we can create greater financial flow and abundance in your life today!

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  1. Hi, :-)
    I am already aware that our beliefs are affecting our lifes, but I never went that far in the thinking how everything impact everything, like having a wardrobe full of clothes can somehow interfer when trying to align to abondance!
    Your article opened my eyes and consciousness to an other level! Thanks!

    • Hi Ophelie!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article, and got some value from it. Often, we don’t make the connection between what’s stuffed in our closets and what’s not showing up in our wallets. :) However, every thought, and every action is telling the Universe something about how we feel inside and whether that feeling is based on self-love, worthiness and abundance. We truly cannot separate any part of our lives, they are intricately interconnected. If we feel unhappy in one area of our lives it really is impacting ALL areas of our lives – we just don’t immediately see it, because we are focused on just that one part that doesn’t feel good to us.

      Stay tuned, because we’ll be talking about this for the rest of the year, and delving into more of how our unconscious stuff is impacting our financial abundance! It’s going to be a wonderful conversation!

      Much Love,

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