We Can’t Do it Alone

Concerned Doctor“Well, there’s no question, Michelle. You have to have that hip replaced. There are no other options. It’s a good thing you’re using that walker, otherwise the head of that femur could break off at any moment. And you do NOT want that.”

My heart dropped and my pulse kicked into high gear. Another surgery! It has been seven years since I had my knees replaced. I’d hoped I would never have to have another surgery. Yet here I was, sitting in my orthopedic surgeon’s office hearing what I took to be a sentencing – and a judgment of my inability to heal myself.

I’d failed again! Where had I gone wrong? What could I have done differently? Why ME? I could feel tears stinging the backs of my eyes, and swallowed hard to keep them from falling. I’d cry later in private. Right now I needed information and I just wanted time to process everything.

My doctor’s eyes and demeanor were very compassionate, personable and professional. I felt like I was in extremely competent hands and could trust him completely. I don’t give my trust to those in the medical profession lightly, and was surprised to find that I felt really good about my doctor. I wasn’t feeling panicky – just a little shocked at how bad the x-rays looked glowing there on the wall.

As I looked at the x-rays, I could clearly see the more than two inches difference in the side-ways tilt of my pelvis, sacrum and low back in the weight-bearing pictures. In a flash, I could see why my chiropractic adjustments haven’t held for long. They can’t – there’s no support. No foundation. Nothing strong or substantial to make the adjustments stay in place. With each step, everything twists and contorts out of place because the bone and skeletal structure just isn’t there!

When I got home, I decided it was time to meditate and contemplate what was really going on – on every level. As I was checking in with the Divine, I heard, “Hips are part of your foundation and support.” While you stand on your feet and legs, your hips are the foundation for your entire torso and upper body. They are the lower balance point/counter balance point for your shoulders and upper body.

I know from personal experience now that if there is any imbalance in the hips, it throws the entire pelvis, sacrum, low back, upper back and neck out of alignment and balance – and ultimately impacts how your head attaches to the neck.

Bones are the framework for the muscles, tendons, ligaments and tissues to hold their shape. Without bones, we are just little piles of gelatinous tissue.

Louise Hay, in her little blue book, Heal Your Body, says that hip problems represent the “Fear of going forward in major decisions. Nothing to move forward to.” And bone problems are about a rebellion to authority. (That certainly resonated for me! lol)

The fact that the head of my femur bone is dissolving and dying tells me that my old foundation is crumbling and no longer supporting me. We make important decisions based on the foundation of our beliefs and experiences. Our past or present definitions, experiences and beliefs create our foundation, and for me, that old foundation has been dissolving for a long time.

I know what I’d like to experience, but like a landscape of sand that suddenly begins to shift because of wind or rain, I’ve found myself with no sure footing and not trusting that there is a safe place to move. So rather than trust that I’d find the right solution to the pain in my hip and sacrum, I did nothing – and that foundation continued to rot away. And I hadn’t replaced it with a new foundation yet.

One of my foundational beliefs is that I can heal my body – and that I have to do it all myself. Because I haven’t been able to resolve this situation, I’ve felt like a failure and a fraud. And the resulting feeling has been one of shame.

I recently spoke with my dear friend and former radio show co-host, Susan Kern. I was telling her how I was feeling. She’d had a surgery last year and had gone through many of the same feelings and experiences as I have been experiencing. She shared with my her wisdom.

I told her – and now I’m telling you – that I have had such profound judgment (and the resulting shame of the judgements) that if I’m such a connected spiritual healer, that I should be able to work a miracle of healing for myself. I feel like I am in service to the planet. I do amazing work with people, who have spectacular results, and I haven’t been able to effect a change of my own. Because I have not have that instantaneous remission and the bones completely re-knitting and cartilages re-growing, then I’ve believed that there’s something wrong with ME!

That was when Susan said, “Michelle, surgeons are expressions of the Divine themselves. They too have a mission of service and work their miracles through the science and art of surgery and healing. They cannot fulfill their mission of service if those of us who are carrying these burdens don’t show up and allow them to part of the Divine co-creative team to work those miracles with you. You do NOT have to do this yourself!”

She also pointed out that I hold energy for millions of people around the world with my work. My hip is also a metaphor for everyone in the world, as well. We are all working from a foundation that no longer supports us! And as I (and each of us) repair the damage and gain a new foundation, I am (we are) also allowing and modeling for others that there is healing in all forms.

As we work co-creatively as a team with Source and the Unseen, we are also working co-creatively together as a human species to make massive change and shifts. It may look personal, but it really is not. It is quite global because we are all connected.

I started to cry when I got it. We are not meant to do this healing work alone. God works in so many ways – not just through alternative healing methods, but also through modern medical intervention.

