What is Quantum Soul Clearing?

What is quantum soul clearing? To answer your question, just consider a time of playful co-creation where you can abandon all the rules and limitations that keep you living in fear and what you can imagine into being if allowed to do so. Think about expanding and proceeding what is possible for ourselves, our communities, our countries, and our earth. There is a new earth and a new way of being, awaiting to be born right now, and you just need to dream it into being. Overcoming fear and limitations is the essence of quantum soul clearing.

One of the first steps to weaving and dreaming this earth into being is to really look at what holds you back. It starts with the idea of exploring choices, the power of your choices, and becoming more comfortable and aware about what your choices are, even those unconscious ones that you don’t remember making. You also have to start observing your patterns, observing where your fears are and walking through those fears into that powerful place. Once you access that place, then your dreams are more easily woven, allowing you to step into a place of creativity.  The only limitation that really exists in this universe is your imagination, and thus, you must be willing to take yourself to a place where you can reconnect with that imagination. Give yourself permission to go back to that playful place.

This concept is coming up increasingly for many people, whether they’re consciously on a journey of personal development and spiritual expansion or not. With the current situations in the world, in our individual lives, and with all the systems that support our individual lives, we really don’t have much of a foundation left anywhere to hold onto. In turn, this creates a great deal of fear, especially as our economic systems began to crumble. The result is increasing instability and fear, leaving people to wonder:  “Oh, my gosh! Is everything that I’ve worked for still going to be here?” As we look at those fears and look at what’s underneath them, that’s where the true power lies.  You’ve got to work the underlying emotions to combat a reality around us that is limiting in nature from the fear.

You’ve got to challenge yourself daily to look underneath the fear and then to look beyond it. As you face it head on, mark each footstep towards the direction of what your biggest fear is in that moment because it is there that your biggest gifts lie; this is true for all of us. If we can actually walk through our fears, there’s a limitless reality or infinite potential that awaits us.