The idea of acceptance can be challenging to us all at times. True acceptance dictates that we’re able to receive the present moment and the feelings (including discomfort) that come with doing so. Compare your moments of acceptance to how you feel when you’re in a place of non-acceptance or resistance to what’s going on. Think about how those two places differ and consider how you can make the shift from resistance to acceptance.

All too often we become consumed by changing our circumstances when we should simply make an effort to become conscious of being present and not get caught up in trying to make everything different. We talk about manifesting, and we’d all like to manifest abundance, health, and a great new world.  At some point, however, we have to stop and accept where we are, being able to be comfortable and grateful for that place and in that energy. We need to feel and accept that energy, being able to burst forward from that place of acceptance with “I’m ok where I am”. Are you able to accept in this way?

As a society, it seems as if we’re bred to accept resistance in our everyday lives. Every commercial you see on TV is about a new wonderful way to not accept who you are (i.e. makeup and hair dye). Even the act of taking a painkiller to get rid of a headache is a sign of resistance; that headache represents of a non-acceptance of something at some level, whether you know something’s going on emotionally and mentally. There’s so much non -acceptance that it appears that we’re constantly pushing against ourselves. Somewhere in there, though, it feels like we’re pretty close to being ready as a society to open the gate and stop pushing.

Humanity has suffered from multiple personality syndromes for many, many thousands of years. We have the flesh which is carnal and sinful, the mind where the ego resides, and then we have a spirit which is just kind of here waiting to live out its full potential. We’ve been taught for thousands of years to embrace this split personality but now, it seems enough of us have begun to realize that we are this energy, this life, this creative force and that we are not fractured. It’s an experience, an illusion of being fractured that we’ve been creating for ourselves but in actuality, our intellect and bodies exist because we are eternal, spiritual, energy creative beings. We are fusing the three (flesh, ego, and spirit) back together and in essence, doing what a good shrink would do, pulling all the parts back together and fulfilling our potential.

Consider this scenario: what if I was the creator, creating this experience of life as me, playing as me and the perspective I play? Think about the moments that you really struggle the most with accepting, and ask yourself what if I’m creator. Your focus will completely change because you’ll no longer be stuck on the infinitesimal details, the “everything that’s wrong that I’d love to fix” minutiae. It all comes back to considering things from a much bigger and broader perspective.

Acceptance is like the WD40 of life, and in your moments of acceptance, there’s no resistance once you decide that you don’t need to do this. Even when things aren’t quite going as planned or as you hoped, allow yourself a moment of surrender and say out loud, “I’m ok!” Feel the flow of energy move through your body, through each cell. Allow yourself to be in a different space than you were in just two minutes before, live in that ok-ness and place of acceptance, and start your day anew.