I realized that I would never hesitate to see a dentist if I had a cavity or broken tooth. How is seeing a surgeon – or any other type of medical doctor – any different? I had just blinded by my beliefs, along with my past experiences! I realized just how guilty I have been of “spiritual significance.”

I thought of the story of the man who, in a flood, calls to God asking for a miracle and to be saved. So God sends someone in a row boat to save the man, but the man refuses and says, “God will save me.”

As the waters rise, he calls out again, “Please God, save me!” And God sends someone in a motor boat to pick him up. But the man refuses, saying “God will save me.”

Finally the waters rise to the top of the roof and the man again beseeches God, “PLEASE GOD! SAVE ME!” And a helicopter shows up to pick the man up from the roof. But again the man refuses help, saying, “God will save me.”

Soon the waters rise higher and the man drowns. As he reaches the Pearly Gates of Heaven, he is righteously indignant with St. Peter. “I was a righteous, man. I prayed and did everything that God asked of me to do. And still I drowned! What did I do to deserve that?!”

St. Peter was quite taken aback and suddenly, the clouds parted and a booming voice filled the heavens. God said, “I sent you a row boat, a speed boat and a helicopter! What more did you want?”

Everything in this world – and everyone in it – has a Divine mission and presence. If we are truly co-creating with the Divine, and we are, there many more answers to our prayers and petitions than we have been willing to see because they don’t conform to our beliefs! Like me, how are you not seeing what is right in front of you? How are you refusing help that is part of the Divine plan?

There is no shame in admitting that you can’t do it all yourself. We are not designed to do anything by ourselves! We need each other. We sometimes need practical, medical intervention. And when we do, refusing help is refusing the Divine’s miracles of healing.

100 years ago, I would have had to simply suffer endlessly. There were no joint replacements. There were not even very good pain relievers or antibiotics!

We are not just spiritual beings. We are also in physical form. All types of healing modalities have been put here on the earth for our good and our use. The journey is learning to find the balance.

The High Cost of Not Practicing Good Self-Care

Low self esteemUp to now we’ve been talking about the different ways that hidden low-self worth programs may be sabotaging your life. Today I want to talk about really taking good care of yourself and what that looks like.

If you have hidden self-worth programs impacting you, you might be struggling with feelings of worthiness, not deserving good things, or believing that for whatever reason you should just settle for what life brings you, we need to talk! You may be unconsciously setting yourself up for burn out, exhaustion, unhappiness, feeling unsatisfied and disconnected, and even significant health problems.

Those little nuggets of self-defeating energy in your brain and body may be interfering with how well you practice good self-care. It was so apparent to me during my recent women’s retreat in Hawaii, that I have had a very significant – and very hidden – self-worth program running that had been preventing me from relaxing and enjoying my life! I would like to share a little bit of my new personal awareness about self-care (or my lack thereof!) with you to help illustrate how important self-care is to your full well-being and happiness.

Let me preface this realization with how I believed that I had been practicing pretty good self-care. Sure, I knew that there were times that I didn’t get quite enough sleep or exercise. That I hadn’t had a real vacation in over 15 years! That I put others’ needs before my own. But I could rationalize that I was busy, people needed me, I had things to accomplish. And then I’d take some time for myself. I’d take time off and get extra rest, connect with Nature, see friends, take in a movie, and relax with a good book. I felt virtuous that I eat well and have a good daily spiritual routine. And so I believed I was taking good care of myself.

I arrived a day early for my retreat at Lumeria Maui so that I could rest and be fully present for the week of transformation that I was coming to experience. After unpacking and hanging my belongings and getting something to eat, I made my way to the lovely deck that was just outside my room. I decided that I would spend some time meditating and centering before I went for the massage I had booked so that I would be pre-relaxed and able to absorb the healing energy of the massage.

The beautiful grove of pine trees, gently whispering in the slight breeze just off the deck area, immediately brought me to a state of soothed peacefulness. I could feel years of un-acknowledged tension beginning to unwind from my muscles and tissues, as I closed my eyes and began connecting to my Highest Self within. The sensation was absolutely delicious! The stillness of the grounds, the smells, shapes and colors of the different plant varieties, and the view of the ocean peeking through the trees brought me to a place of internal quietude that I had not been able to match at home.

As I sat there I could feel the individual cells in my body give a sigh of relief as they gave up their tension and their perceived need to be doing anything at all. I could literally feel something deep within me begin a long, slow, unwind, and I contemplated the real meaning of “vacation unwind” and how important it is.

