Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Quantum Soul Clearing Process?
Quantum Soul Clearing is Spiritual Technology that helps you gently and easily release the pain of old traumas and emotional wounds. It help you change the negative beliefs, thoughts and programs that make you feel stuck and unhappy, repeating the same old behaviors over and over again.
Are the changes permanent?
That is a great question! Often, there are additional feelings that are present that you’ve identified as only one emotion. For example fear may also have the accompanying feelings of anxiety, anger, and helplessness. Unless you also clear and remove the supporting programs, it may feel as if the issue of fear (in this instance) keeps coming back. Another component is that if an issue is long-standing and very intense, it may take several times to clear out that deeply-seated program, and find all the other supporting feelings and emotions surrounding it. Additionally, a person can always re-focus their attention on what created the negativity and begin to re-create them again. In fact, it may feel odd not having that feeling, because it has been a constant companion, so sometimes people begin to re-create it in order to feel “normal.” Usually, though, the feelings of relief are so great that most people choose to completely release the past and let it go.
I keep clearing and clearing, but can’t seem to get to the root of the problem. What else can I do?
Sometimes because something is so close, we can’t see the whole picture. Often, it is very helpful to get the guidance of someone who can ask broader questions and help us see our blind spots. If you can’t seem to find relief, please call for a free 20 minute consultation. Perhaps one of my coaching programs would help you get to the root of the problem and get you on the road to freedom.
Do I have to “believe” in order for this to work?
No. This process works if you just follow the steps. It may feel odd or perhaps tedious at first, but the key is to make sure you are centered and connected to your Divine Core Center, so that you are actively working with God/Source to clear the thoughts, beliefs and programs.
What if I don’t have the same religious beliefs that you do?
I completely honor all religious beliefs. This work is completely non-denominational. The connecting in statements in the book are my personal connecting statements. You are welcome to change that connecting in statement to reflect your own religious and personal beliefs, if they are uncomfortable to you in any way. What works is your being centered and working from that place of centered connection to God/Source. If you don’t believe in a higher power, just connect into your own place of centeredness and empowerment.
Can I use this technology to help others?
Yes you can. However, it is best that you get their permission to do so and include them in the process. It is important to know that you cannot do someone else’s personal work for them if they are resistant to change (that is a form of co-dependency). That is also out of integrity, in most cases (see some exceptions to this below). This tool was developed, primarily, for you to use on yourself. Unless you’ve been trained to facilitate others through this process they may not receive the highest benefit. That being said, I believe that we are all here to love and help others in need. Feel free to share what you know with others and enjoy the process. If in doubt, have them call for their own free consultation.
When is it appropriate to help others?
If you are a parent of small children, it is appropriate to help them do this process, or if they are unable yet to speak, to do it for them. I teach workshops to certify people to work with others doing this process. I’d be more than happy to have to attend! Also, during emergency situations, where a loved one is unconscious, you can ask God/Source if it is appropriate to do some clearing work for them. It you get a negative or dubious response, it is not your responsibility to help, and may not be in that person’s highest interests. It you do get a warm, positive response, by all means do what you can to help. When they are conscious, you can then work together to facilitate greater healing and change.
Why do I feel a “rebound” affect after I clear something?
Often, we bundle groups of feelings together and call them one thing. By only clearing one aspect of a belief or feeling, or only one of several feelings around an event, circumstance or person, we will feel like we’ve gone back to feeling bad again. Additionally, that “bad place” feels even worse, once we have had some relief from the pain we’ve felt. It just means there is a bit more work to do and that you’ve not quite gotten to the core issues. Be patient with yourself. This is a healing process and can take a little time. If you feel stuck, call for an appointment.
I’m just so afraid to even go back and look at the horrible things that happened – let alone change, what can I do?
