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:: Books

Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing the Scars Life Leave on the Soul

A how-to guide to teach you to easily remove and release limiting beliefs, thoughts, feelings – even old emotional traumas. Based on years of research, cutting-edge scientific discovery, and clinical case studies, this powerful new spiritual technology can help you heal your life. Using the techniques and protocols found within these pages, you will feel empowered, joyful and free to create the ultimate life-style you truly desire. Read More >>

Pearls of Wisdom

New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, Chris Attwood, and Janet Bray Attwood, along with Michelle Manning-Kogler and many of  today’s brightest stars in transformational leadership, offer 30 inspirational ideas for turning your own grains of sand into brilliant pearlsRead more >>

:: Audio Programs

The Quantum Soul Clearing Process is based on years of research, training, education, and personal experience. This powerful spiritual technology will guide you through a deeply transformative experience to help you find peace of mind, joy, financial abundance and unconditional self-love, and help you open the energy space to co-create the lifestyle you truly desire.

This process has helped thousands of people release health issues, depression, fear, anxiety and relationship issues. Select a topic below to read more about each of the audio programs I’ve created to help you become more spiritually connected, filled with joy, and empowered to make changes in any part of your life.

Healing Your Money Scars

This audio program consists of 34 audio tracks and each one focuses on a specific damaging money program to free you from the grips of core limiting beliefs about money. The audio sessions will help you experience breathtaking positive breakthroughs in your relationship with money and finance.  Read more >>

Healing the Scars of Low Self-Worth and Self-Esteem

This audio program consists of 31 audio tracks and each one focuses on a specific damaging self-sabotage program to free you from the grips of core negative and false beliefs about yourself. The audio sessions will help create a powerful shift that removes these negative programs from your mind as well as your body and soul Read more >>

Healing the Roots of Pain And Suffering

This audio program consists of 31 audio tracks. Each one focuses on a specific damaging Sabotage Program to help you quickly and easily replace harmful and even dangerous Sabotage Programs with positive, life-enhancing beliefs about your personal power and abilities to build a beautiful life.  Read more >>

Healing the Misery of Fear and Anxiety

This audio program consists of 31 audio tracks. Each one focuses on a specific Program in order to free you from the damaging patterns of fear and anxiety, as well as many generational imprints that can energetically keep you from feeling true inner peace, deep, abiding joy and an alignment with your greatest gifts and talents.  Read more >>

:: Group Coaching Programs

Group coaching to weed-out your most pressing, painful emotions and beliefs so that you can feel more empowered, create more joy and enhance your ability to manifest your greatest dreams and desires!

4-Week Transformational Group Coaching Event

Move out old, limiting beliefs and clear the old blocks to money and affluence in a loving, safe, supportive space to transform and begin the co-creation process to create more wealth and abundance in your life! Read more >>

8-Week Transformational Group Coaching Event

Quickly eliminate what’s standing between you and your creative magnificence – to harness the creative power of the Universe that is uniquely, divinely inherent within you.