20131025_180331As I continued to feel my body, mind and soul more fully unwinding and relaxing deeper and deeper into the feeling of Oneness, I began reflecting on how long it had actually been since I had experienced that particular level of deep inner peacefulness. I realized that it had been many, many years since I felt that level of contentment. Suddenly, I realized that I had only been giving lip-service to taking good care of myself. I realized in that moment just how depleted I’d allowed myself to become. And then the tears came.

Because I was under the illusion that I was taking just good care of myself, I was shocked to realized that it wasn’t really true! The level of self-care that I thought I’d been practicing was not nearly enough! I vowed, right then and there, to become more mindful of how I was actually treating myself and how much time I allowed myself to simply BE at different times of the day.

Of course, being away at a specific event that is designed to take you out of the everyday hustle and bustle is one thing – and being back in that everyday energy is quite another. But my experiences there gave me a deeper understanding of how precious the time we take for ourselves really is. And just how imperative it is to take exceptional care of ourselves!

Please, take a long, deep, hard look at how well you are really treating yourself. I don’t want you to beat yourself up if you find that your level of self-care isn’t stellar. I want this to be a very gentle nudge to see how you might have unconscious programming that might be interfering with your ultimate well-being. If there’s room for improvement, then take steps to make a few changes. If you are doing well in this area, please give yourself a huge hug acknowledgement acknowledge that accomplishment.

Let’s look at just a few of the areas where most of us tend to cut corners.

Do you REALLY get enough sleep? Are you getting the required eight hours of sleep that will allow you all the sleep cycles to fully run? If not, you are cheating your body of the ability to repair and balance itself. Also, did you know that if you are not getting into bed by 10 p.m. that you are working against your body’s natural rhythms and disrupting your hormone balances? This is a BIG one! Studies have proven that the two hours before midnight are worth more than four hours after midnight in quality of sleep and their impact on the physiology!

bigstock-Stressed-248446Are you eating the right foods? How much of your diet is dedicated to keeping you unnaturally stimulated? Do you depend on that cup (or more) of coffee in the morning to get you going? Do you binge on carbohydrates so that your blood sugar is revved up and then crashes, so that you start the cycle all over again throughout the day? Are you getting enough protein so that your cells can replicate properly and repair your body’s systems? Are you getting several servings of dark leafy greens throughout the day to alkalize and recharge your body? Have you gotten rid of soft drinks yet? (They are not really a food form, you know. And they are extremely dangerous to your bones, heart and brain.)

If you are eating the right foods that are designed to nourish your body, are you actually in the right frame of mind while you are eating, that will allow your body to relax and absorb the nutrition? This is so crucial to a fully nourished body! If you are not relaxed and focused on what you are eating, your body is more than likely to be in fight, flight or freeze, which means that you physically cannot digest your food and absorb the nutrition! Not only that, your adrenal glands are pumping out cortisol that is causing massive inflammation throughout your body, creating weight around the belly, and setting you up for an adrenal crash – not something you want to ever experience!

That means that if you are eating on the run, or very quickly, your body cannot utilize the food you just inhaled. Additionally, if you are not thoroughly chewing your food into miniscule particles, you are not preparing your entire gastric system to handle the food you’ve eaten. Your stomach and intestines have to work extremely hard to absorb the little nutrition it can.

If you have undigested food in your poop (please do check!) you are probably only receiving 10 -15% of the nutrition you think you are getting. That means you are sabotaging your metabolism a second time (adrenals spewing out cortisol is the first way). Because the body cannot absorb nutrients from undigested food and if it is in stress mode (aka “fight, flight or freeze”), it is going to hold onto every single calorie it can and store it for future use. And you are more likely to binge eat, because your body is actually starving for nutrition! (As a note, by purposefully relaxing and consciously focusing on my food, I’ve lost 8 pounds in two weeks, feel for satiated and have better energy! And I have not changed one thing in my diet, nor added any additional exercise.)

Additionally, undigested food is stored in the intestinal tract far longer than well-digested food because it is harder to move through the bowels. That means it is putrefying and causing unhealthy fungal and bacterial over-growth issues – also adding to weight problems. It can also cause intestinal permeability issues which can cause auto-immune disorders. So please slow down, be conscious of what you are actually eating, and chew your food thoroughly.

bigstock-Meditation-1931400 Are you taking time out to meditate, pray, or have some type of spiritual practice and/or alone time? This is critical to your health and well-being. And tough to do sometimes! However, this time out helps you re-center, find balance, find your connection to yourself and to the Divine. It is a time that allows you to slow down your mind, rest your nervous system and get out of chronic stress, allowing your entire body to relax, recharge, restart and unwind. This is most critical for brain health.