It takes great courage to face our emotional pain and fears. They hurt and can feel completely overwhelming. Often there is also great shame in admitting that we can’t handle our feelings and we feel all alone. But you’re not alone. Sometimes professional mental health counseling is a good place to start, if the problem is just all-encompassing, and you feel very unstable. Many of my clients have dealt with devastating life events and continue to get professional mental health counseling in addition to working with me. It’s the best of both worlds! Only you can determine what is best for you. If in doubt, please feel free to call for a free 20-minute consultation. Together we can work together to find the help you need. No judgments, just honest caring.
How do the clearing statements and the Quantum Soul Clearing Process work?
The Quantum Soul Clearing Process is a Spiritual Technology that harnesses the power of working directly with your Highest Self and God/Source, combined with a specific set of clearing statements that direct Universal Wisdom to gently and powerfully release the old feelings, thoughts and beliefs that have been impacting your life.
How was the Quantum Soul Clearing Process developed?
The Quantum Soul Clearing Process was developed over several years and continues to evolve. For years I was a practitioner and taught a process called Spiritual Response Therapy. It was a fairly complicated set of charts and researched open energetic programs in the Akashic Records of people. It was quite an effective method of helping people heal and allowed me a basis to use all the healing technologies and modalities I’d compiled over the years. One day a colleague of mine, who had also been my student, called to tell me about an experience she’d had. She had been suffering from adrenal exhaustion and was having some significant health issues. She asked me to “check in” to see if she had really gotten an issue cleared that she was working on, because she wasn’t sure she was right. In checking in, I got that she had, indeed, cleared the program completely, and asked what she’d done.
She laughed and said that she was driving home from Boulder that day and something had come to mind. She wanted to clear immediately, while the energy was still up and fresh, but she was quickly running out of energy, didn’t have her SRT book and, of course, could use the book and drive at the same time! So she said she centered herself, used a simple statement that came into her head, and commanded Spirit to clear and remove the program.
I was stunned that it would be that easy, and asked if I could explore this idea some more and if we could work together on this new way of possibly clearing this out. Over the next two to three years, the concept of these clearing statements began to grow and develop. We used them on ourselves and eventually on our clients. The more I read other people’s book and work, the more I began adding new words and phrases to encompass the concepts I was learning.
At one point, the clearing statements were much longer than they are now. And I know that at some point very soon, there will be a way to really condense and shorten them as more and more people learn this wonderful spiritual technology.

For right now, though, it is important to do the full clearing statements. There is a precision in the way they are written that has proven itself time and time again to be incredibly effective in helping people make the changes they are seeking. Be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter or free chapter of my book so that you remain on the cutting edge of any changes happen.

Do I have to meet with you in person?
No, every type of coaching program I do can be done remotely – no matter where you are in the world.
What will I experience in a session?
When we talk by phone I ask your permission to connect into your energy field. I had the ability to see, sense, feel, hear and know what my clients are experiencing in their bodies, minds and souls. I get to see all the life-times and dimensions a person has lived and what energies from those life-times are impacting this life-time, and how to resolve it. You determine the agenda for what you’d like to create in your life and together we start looking at the block you might have to achieving your goals. Then we go to work helping you release what’s holding you back and creating the energetic foundations for the life you want to live. You will be assigned certain home-work/home-play exercises and I may suggest homeopathic remedies, nutritional support and/or flower essence remedies to support the work we do.
If you are dealing with health challenges and we are running a Body-Scan Bio-Energetic Testing session, you’ll need to send me a hair sample and picture prior to your appointment, so that I can use it with my machine to scan for stresses. I will also do a medical intuitive scan of your body to find pathways of distress and look for any issues I think may need to be addressed by a physician. You’ll hear me use my machines testing devices to proxy-test you for food, chemical and environmental sensitivities, check for hormone and neuro-transmitter imbalances, medical and dental foci and structural issues. Once the health priorities are determined, the appropriate homeopathic remedies and nutritional support will be determined that will bring your body back into complete balance. Your remedies will be shipped and you’ll have them within just a few days. We’ll need to follow up within 30 days to make sure that you’re progressing in your health and wellness goals.