How To Be Peaceful When You’re Spinning Out of Control

Today I had a Quantum Soul Clearing group coaching call didn’t happen.  I was pretty frustrated and angry because my internet connection was not working – again!  I’ve had more trouble with my internet service provider in the last month than I’ve had my entire life put together! To say that I was beginning to spin out of control would be an understatement!   I knew I had to find a way to be peaceful immediately, because it feels so awful when I’m angry.

The funny thing about that is my Quantum Magic Hour show this week on with my co-host Susan Kern, was all about this subject!  The joke was on me!  Apparently I was the one who needed this information the most!

What I watched myself do today was nothing short of impressive (on many accounts – both positive and negative).  When I woke up early this morning, my internet service wasn’t working, so I called the phone company, (again) and was told that they were aware of the problem, it was wide-spread and they were working on the problem.  No other information, and no time by which it would be repaired.

I thought, “That’s OK – my group call is hours away, they’ll have it fixed again.”  And began working on other projects that needed my attention.  However, there was a piece of my brain that would not let it go!  It felt kind of like how if you chip a tooth, your tongue will not leave it alone, even if it makes your tongue sore.

After awhile I began to notice that not only wasn’t my mind letting go of the fact that I had no internet service, it began to spin a whole story about what not having service really meant!  Here’s kind of how it went:

“You’re not going get on your calls.  You’re going to miss all those skype calls you had scheduled!  You know how important this is.  People are depending on you!  You can’t even let them know you might not be on the call!  What will they think?  They’re going to be angry with you for breaking your promises to them.  You’re going to be judged. People will think you’re flaky.  You’re going to lose friends and customers.  You can’t keep your promises.  What if you can’t get on-line for days?  What will happen to your business?”  And it went on and on and on and on!  It was crazy all the places my mind was going!

Finally, about an hour before the call I had to just stop myself.  I realized I was only making things much worse.  Then I realized I could have someone else send a message! (duh! I couldn’t even think about the solution, since I was spinning so far out of control!)  So I got up, got some water, called my assistant to have her send an email since it was obvious I wasn’t going to get service back, and started doing my own clearing work.

I cleared “being judged,” “letting down others,” “feeling guilty,” “I can’t keep my promises,” “anger,” and “frustration.” After the first clearing I was feeling better, and by the end I was in a completely different place!

I was absolutely amazed that:  1) I’d let myself even get to such a place of panic and spinning out of control (I rarely go there anymore because it feels so awful!); 2) that this process works (yes I know that it does – but it always amazes me just HOW well it works); 3) how empowered I felt and how much better my body felt; and 4) how big the compulsion – maybe even the addiction? – was to get caught up in the negativity and the chaos!

Then I began wondering how other people who don’t have the Quantum Soul Clearing process actually get through their crazy, spun-out experiences.  What do people do it they don’t have tools to help clear out awful-feeling negative emotions so they can get re-centered in just a few minutes.  That thought, alone, made me realize how important it is that I get the message of the Quantum Soul Clearing process out there to help people in these crazy, stress-filled times.  So I’ve rededicated myself to sharing this message with others as often as I can.I’m asking you to help me do that by telling everyone you know about this work and how they can learn more about it.  You will be offering others a very valuable way to heal and empower themselves.  And that’s what this work is all about.

My question to you is this:  What do you automatically do when life throws you a curve-ball?  Do you just go with it, or do you panic or begin to spin, like I did today?  I’m sure you answer depends on many things – and we all do both.  Perhaps the next time you find yourself off-balance and beginning to spin, you’ll think about using the Quantum Soul Clearing Process and remember you have tools quit spinning out of control and to be peaceful.

Connect with me on facebook by going to and “liking” the page.  Let me know how you handle the times that nothing seems to be going right.  I would really like to know what you do to help re-center yourself.

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  1. Thanks Michelle for the reminder about being aware of what’s really going on when we spin out of control. I am always amazed at how your clearing process finds the “meat and potatoes” so to speak, of what lies beneath the being “angry” and delves deep into what are the upset subconscious triggers that need clearing. So grateful for your work!

    • Thank you Camille! I’m always amazed at what’s lurking in my subconscious mind. lol Just when I think I’ve got it down, there’s another layer. Without the Quantum Soul Clearing process, I think it would be very difficult to move through the chaos that live – and especially these interesting times – are throwing at us. Thank you for being part of the Quantum Soul Clearing community. I so appreciate you and your beautiful presence here. :)


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