If you don’t have a specific spiritual practice, you can reconnect by taking a walk in nature, taking a 15-20 minute nap during the middle of the day, taking a long hot bath, or simply finding a quiet space with no one in it and closing your eyes while you allow your body to relax. Follow your breathing. Just allow yourself to BE with yourself. Notice your body’s physical sensations. If there is discomfort, ask it what it is trying to tell you. Hear it without any judgment or trying to control the discomfort. Just allow it all to be what it is. Make the discomfort your friend. Then allow the discomfort to release. If there’s peace, allow peace and well-being to expand.

Are you treating yourself like your very best friend or a lover would? Sounds like a funny question, but often we are our own worst critics! Treat yourself to fresh flowers, a walk in the park, a special treat of some kind. Take yourself to the movies, to dinner, to lunch. Buy yourself a small treat or present – even if it’s not completely in the “budget.” Talk nicely to yourself. Say things like, “You look beautiful today.” “You have such gorgeous skin!” “Honey you are looking HOT!” “You are so smart!” And make it sincere.

In fact, if you want to feel better about yourself, keep a journal and find a minimum of three things every single day that you really like about yourself. Here’s the challenge: Every day you must find something new to say – no repeats! Allow yourself to appreciate and glory in the unique, beautiful, delicious, fabulousness of who you really are! Learn to fall in love with yourself. You’ll feel better and others will be attracted to you like magic!

Let yourself off the hook. I don’t know a woman out there that doesn’t hold themselves to a very high standard. An impossible standard. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are intelligent, talented, good enough, thin enough, capable enough and strong enough for anything and anyone. Allow yourself to laugh at your mistakes (or learning opportunities), forgive yourself and move on.

facialsRelax and allow yourself to simply feel your feelings. There is no such thing as a wrong feeling! All of us feel helpless, hopeless, broken, depressed, unlovable, unhappy, etc., at times during our lives. It’s an illusion! I can’t say this long enough or loud enough: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!!! You don’t need to be fixed, healed or saved. God/Goddess/Source loves you more than you know. If you don’t like the feelings, identify what you DO want to feel. Use the Quantum Soul Clearing process to move the energy and help you create the life you really want to live. You are in control. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. You are a Master Creator! And you are MAGNIFICENT!

These are just a few of the many ways that we can practice self-care. I’m sure you can think of hundreds of ways that you can love, support and enjoy yourself more fully. Please take the time to implement those things. Life is short. It is meant to be experienced and lived. And if you are depleted because you are lacking in self-care, it makes it impossible to live fully and achieve what you’ve come here to do. Please don’t rob us of your magnificence. The world needs you, your gifts and your talents!

And if you need help uncovering that magnificence or finding balance, I am always here for you.

Feeling Disempowered Programs: The High Cost of Low Self-Esteem – Part 5

worthlessnessWe’ve been talking about some of the hidden low self-worth and self-esteem programs that limit our success, impact our health and well being and damage our relationships with ourselves and others.

One of the most sinister hidden programs is, “I Am Powerless.”  This hidden program is linked to the program of “Worthlessness.”  However, the energy is different.  People running the program of worthlessness have a powerful belief that they are not deserving of anything good.  People who have the hidden program of “Powerlessness,” usually believe that they are deserving of having what they want, but don’t believe they have the power or resources to obtain it.  They don’t believe they have the ability to achieve their goals and dreams.

At the core of this program is that others are more talented, stronger, smarter, more resourceful, accomplished and more deserving than you.  The underlying belief is that you just don’t have what it takes to succeed.  That there are people, circumstances or hidden blocks that stand between you and your goals and success that you cannot overcome.

This program and belief is often created by childhood experiences such as having controlling or abusive parents.  If you were forced to follow specific rules that didn’t allow you to think or act for yourself, you are at high risk for having this as a hidden program.

Recently I worked with a client who was very accomplished.  She had two masters degrees and was working on her PhD.  She is published, a phenomenal motivational speaker and therapist.  She came to me because she was unhappy and felt like she was blocked from success.  She felt like she could not speak up for herself, and she wanted to figure out why her business wasn’t as successful as she knew it could and should be.

At her corporate job she was passed over again and again for positions for which she was uniquely qualified.  She said, “It’s like I’m completely invisible!  I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong!”  She was extremely unhappy and felt like she was stuck in a job she hated, but couldn’t quit because of the money.

Because she felt she was being overlooked so often at work, she began her own business and it would go well – up to a certain point.  Then something would happen and clients would disappear and the money would dry up.  She would rebuild her practice and watch the cycle happen again and again.  She felt powerless to make the shift from working at the corporate level and making the leap to her private practice because of the money fluctuations.

Working with my client, we discovered that her mother had struggled with a life-threatening illness.  So much time and resources were invested in the mother’s treatment that my client felt like she was constantly ignored and over-looked.  Her emotional needs never got met.  She felt resentful and angry because she felt invisible and unloved at times, then felt guilty because she knew how much her mother was suffering.  And she felt guilty that she had no power to help her mother overcome the illness.

