The Benefits of Spiritual Life Coaching

It’s now a full week into 2012.  Are you still on track with your goals and resolutions?  Are you still as excited about 2012 as you were two weeks ago?  Are you still going strong or are you feeling like you’re starting to slip back into old habits and patterns?  If so, you might want to consider Spiritual Life Coaching to get to the root of the beliefs and emotions that drive your behaviors.

Most people have great will power.  They start an exercise program with every intention to lose the 20 pounds they gained from the previous year.  They consciously drag themselves to the gym for days or weeks at a time, then small things start to interfere with their intention.  They have something at work or home that takes precedence, they have an appointment that can’t be re-scheduled  during the time allotted for exercising.  And soon, that gym membership is gathering dust!  Why is that?

I’ve been as guilty as the next person of this! The biggest issue is that our unconscious and subconscious beliefs are not in full alignment with our new intentions. Those new intentions are not yet habits supported by our beliefs.  And our subconscious beliefs are what drive our long-term behaviors.

One example I have is my intention to meditate every morning for at least 20 minutes.  I want to, I know it will bring me peace of mind.  I know it has incredible health benefits.  It will help me “re-set” so that I have the focus and energy to run my business more efficiently.  I love how I feel and how well my day goes when I do meditate!

Last year I had not been able to maintain a consistent meditation schedule. What I found while working with my Spiritual Life Coach was I have a belief that I have to constantly be producing, doing something of value, constantly having to be “on.”  That belief was in direct conflict with my desire to be peaceful and centered!  With that subconscious belief driving my behaviors, I was constantly sabotaging myself and my desire to deeply connect and align myself, my Highest Self and God.

Without the help of my Spiritual Life Coach helping me uncover my hidden beliefs, I would have continued to feel frustrated, angry with myself, and to feel like a failure.  Those negative feelings have affected my self-esteem for years!  It wasn’t that I didn’t have will power.  I have incredible will power!  I just didn’t have my conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious mind all working together to support my goals!

What would you be able to achieve working with a Spiritual Life Coach this year?  What underlying beliefs and suppressed emotions are unconsciously sabotaging your life?  Isn’t it time you invested in yourself to create the life-style you truly want to live and finally achieve your goals and dreams?  Let’s discover what’s secretly been holding you back!

Call me at 801-829-1050 for a 20 minute free Spiritual Life Coaching consultation to discover how we can work together this year to achieve your goals and dreams!

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  1. Many coaching courses mainly focus on simply changing behaviors and goal-setting (both important as part of coaching), but I believe coaching should create transformational change at the level of beliefs, values, perspective and purpose.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you for your comments, Nick. I agree that coaching should create transformation change at the level of beliefs, values, perspective and purpose. That is one of the unique hallmarks of the Quantum Soul Clearing Process. The change is made at the deepest levels of mind, body and soul, so that, ultimately, the beliefs, values and actions are all in alignment to propel the person forward into experiencing their true life purpose.

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