Eventually her mother did overcome her illness.  She remarried a man who was overly protective of her mother and was very strict with my client.  She was forced to maintain high grades, while maintaining the household chores and cooking for the family so her mother was never overly stressed.  Any extra-curricular activities were not allowed because she had so many responsibilities.

As a teen my client was bullied by a group of kids at school.  She was cruelly taunted, made fun of and even physically abused.  No one intervened on her behalf.  She simply endured the bullying until she graduated and went to college on a full scholarship.

What we uncovered was a hidden belief that she needed to be invisible.  That invisibility was important to her safety and that she needed to not make any waves as a child so that it didn’t cause her mother any stress that would make her more ill.  She felt like she was never in control of her life, and never had been.  She felt that someone had always had more authority over her than she had for herself.  The bullying had made her feel that she could not stand up for herself and that it was her lot in life to be the punching bag, door mat or servant for others.  Deep inside, she felt that she didn’t really matter.  She was even questioning her efficacy as a therapist.

This hidden “I’m Powerless” program was causing her to unconsciously sabotage her business.  She didn’t feel like she had the power to change her circumstances.  But even more, when she did make changes, they seemed to make her feel more disempowered her!  She began questioning her value, her work and herself.  The program and belief that she needed to stay invisible, kept her from being promoted at the corporate level.  And it prevented potential clients from seeing her and how her gifts and talents could really help them.

Within days of clearing this hidden low self-esteem program, she was approached by a head hunter for a very high-level position at a different company.  She chose to take the position and to continue to work on her entrepreneurial business as well.  She raised her rates, and at our last session had a waiting list of clients who wanted to work with her.

How might this hidden program be running in your life?  Where do you feel like you are out of control?  What are the different ways you feel helpless to change things in your life?  Do you feeling you don’t matter – or that what you do doesn’t matter?  Do you feel trapped?  Hopeless?  Invisible?  Without resources to change your circumstances?

As you explore these questions and investigate the roots of your feelings, make sure you keep a journal of all that you have been feeling and experiencing.  Use the Quantum Soul Clearing Process to release the negative feeling that come up as you explore what is holding you back.

And if you need help, I’m here to help you find the hidden, underlying low self-worth and self-esteem programs that might be tripping you up.

Ask Michelle: What are Functional Skill Sets?


In the Quantum Soul Clearing Statements, at the very end, it says “Please apply them all as functional skill sets.”  What does that mean?  ~R. Rocca

Michelle’s Response: 

Functional skills are competencies that are transferable to many settings – life, work, relationships, love, finances, etc.  As you develop a list of the functional skills you have and most enjoy using can help you manifest experiences and circumstances that fit your gifts and talents and provide more life satisfaction.

Functional skill sets are  generally developed over time through repetition or practice that become automatic.  Ultimately, a functional skill set becomes a natural, every day set of skills that support your life, become a part of who you are and enhance your life.   Having functional skill sets helps you feel good about yourself.  Functional skills sets can be emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or financial.  They are internal resources and talents that you can utilize to make your life better in many ways.

Here  are just a few of the practical examples of functional skill sets:

  • typing
  • playing an instrument
  • riding a bike
  • communication
  • love
  • selling
  • analytical thinking
  • training
  • Interpersonal skills
  • coaching
  • advocating
  • scrap-booking
  • math skills
  • composing
  • compassion

So when you do the download portion of the Quantum Soul Clearing Process, and you get to the end, of the process, be aware that you are asking Spirit to make everything you’ve chosen to download a natural, everyday, skillful part of your life!

Sheila Gale and I talk about fear and limiting beliefs Today!

Does fear  and anxiety – conscious or unconscious – prevent you from moving forward toward your goals, dreams and desires?

sheila-galePlease join me today on The Sheila Gale Show and learn how your subconscious fears may be sabotaging all areas of your life and limiting your life potential.  On this interview, Sheila and I will go through a healing activation and alignment process to shatter the glass ceilings of fear and anxiety.

Tune in LIVE and discover a tool that you can use throughout your life to eliminate all types of fear and anxiety and feel empowered to live the life you truly desire.

Here are the details….

Tuesday, May 21st @3PM Pacific/6PM Eastern

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On this call…

  • Learn how to recognize YOUR glass ceiling of subconscious beliefs and shatter it forever – in under 15 minutes!
  • Discover how your limiting beliefs and subconscious programming are sabotaging you in the work place and limiting your earning potential – often by millions of dollars!
  • Experience a very simple alignment and reconnecting technique that will immediately increase your energy, your mental clarity and connection with your intuition.
  • Understand how your underlying fears of being seen and heard keep you playing small and cost you thousands of dollars every year.
  • Understand how to connect with your Infinite Wisdom and harness the power of the Universe to easily magnetize your goals.

I hope you will join me!  

How Was the December 21, 2012 Shift for You?

I have a question for you:  Did the Shift that occurred on December 21, 2012 change your life the way you thought it would?  Have things been different for you in a good way?  Or have things appeared to become more challenging?  Or does it appear that nothing at all is any different?  Have you wondered if you’ve been “left behind?”


Whether you know it or not, things have changed in a big way!

While we have moved into the new paradigm, for many people, there appears to be a lag time in experiencing the peace and empowerment that we all expected.

I have personally experienced some interesting challenges myself!  I even found myself judging myself for not “having it all together!”  What I finally realized is that there was still some inner “stuff” that needs to be released.  And it’s coming up quickly in order to be healed.


What I am seeing, energetically, is a massive swell of energy – much like a tsunami.  And like a tsunami, as the waters rush in, everything in its path is being shifted, and moved, dislodging tenuous foundations that aren’t rooted in the frequency of this paradigm and  pushing to the surface everything that no longer serves us.  In some ways, we are being forced to look at everything that is not a match to our true, aligned selves.

Because the multi-dimensional part of us has already made this shift, and has done so easily and fully (because for the most part it is out of body), as this tsunami moves in and brings everything  to the surface,  it feels even worse that it did prior to the shift!  What has made things feel even more painful is our expectations that after the shift everything would gently and easily fall into place and we’d be living our lives happily ever after!

However, what I have found is that since it is all up and “in our faces,” we can now simply and easily remove it – much like skimming off pond-scum to reveal the cool, fresh, clean, deep water below.

In actuality, the pain and challenges we have experienced are a gift.  (I know they don’t feel like gifts!!)  They are showing very clearly the next unconscious beliefs that need to be released and healed in order for us to create heaven on earth.  


There is still much to be done.  However, if you are like so many people with whom I have spoken over the last few weeks, you probably feel like just crawling into bed and giving up.  Or perhaps you may feel too exhausted to even think about doing any more work.  And you wonder and fear how much longer this will continue and how you will be able to pull out of this painful energy.  For many, it feels like an overwhelming task to even get out of bed some days!  How on earth can you possibly even think about adding one more thing and work through one more emotion on your own?

Or perhaps you feel like you’ve moved through the chaos and confusion, and are feeling a better, and you are now ready to truly create the life you’ve always desired!  


No matter where you are on the spectrum of transformation, I have decided to do something to powerfully uplift and transform the energy!  I’m starting  an eight-week group program to help you  – to help each of us – move through this energy, and create the joyous, centered, empowered life you want to create for yourself and your family.  I’ll lead and facilitate the work as we meet each week.  Together we will heal and transform.  You no longer have to do it alone!

This Quantum Soul Clearing 8-week transformational course begins Tuesday, January 29th, at 3:00 p.m. PT/ 4:00 p.m. MT/  5:00 p.m. CT/ 6:00 p.m. ET, and will run until March 19th.  Each call will run approximately 90-120 minutes.  And, of course, each call will be recorded for replay and download immediately if for some reason you cannot make the call in person.

The cost of this 8-week group coaching program is $399.  However, if you act quickly, between now and January 23rd, and use the coupon code of ICHOOSEME you’ll receive $100 off this powerful eight-week program.

Imagine spending 90 minutes every week for eight full weeks as we meet as a group to weed-out the most pressing, painful emotions and beliefs so that we can increase our personal energy, create greater personal empowerment, and deep fulfillment in our lives!  Imagine spending time every week finding your joy, your purpose and passion for life again – or perhaps for the first time ever!  How valuable would that be?

Because I want to be able to make this a powerful experience for everyone in the group, I am limiting the number that can participate, to only 30 people.  That way everyone will have a chance to work with me personally for laser-focused coaching that profoundly and powerfully impacts the whole group!  Seats are extremely limited, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a big shift that will impact the rest of 2013 and beyond.


And don’t forget to add the early-bird coupon code ICHOOSEME to save $100!

Here’s to a transformed 2013 and powerful new beginning.

Many Blessings,

Michelle Manning-Kogler



Unconditional Receiving

‘Tis the season of giving but when it comes to gifting, are we giving from our hearts without expectation of receiving, or is there something in obligation about having to buy something for everybody at this time? The more commercialized our society has become around the holiday season, the more we’re really manipulated into giving, giving, giving, without a thought. Let’s take a brief departure from the unconditional giving we all take part in and focus on its polar opposite: unconditional receiving.  We spend most of our lives being better givers than receivers but the time has come to embrace the willingness to receive.

But what does it mean to receive unconditionally? What are the boundaries in unconditional receiving? Many of us tend not to be open to this idea; while we find no issue with unconditional giving, the idea of receiving tends to make us uncomfortable. Imagine that your car has run out of gas and a friend offers to give you a ride home. You’ll probably start to fret in your mind about how much of an inconvenience this is to your friend, especially because your house is in the opposite direction from his. Did you, however, ever stop to think that your friend is giving you a gift with no strings attached…unconditionally giving? It’s in these moments that you need to stop, accept the gift for what it is, and be willing to receive it. The reality of the situation is that in order for you to get home, you simply must be willing to receive from the ride. Many of us don’t even realize the sort of price tag our minds attach to the receipt of a gift. We unconsciously take responsibility for someone else’s feelings or potential expectations, failing to realize that these assumptions may not even be real in that person’s mind; they may only be in your own mind. And even if that person actually has an expectation, you have to break free of that burden.  In doing so, you lead them to be responsible for whatever expectations they may have, leaving you to only be responsible for your own stuff. This awareness and willingness to receive, without concern of expectation on their part or your feelings of obligation to somehow reciprocate, will alleviate a great deal of undue stress.

Release the unnecessary stress from your life, and allow yourself to receive…without the burden of conditions. Simply stop and accept the gift without imposing your own perceptions of what might be expected back. Keep in mind that there’s something to be said about the law of attraction, and thus, the ability to be a good receiver is crucial to your ability to manifest in the world.

What’s Next?

When you’re done clearing and cleaning, you may find yourself asking the question: “What comes next?” This may lead you into crisis mode as you search for answers and start to question more: where are we really going with any of this? What’s the point of the entire game?

A figurative response to these questions is that you get to pass go and collect $200. But what does that really look like? Some of us think we understand and know where we’re going but do we really know? In my mind, the purpose is for the body and the soul is to fuse as one complete immortal unit, and in that process, learn how to be our own God or Goddesses so to speak. We’re here to create new worlds, paradigms, and universes…to be our own creators. In essence, our bodies are designed to be immortal. You may, however, ask, “What do you mean?” We come equipped with stem cells, which in my belief or in my understanding, are just there waiting to be directed where to go. The amazing thing is that every organism on the planet has a set of proteins that are produced in response to stress period. So the whole idea is if we change the stressor, we change the genetics; if we change the thought, we change the genetic expression and who’s to say we can’t change whether our body is capable of regeneration.

To some, there’s no question about the fact that we regenerate. If you get a cut, it heals. If you get burnt, it heals. Our bodies already have the innate knowledge of how to heal. The higher the frequencies of who we are in that sole expression, the more we can accept and express it. The more we embody or allow it to embody itself within our physical bodies, the easier it is to regenerate and to keep those genes happy and healthy with the cells reproducing the way they need to. Thus, it creates this paradigm, this awareness, this feeling or being of health, vitality and youthfulness.

It’s amazing how the mind itself actually can get in the way of what we instinctively know and feel. Our feelings really are the language of spirit, the language of source. Our mind is so powerful, and we’ve trained it away from our feelings in so many cases. The truth is that our feelings are really the power of creation. It’s the interface between thought and form or energy and matter. It’s the feeling; if you can bring the feeling into the body, then you’ve already manifested something.

So what is next? To start, we each get to connect with our conscious awareness, understanding and ability to interact as a multidimensional being. While we can be immortal in our physical bodies, we can choose to be aware of many different avenues or dimensions of expressions simultaneously. It seems that more people are really opening up to that reality and that paradigm. The veils between the worlds are getting thinner and thinner with greater or easier access and less interference between these multi-dimensions. Metaphorically speaking, the elevators always go to the infinite stories of that building; we just didn’t know that we had the pass key for all those floors. Once you become consciously aware of the “Oh, I’d like to go there” and see what’s happening feeling, you start to notice how what’s happening over here simultaneously affecting what’s going on over there.

As this new transformation becomes real, a new honoring will also take place. There will be a new level of honoring that we’ll each have for ourselves where we’ll free ourselves to be, explore, experience, and create. We’ll be able to do so in a space where others are also allowing themselves to honor themselves and thus, resulting in easily honoring others as well. The concept of competition is dissolving away as we come into a world where everybody recognizes and embraces that they have their own uniqueness. We’ll also all realize that it’s ok to be different because we’re all playing in that same sand box of honoring ourselves and honoring others.


So much of the creativity and the expression that we have to bring forth may be resisted along the way. The energies that are building seem to be achieving some sort of critical threshold where resistance still lies. The cosmic energies, however, are building to a point where resistance is futile. It’s time to think gracefully into that next phase of expression and creativity that we’ve come here to burst forward. Imagine that the planet is supporting this process, like someone is holding your hand through it all. Let the shadow pieces come out, and allow them to return to you as you come into who you are. Be open to the opportunity to be who you are and take this journey of self knowledge and self actualization.

When on this journey, it’s vital to acknowledge where we’re at, even acknowledging that we have negative thoughts and feelings at times. The key is to stay with those negative thoughts and consciously choose a different thought and paradigm in the midst of it. Allow yourself to feel without fear or judgment. It’s easy to say, “Oh, geez! Here I am on my back. How am I going to handle this?” But try seeing it as an observation rather than a judgment, looking at things from a more rational perspective. That vantage point will permit you to say, “It is what it is. This is what I’m feeling so what do I want to create?” and get out of that place of blame, shame, and guilt. Try to determine what the gift is in that feeling and what you want to create from it. Choosing consciously what you want is where change begins.

With all the planetary support that we receive, one of the most practical ways of stepping in to making this change clear is to step back and be honest with yourself about what your heart is longing for. Look at all the triggers that are showing up in your life, all the buttons that are being pushed, to determine exactly what that is. Imagine a spider web where your heart’s desire is sitting at the middle of the web with all the strands radiating outward. At times, something comes along and tweaks that strand, serving as a trigger because there’s a piece in that strand that’s going directly into your heart. Somewhere on the strand there’s a wound that you haven’t nurtured fully, gained its wisdom, and incorporated it into the fullness of who you are. As you look at each strand, you get closer and closer to truly knowing what it is that your hearts long for.  As you get the courage to step onto each of those strands, you can look directly at the wound that’s been triggered and fully own every aspect of your reaction. You can ask yourself, “Why am I reacting here?”  The clarity and the power of cosmic alignment is if we have the courage to ask this very question. The universe, in turn, will reply “Oh! You’ve finally asked that question?” and if we do that, we’re going to get the answers placed right in front of us: the acceptance piece (where you get the clarity of what that wound is and don’t run away from it).


The idea of acceptance can be challenging to us all at times. True acceptance dictates that we’re able to receive the present moment and the feelings (including discomfort) that come with doing so. Compare your moments of acceptance to how you feel when you’re in a place of non-acceptance or resistance to what’s going on. Think about how those two places differ and consider how you can make the shift from resistance to acceptance.

All too often we become consumed by changing our circumstances when we should simply make an effort to become conscious of being present and not get caught up in trying to make everything different. We talk about manifesting, and we’d all like to manifest abundance, health, and a great new world.  At some point, however, we have to stop and accept where we are, being able to be comfortable and grateful for that place and in that energy. We need to feel and accept that energy, being able to burst forward from that place of acceptance with “I’m ok where I am”. Are you able to accept in this way?

As a society, it seems as if we’re bred to accept resistance in our everyday lives. Every commercial you see on TV is about a new wonderful way to not accept who you are (i.e. makeup and hair dye). Even the act of taking a painkiller to get rid of a headache is a sign of resistance; that headache represents of a non-acceptance of something at some level, whether you know something’s going on emotionally and mentally. There’s so much non -acceptance that it appears that we’re constantly pushing against ourselves. Somewhere in there, though, it feels like we’re pretty close to being ready as a society to open the gate and stop pushing.

Humanity has suffered from multiple personality syndromes for many, many thousands of years. We have the flesh which is carnal and sinful, the mind where the ego resides, and then we have a spirit which is just kind of here waiting to live out its full potential. We’ve been taught for thousands of years to embrace this split personality but now, it seems enough of us have begun to realize that we are this energy, this life, this creative force and that we are not fractured. It’s an experience, an illusion of being fractured that we’ve been creating for ourselves but in actuality, our intellect and bodies exist because we are eternal, spiritual, energy creative beings. We are fusing the three (flesh, ego, and spirit) back together and in essence, doing what a good shrink would do, pulling all the parts back together and fulfilling our potential.

Consider this scenario: what if I was the creator, creating this experience of life as me, playing as me and the perspective I play? Think about the moments that you really struggle the most with accepting, and ask yourself what if I’m creator. Your focus will completely change because you’ll no longer be stuck on the infinitesimal details, the “everything that’s wrong that I’d love to fix” minutiae. It all comes back to considering things from a much bigger and broader perspective.

Acceptance is like the WD40 of life, and in your moments of acceptance, there’s no resistance once you decide that you don’t need to do this. Even when things aren’t quite going as planned or as you hoped, allow yourself a moment of surrender and say out loud, “I’m ok!” Feel the flow of energy move through your body, through each cell. Allow yourself to be in a different space than you were in just two minutes before, live in that ok-ness and place of acceptance, and start your day anew.